NIXY Dry Bag Backpack Review


lifestyleThe Nixy Dry Bag Backpack is built with a focus on its watertight sealing, sneering nothing penetrates the interior and reaches your belongings. However, its overall design also puts functionality, comfort, and style to focus. 

Unlike regular bags, the dry bag backpack focuses on small details across the pack, whether its slightly wide straps or lightweight but thick finish. Overall, each element’s design works in synergy to produce a comprehensively functional dry waterproof bag. Now, let’s look at the key features you will find on the NIXY Dry Bag Backpack:

  • Available in green, black, blue, yellow, orange, and pink
  • Available 20L and 30L
  • 100% waterproof 500D PVC construction
  • Floatable design 
  • Roll-top with closing flap for watertight seal
  • Thick and thin 
  • Front splash zippered pocket


specificationsVolume: 20L
Backpack dimensions: 23.5” x 14.75” / 59.7 x 37.5 cm
Rolled Up Dimensions: 16” x 14.75” / 40.64 x 37.46 cm
Splash Pocket Size: 6.5” x 7.75” / 16.51cm x 19.68 cm
Backpack weight: 1.27 lbs/0.576 kgs
Backpack material: 100% 500D PVC
Waterproof: Yes, 100%
Strap design: Yes, adjustable backpack
Color options: Green, black, blue, yellow, orange, and pink
Volume: 30L
Backpack dimensions: 27” x 14.75” / 68.6 x 37.5 cm
Rolled Up Dimensions: 18” x 14.75” / 45.72 x 37.46 cm
Splash Pocket Size: 6.5” x 7.75” / 16.51cm x 19.68 cm
Backpack weight: 1.37 lbs/0.62 kgs
Backpack material: 100% 500D PVC
Waterproof: Yes, 100%
Strap design: Yes, adjustable backpack
Color options: Green, black, blue, yellow, orange, and pink

User Experience

user_experienceUsability: 97% – The Nixy Dry Bag Backpack features a pretty usable design. First, the dry backpack is versatile, which means you can use it for anything, from leisure trips, sporting activities, and even outdoor work trips. It guarantees to keep your belongings dry and clean throughout your outdoor activities, without ever giving in. Additionally, the backpack has a thick, rugged construction that guarantees to hold up even in the most unfriendly conditions or when supporting heavy items. Yet, it remains to be extremely light, weighing under a pound. However, this is in no way close to the bag’s incredible design and functionality. As previously stated, the backpack combines smaller details with different elements that fuse synergistically to give you a complete, functional design. For example, the back of the pack is fitted with wider non-padded backpack straps to distribute the load and make it comfortable to carry the bag for prolonged periods without straining the back or shoulders. While this design is great, it would be even better with the straps padded. You can also adjust the straps to achieve the perfect fit according to your body size and height. Around the waist area, the backpack integrates clip waist straps to give you even better balance when hiking or trekking. However, the relatively smaller and shorter straps may not be the best option for individuals with a heavy build. In addition to making the pack comfortable to carry, placement on equipment such as paddleboards and kayaks is also simplified. The top clip closure that works with the roll-top design for a watertight seal can be used to attach the bag to a kayak or SUP. In turn, you don’t have to worry about your pack falling off into the water. You can use the same design to attach the pack to a much larger bag when hiking, mountaineering, or backpacking.  When it comes to storage, the bag offers a generous main compartment on its 20L and 30L varieties. However, apart from its front pocket, the back doesn’t offer any other storage option for quick access to your items. If you have gear such as helmets, gloves, or water bottles, the backpack may not be very convenient. 

Durability: 99% – The Nixy backpack features an exemplary design when it comes to durability. Like other functions of the bag, its durability is a testament to the finer details incorporated into its design. For example, in addition to its 500D PVC construction and waterproofing, the backpack is UV treated to protect against sun damage, you will notice additional PVC backing in areas such as the straps to reinforce its fabrication further. The backing helps to hold these parts more securely – you won’t have to worry about your strap snapping mid-hike! As a fully waterproof dry pack, the Nixy Backpack is expected to be used in wet conditions. So, instead of using metal hardware, it is fitted with strong plastic hardware around the straps and top closure. The plastic straps aren’t only robust and load-bearing. They are also an excellent solution to preventing any possibility of corrosion or rust build up.


  • Adjustable straps for the perfect fit
  • Wider straps for added comfort and load balancing
  • Waist straps for added balance and stability
  • Reinforced PVC backing around the straps for added protection
  • Non-corrosive and rust-resistant plastic hardware
  • Roll top closure clip attached the pack to a kayak, Sup, or larger backpack
  • Ultralight and thick UV-treated fabric
  • Affordably priced 


  • No interior pocket to fully protect small items – only 1 exterior pocket  
  • Lack gear attachment points – no D-rings or clips 

Overall Rating

Usability: 97% – The Nixy Dry Bag Backpack does a great job in its user friendly design. It combines waterproofing, rugged fabrication, comfortable design, and generous sizing for a fully functional design. However, it would be even better with an improved storage design, with additional interior pockets and external gear/accessory attachment points.

Durability: 99% – The backpack integrates an intelligently durable construction. In addition to its rugged PVC fabric and waterproofing, its finer details like the PVC backing and plastic hardware reinforce its overall durable build.

Price: 95% – Price-wise, the dry bag backpack gives you value for your money. Compared to other backpacks of similar design on the market, the focus on its waterproofing, fabric strength, and comfort makes the pack a reasonable investment and extremely budget-friendly.

Overall: 98% – Overall, the Nixy Dry Bag Backpack is a reasonable investment. For one, it is versatile, allowing you to use it in different circumstances, whether during outdoor leisure activities, sporting activities, or work trips. The pack combines all the essential features to make it functional. It is waterproof, durable, robust, protective, comfortable, and stylish. Nonetheless, the pack remains affordable.

Globo Surf Overview

If you want a waterproof bag that can withstand outdoor elements without compromising comfort, the Nixy Dry Bag is the ultimate choice. You will also enjoy its budget-friendly price. However, it may not be the perfect choice for those who want more exterior storage options for attaching their gear or quick access items.

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NIXY Dry Bag Backpack