10 Romantic Things To Do on a Paddle Board


What’s better than paddle boarding? Paddle boarding with your significant other! Sunset paddle boarding with the love of your life or even on a first date is an amazing way to spend time together and experience the world.

There’s many different things that you and your partner can do sunset paddle boarding besides the typical ‘paddling on a lake.’ Here’s some of the top ten things you can do to spend time with your significant other!

1. Picnicking on a Paddle Board

Who doesn’t love a good picnic, nevertheless a great picnic on the water. The best thing about this sunset paddle boarding date is that it’s a twist on the traditional dinner date. You can your partner can pack whatever food you want, even snatching take-out from your favorite restaurant.

This date can be as simple or complex as you want to make it; whether you’re grabbing Olive Garden or packing peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, a picnic date is perfect. You can go out to new areas or explore new places with your significant other.

The best paddle boards for this:

  • Inflatable All Around
  • Glider
  • Versa
  • Soft Top Classic

2. Stand Up Paddle Board Snorkeling

The great thing about paddle boards is that you can take them in virtually any waters, providing a world of opportunity for adventures. One of these adventures is snorkeling! Since you stand on paddle boards, you and your partner can easily scout out a spot for snorkeling.

Snorkeling is typically seen as a vacation excursion, so being able to do so without going on vacation would be pretty special! With the easy maneuvering of a paddle board, you can get anywhere to snorkel.

The best paddle boards for this:

  • Inflatable Explorer
  • Inflatable All Around

3. Sunset Paddling


The real definition of a perfect date spot is sunset paddling. Make some plans, check out the time of the sunset for the day, and give yourself plenty of time to paddle out to the perfect viewing spot to see the sun set. You want to make sure where you’re going has a clear view towards the West and that your view isn’t blocked by any buildings.

Taking your significant other to sunset paddle boarding is one of the most intimate ways to spend time in nature. The view is going to be spectacular, and you can always mix these dates together. For example, you could bring along some snacks and drinks to watch the sun leave the sky.

Wherever you go, make sure you have some kind of flashlight so you can easily get back to shore. The isolation may make for a great date night, but can be dangerous if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings.

Any paddle boards work great for sunset paddle boarding!

4. Stand Up Paddle Board Golfing

Golfing? On a paddle board? While these two things seem to contradict each other, you can easily make some great memories with just a few simple steps! To begin with, you’ll need the following: floating golf balls (plastic or foam), golf mat for you to hit off of, PVC pipe to make the destination, and an anchor for the paddle board.

This date requires a little bit of prep time, but it will pay off in the end. You’ll need to assemble the PVC pipe to make an area to hit towards, and after that you just take it to the lake and set up.

This date idea can be a bit dangerous if you’re around other people. Make sure that you’re not around any other boats or people and that you’re not close enough to the bank that you’ll hit any buildings. It’s also best to use short distance clubs for control.

5. Getting Married on a Paddle Board

Water spots are always huge hits for weddings, whether it’s at the beach or at the lake. Why not get married on the water? With a paddle board, you and your soon-to-be spouse can say yes while in the middle of whatever body of water you choose.

If you and your significant other enjoy paddle boarding, or just enjoy being outdoors on the water in general, this is a nice way to add yourselves into your wedding. In fact, there’s been at least paddle board wedding, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Grab paddle boards that match your wedding colors and head towards your favorite water spot to have a wonderful and unique wedding!

The best paddle boards for a wedding are inflatable paddle boards.

6. Watch Fireworks

Who doesn’t love fireworks? The lights in the sky are beautiful, and it’s obvious that everyone enjoys them as most firework shows have a large crowd. They’re always busy, and finding a spot is always a struggle.

Imagine watching fireworks from a paddle board. You can spend the day on the water, enjoying time with your significant other, before settling down to see the fireworks light up the sky. The best thing is that the lake offers the best view for fireworks. Your view won’t be obstructed by other people and you don’t have to listen to the murmurs of those around you as you enjoy the show.

You can even combine this with other romantic ideas, such as dinner. This date idea can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be, and it’s definitely one that you and your significant other will remember for years to come.

Any paddle boards work great for watching the fireworks!

7. Paddle Board Yoga

It’s no secret that paddle boarding is a form of exercise; you’re using your entire body when you stand up and paddle over the water. If you and your significant other like to do yoga, or if you’re just interested in trying it, doing yoga on a paddle board is the perfect thing to try!

A huge part of yoga is calming yourself and finding that inner peace; what better way to do that then connecting yourself to nature and being in the middle of a body of water? This relaxing date idea is inexpensive but reaps tons of benefits for both yourself and your relationship with your significant other.

If you and your significant other are avid yoga doers, then this will add a new challenge to your workout. You’ll be combatting the wind and the constant movement of the water, giving you a new way to experience yoga.

The best paddle boards for yoga:

– Versa

– Inflatable All Around

– Glider

8. Paddle Board Camping

Camping with your significant other is always a fun and enlightening experience. Why not center the trip around sunset paddle boarding? Inflatable paddle boards can easily be rolled up and stored, so keeping them at a campsite is as easy as keeping a sleeping bag there. If you love camping, this is a great way to spend time with your significant other and experience the world.

If you’re looking for an additional level of paddle boarding, bring all your camping equipment with you and paddle to a place to camp. You and your significant other can find uncharted camping territory, giving the two of you a unique experience that can’t be done without a paddle board. You can make this an overnight trip or a several week adventure, using your experience as a basis.

Paddle board camping is easy for both beginners and experts as you can tailor the date to your own comfort level.

The best paddle boards for paddle board camping:

– Inflatable Explorers

9. Paddle Board Family Outing

A fun way to gather your entire family for a fun, nature-filled experience is by getting everyone out on the paddle boards. This is another one of those dates that depend on you to make it as long and unique as you want. You can travel to a new body of water, or you can go somewhere your family already loves.

You can bring food and drinks to make this outing last as long as you want. You can also combine this idea with others above, such as paddle board golfing.

The best paddle boards for a family outing:

– Inflatable All Arounds

10. Night Paddling

Imagine looking at the stars and the moon from the middle of a body of water while you and your significant other are paddle boarding. It’s not hard to imagine the thrill that can come from a nighttime excursion with your loved one to see the world at a different time of day.

It’s best to paddle a place you know well as being out on the water at night can be extremely dangerous. Make sure you and your significant other know the area you’re going too well, as long as bringing warm clothes, headlamps, and flare guns in case anything goes wrong. That way you and your significant other can have the date of a lifetime, connecting to each other while under the stars and amidst the water.

The best paddle boards for night paddling:

– Inflatable All Arounds

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