Oahu Single SUP Rack Review


The Oahu single SUP rack is a robust wall-mounted rack designed for the storage, protection, and display of large boards. If you have a large stand-up paddleboard, race SUP, longboard surfboard, or wakeboard and limited storage space in your house or garage, this is a space-efficient rack that will store your board properly while showcasing its beauty.

It is designed to hold boards horizontally for an attractive display on the wall. Aesthetically, it features bamboo’s gorgeous wood grain and rich golden color. A similarly constructed Baltic Birch rack is also available, with a lower price tag. The simple and angled design ensures maximum visibility of the board while special padding on the cradle and cradle arms ensures the board remains in pristine condition.

Constructed using incredibly strong bamboo and supported by heavy-duty mounting bars, it is sturdy enough to support a weight of 125 pounds and will securely hold any board you have. Mounting it on the wall is an easy and quick three-step process and it comes with the mounting hardware and easy to follow directions.

This is the single O’ahu SUP rack that holds a single board and paddle. If you have a quiver of boards and would like a rack to hold and organize multiple boards, duo and trio SUP racks are also available. For more information about the O’ahu SUP wall rack, read our full review below.


Grassracks board racks are known for their functionality, strength, ease of installation, eco-friendliness, and stylish looks. Designed for large boards such as Stand-up paddleboards, race SUPs, longboard surfboards, and wakeboards, the O’ahu racks are the largest and most robust wall-mounted racks in the Grassracks gear rack lineup.

They are sustainably constructed using half-inch bamboo or birch wood, which makes them high-strength, eco-friendly, and good looking board racks. They are secured on the wall by high-strength bamboo (or birch) mounting bars and screws. The racks are padded to protect the boards from damage and angled for maximum visibility of the displayed boards. Features of the O’ahu racks include:

  • Horizontally mounted indoor and garage SUP wall rack
  • Robust construction using premium quality bamboo or Baltic birch wood
  • Solid, and incredibly easy to install the mounting system using bamboo (or birch) mounting bars and heavy-duty screws
  • Padded cradles and cradle arms to prevent dings, dents, and pressure points
  • Gorgeous sanded bamboo and birch wood-grain textures and rich colors 
  • Non-toxic and zero VOC finish on the Bamboo rack
  • Two utility hooks for accessories such as paddle and wetsuit



Name: South Chester

Size: Single – for 1 Board and Paddle

Other Sizes: Duo and Trip

Utility Hooks: Two

Dimensions (When Installed): 23.5” (H) x 49.25” (W) x 19.75” (D)’

Weight Capacity: 125 Lbs.

Material: Bamboo and Baltic Birch Options

User Experience


Style: The O’ahu is a simple and minimalistic paddleboard/surfboard wall rack but a really good looking one that will add style to your wall. Bamboo construction lends it a gorgeous grain texture and a rich golden color. The bamboo rack is also sanded and features a non-toxic, zero VOC finish.

The birch rack is lighter in color and has a smooth wood-grain texture and a sanded finish. The simplicity of the rack allows the board to shine and the angled design provides maximum visibility of the board showcasing your favorite board and your love for the sport.

Storage Capacity: Measuring 23.5 by 49.25 by 19.75 inches when mounted on the wall, the O’ahu rack is large enough to hold large boards such as stand-up paddleboards, race SUPs, longboard surfboards, wakeboards, and snowboards. Since you have the freedom to install the mounting bars at your desired width and the cradles easily slide along the mounting bars for width adjustment, this rack can accommodate boards of all shapes and sizes. Two hooks offer you a place to rest your paddle and hang your wet suit, gloves, and any other accessory.

Installation: The O’ahu wall rack uses Grassracks’ proprietary mounting system, which is renowned for its ease of use. Mounting it is a simple three-step process that takes only a few minutes to complete – install the mounting bars onto the wall, fix the protective padding onto the cradles and cradle arms, and then hook the cradles onto the mounting bars. You now have a sturdy wall rack for your board.

Everything you need to mount it on the wall from the mounting hardware to easy to understand instructions is included in the package. Tools you need to mount it include a tape measure, pencil, electric drill or Phillips head screwdriver, level, and a stud finder.

Strength: A wall-mounted rack designed to hold large and heavy boards should be strong enough to withstand the heavy load. With a solid 1/2″ bamboo or birch construction, the O’ahu rack meets this requirement and can withstand the weight of a really large board without failing.

Supported by high-strength bars that are securely locked to the wall using heavy-duty screws and drywall anchors, it is one sturdy wall rack that can support up to 125 pounds on the wall. You can rest assured this rack will safely hold and display your board.

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Protection: Not only will the Oahu storage rack hold your SUP or surfboard out of the way where it is unlikely to fall or get scratched or bumped onto, but it also has padding on the cradles and cradle arms to protect your precious board from dings, dents, and pressure points when you’re sliding it in and out as well as during storage. It will protect your valuable board, even if it is a soft top, and keep it in pristine condition.

Durability: This company is known for premium quality products and the O’ahu board rack is no exception. Designed for holding large and heavy boards, the O’ahu racks are their sturdiest boards. They are crafted in the USA using premium quality bamboo and birch, both high-strength materials that can withstand a lot of weight. No matter how large and heavy your paddleboard, surfboard, wakeboard, or snowboard is, this rack is built to hold it securely and protect it for years to come.


  • Large and sturdy rack for large boards
  • Space efficient wall-mounted rack
  • Easy to assemble and mount  
  • High-strength and attractive bamboo or birch wood construction
  • Simple and angled design for a visible display
  • Padding to prevent dings, dents, and pressure points
  • Two hooks for the paddle and other accessories
  • The USA made quality and attention to detail  
  • Sustainably made using Bamboo or Birch


  • This is an expensive SUP rack. However, it is fairly priced considering that it is a robust premium-quality rack built to hold and protect your board for years to come. The Birch racks are a more economical option.

Overall Rating


Based on our assessment of the OAHU single SUP rack, here are our ratings of the different aspects:

Design: 95% – The design is spot on – simple yet stylish and functional, robust, and stable, and very simple installation. The rack is also angled for maximum visibility of the board.

Material: 100% – Bamboo is an excellent choice of material. It is a high-strength and durable material and its grain texture and rich golden color look amazing. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on earth, which makes this an eco-friendly rack. Baltic birch is also strong, durable, and good looking.

Price: 90% – The O’ahu is a bit expensive but we feel it is well worth the money considering the quality of materials and craftsmanship. This rack is built to hold and protect your board for years to come, ensuring it remains in pristine condition. Also, premium bamboo construction doesn’t come cheap.  If you’re on a budget, the birch rack is a bit more affordable and still sturdy, durable, and attractive.

Overall: 95% – The Oahu has everything you want in a wall-mounted stand-up paddleboard or surfboard storage and display rack: space efficiency, stability, protection, durability, and style. It will keep your favorite board out of the way while ensuring it is visible and you can access it easily when you want to go have fun on the water. What more could you want in a SUP rack!  

Globo Surf Overview

Race SUPs and other gigantic paddleboards, surfboards, wakeboards, and snowboards come with a storage challenge especially if you have limited room in your apartment or garage. A wall-mounted rack is a safe and space-efficient way to store your board out of the way while still showcasing it.

You need a really strong wall rack that can withstand the weight of your board. The Oahu single SUP rack is a space-efficient and stylish board storage solution and it fits the bill. It is the largest and sturdiest wall-mounted rack by Grassracks and it can support up to 125 pounds of weight. It is easy to mount, looks great, and is a great space saver in an apartment or garage.

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