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featuresThe Nixy landing mat’s most prized feature is its versatility. Combining a rugged construction, generous size, and portability, the mat is the perfect multifunctional outdoor gear. The mat’s durable build lets it offer optimal protection for paddleboards, kayaks, and even smaller outdoor gear. 

If you don’t need it as a mat, it also does a good job as a shield or cover, protecting your equipment and gear from the elements and bad weather. The same mat is large and protective enough to double as a beach or camping mat, supporting up to 6 people. Its portability and light profile means storage is simplified while travel is made more convenient. 

It comes with a small bag that the mat packs into and you can attach the carry bag to a larger backpack or dry bag. The SUP landing mat never runs out of functions. In fact, bringing it with you on your adventures and trips can save you on numerous occasions. The mat comes in a selection of three color options to fit your preferences, whether it’s blue, aqua, or green.



specificationsMat dimensions: 142” x 57”

Bag dimensions: 9” x 7” x 3”

Pockets: 4 built-in weightable corner pockets

Loops: 4 corner loops

Stakes included: Yes, 4

Mat bag

Color options: 3, aqua, blue & green

User Experience


user_experienceUsability: 99% – The landing mat offers a great user experience. For one, its multifunctional design improves its usability, allowing you to use it for different applications. Plus, the mat is very easy to use. It comes in a generous sizing so you can lay it down to support pretty much any outdoor equipment or gear. Plus, the mat comes as a full package with built-in pockets and loops along with four stakes for a stable and complete setup. Additionally, its lightweight and packable design allows it to fold down to a small size for easier travel and storage.

Durability: 99% – Overall, the SUP deck pad replacement does a good job when it comes to durability. Its rugged construction doesn’t only prolong the mat’s longevity. It also allows it to support different equipment and gear. In fact, the Nixy is amongst the best paddleboard landing mats on the market, when it comes to durability. While maintaining its lightweight and portable design, the mat features a rugged build. It is made from high quality, outdoor-friendly ripstop nylon material. To reinforce its durability further, the material integrates a heavy duty and triple stitching fabrication. Moreover, the mat features a weather-resistant, water-resistant, and soil-proof finish.


  • Versatile design
  • Multifunctional design
  • Packable design
  • Portable and lightweight build
  • Affordable option
  • Free carrying bag
  • Different color options


  • The light padding of the mat can take some time to dry up when soaked by equipment

Overall Rating

Usability: 99% – The landing mat does a great job in terms of usability, covering different facets of its design. First, it has a portable and lightweight packable built which lets you toss it in its smaller provided bag for better traveling and storage convenience. In fact, its bag is so small that it fits inside or outside (attached) of larger backpacks or dry bags. This means that you can take the mat along with you to your camping, hiking, or fishing trips. On the other hand, its rugged construction and generous sizing give it a multifunctional finish, whether on the ground as a mat or cover/shield.

Durability: 99% – The Nixy outdoor landing market features very durable construction, specially curated to survive the outdoors. Thanks to its durable construction, you can pretty much use the landing mat in different settings and outdoor conditions. It works great at the beach, during hiking, camping, and even at home on your lawn. The mat’s most prized rugged feature is the choice of nylon ripstop as its construction material. The best part of using nylon ripstop is its great strength, scratch resistance, and weather resistance. Yet, it remains very lightweight to make storage and travel convenient. Additionally, the entire landing mat is triple stitched which helps to reinforce its strength and longevity further. To give it a boost in functionality and overall protectiveness, the mat is lightly padded inside.

Price: 97% – The mat’s price appears to be slightly higher than average. Nonetheless, when you consider its superior quality and reinforced construction, the mat comes with great value and is affordable for its quality. Furthermore, the mat comes as a full package with supporting components to add to its value. It includes four free stakes and a carry bag it packs into for easy travel and storage. 

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Overall: 98% – The outdoor gear mat ranks the top amongst mats of the same design. It does a great job when it comes to construction, quality, usability, and durability. Moreover, the landing mat truly stands out for its versatility and multifunctional design. Carrying it along with you in your outdoor adventures means you can use it for more than one application – so it’s definitely gear you want to bring with you.  A simple day picnicking at the beach means you don’t have to carry a bulk load of unnecessary and redundant gear. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about damaging your scuba equipment after a day of diving, you can continue to take in the waves as the gear quietly drains on the mat with zero contact to the ground. Plus, the mat comes in a selection of three fun outdoor colors to match your preferences. 

Globo Surf Overview

The Nixy landing mat pairs well with any outdoor equipment or gear, which makes it an essential on your next outdoor adventure list. Its heavy duty and lightweight profile let it face any settings with zero potential damage. On the other hand, its generous size allows it to fit anything you have in mind, even your party at the beach. 

While it is priced slightly above average, the mat is worth the investment. After all, it comes as a full package to ensure a complete and stable setup. The carry bag it packs into complements its overall usability, improving your travel and storage convenience.

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