There’s no better way to have fun and create more memories than a get together with good food – be it at our backyard or on a camping trip. Grilling is always the way to go as you make conversations, tell stories, and of course, the end product is mouthwatering meats and vegetables. However, to enjoy good quality, restaurant-style grill – you must have the right equipment.

Weber grills are just the right tools to have. These bad boys boast high-quality construction and offer a range of different designs to suit your needs.  Imagine taking in the first whoosh of smell as you toss your day’s catch on the grill after a day of fishing and trekking. Plus, for a well-planned family camping, you can simply toss the grill on the back of your truck to enjoy home standard meals.

Listed below are the 10 best Weber grills in 2022 – each equipped with its unique features and functions that stand out. The choice is yours to go for one that fits your preferences in the outdoors.

How To Choose A Weber Grill – Buying Guide


Type Of Grill

Before investing in the best weber grill of your choice, the type of grill should be chosen. There are three main types of grill –gas, charcoal, and electric. Gas grills are some of the most commonly sought after types. These types of grills will either run on natural gas supplied at home or from propane gas tanks.

This will be clearly outlined in the product’s feature with some products boasting the ability to operate on both. Gas grills also boast two main benefits. They are way easier to clean and maintain than their counterparts, charcoal grills.

Additionally, they are way less expensive to operate compared to charcoal and electric grills. Some gas grills can be operated with smaller propane gas canisters thus, making them portable and an ideal choice to use in the outdoors or on a trip.

Charcoal grills on the other end offer that ultimate grilling experience with the majority of grilling enthusiasts believing they produce that classic grill taste thanks to its smoke.  Compared to gas and electric grills, charcoal grill takes longer to cook food but produce better flavors.

However, charcoal grills tend to be comparatively expensive over the other two sources. Additionally, they also offer less functional features compared to gas and electric grill models.

Electric grills are also an alternative option for charcoal grills. However, due to limited resources in the outdoors, they may not be the most ideal option for use outside your home. Most electric grills, however, come in compact sizes thus they are perfect for a small home. However, the plates on an electric grill may not be the best source of that smoky flavor on your meats.

Furthermore, different grills may also come with added features and types of cooking. The Smokey Mountain for example fully functions as a smoker.

Fuel Type

The fuel type of your grill corresponds with the type of grills above. Other than electric grills, all other types of grills depend on fuel. However, make sure you are aware of what type of fuel your grill uses. There are two main types of grills operated by fuels, i.e. charcoal and gas.

Gas operated grills are divided into two subtypes – natural gas as well as liquid propane. However, some gas-operated grills can be fueled by both liquid propane and natural gas.


Weber grills come in handy both at home and in the outdoors for camping – it all depends on the size. The majority of grills are of course designed for grilling. You can grill anything in them from red meats, poultry, and fish to vegetables.

However, some of the best Weber gas grills and charcoal grills feature additional cooking features for a more varied cooking ability. Some are constructed as smokers, equipped to be operated by charcoal for that traditional smoky flavor on your meat. Others feature a built-in rotisserie which allows you to make that perfect crispy on the outside and tender on the inside chicken.

Electric grills on the other end are mostly designed for use at home due to their high wattage consumption. Additionally, they are also favored in homes or in places where gas and charcoals are not permitted as they also produce minimal emissions.


Size is also an important feature to consider when choosing a weber grill to invest in. when you are deciding on what size of the grill to go for, think of the number of people that will be fed as well as the type of foods you will be grilling.

It is always good to go big, because this allows the grill to cover you in any occasion, however, if you plan to use your grill in the outdoors for trips such as camping, a very big grill may be unrealistic and difficult to transport.

Weber grills also offer hints to make you understand the capacity of the grill, in case dimension numbers are confusing for you. This is done by pointing out the approximate size of foods, the grill can make, for example, the features of the grill will say that it can fit up to 13 burgers or 2 racks of ribs.

Additionally, Weber grills will provide you with the dimensions so you can determine how big and advantageous the grill will be for you. The grills feature a primary cooking area dimension – this denotes the heating area where active cooking is done. The secondary/total cooking area will incorporate other areas such as work tables and warming racks.

Typically, the total cooking area sizes for Weber grills range between 150 square inches to 1000 square inches. a portable grill will range between 150 and 200 square inches and will ideally feed two people. For a larger group of at least six and above, go for a grill with a total cooking area of at least 500 square inches and above.

Freestanding vs Built-In

The best Weber gas grills and charcoal grills come in two designs – built-in and freestanding. The built-in grill features a permanently built base such as stone or stainless steel. Freestanding grills on the other end are mobile meaning you can move them from your kitchen to patio, balcony, and camping site.

Some freestanding grills will feature wheels that allow them to move.  More compact grills are normally permanently mounted on a wheeled cart for easy operation such as the Q3200.

Cooking Grates

Cooking grates on your grill are perhaps one of the most important details to scrutinize because they definitely affect the quality of the cook and taste of your grilled food. There are three common types of cooking grates –stainless steel, plated steel, and porcelain-enameled cast iron.

Stainless steel comes with the advantage of excellent alloy features. Thus, they are extremely good at rust resistance and are highly durable. Because of their weatherproof and resistant nature, they are also quite easy to clean and safe to use on high heat.

Plated steel cooking grates on the other end are made by electroplating steel. They are equally strong, durable, and way easier to clean than stainless steel cooking grates. Porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grates are generally durable and extremely easy to clean.

However, the delicate porcelain enamel can easily break on impact – thus, special care should be taken when using such grates. However, the cast-iron detail makes the efficient at retaining heat and thus, useful for grilling.

All and all, the principle of washing your cooking grates is the same for all, no matter the material used. After each grilling session, ensure to clean your cooking grates so you can maintain their durability as well as the quality of your grilled food.

You can follow particular cleaning steps to ensure that your grates are always sparkling clean. After grill, let your grates cool down. Then soak them in a tub with a vinegar solution. The vinegar solution is made by mixing one cup of vinegar and two cups of baking soda. You can dilute the solution so it fully covers the grate.

Let the grate soak until the residue stuck on it starts to peel off. Then, remove the grates from the vinegar solution and rinse the grates. Scrub the grates using mild detergent until spotless then rinse again with water. Let the grate drain and return to the grill once dried.

Burners And Warming Trays

When you are looking to invest in the best Weber gas grills and charcoal grills, you certainly want to go for one that bears value-adding features. Top-rated gas grills will be fitted with side tables, side burners, warming trays, hooks, and extra storage shelves.

Additional side burners on a grill help you to concurrently grill and cook your food thus, accelerating cook time so you can serve them together. The side burners are useful for grilling the second type of meat, vegetables, and making a sauce to go with your grilled food. A regular grill will have anywhere from one to six burners depending on the size you go for.

To complement your burners, some of the best gas grills are fitted with flavorizer bars. Flavorizer bars direct grease and drippings away for the burners’ tubes. This mechanism effectively prevents flare-ups which will cause flames that result in tempered with flavors on your grill.

Thus, the use of flavorizer bars, as their name suggests, helps to enhance that grill flavor on your meat or vegetables. Simply clean them by scraping off the dripping and rinsing them off for the next use. And as you use the burners, some lidded grills will allow you to hook the lid on the side for more comfortable operation.

Additionally, Weber grills, especially large ones will have warming racks. This helps you to fully cook your food especially if you have a large group to feed and need to grill in batches. Thus, the batches that are done can be set on the warming racks to await the ones that are being grilled so you can serve the food altogether without worrying that they will be cooled.

Other added features that come with gas grills are the side tables, hooks, and extra storage shelves. Side tables are normally mounted on one side or either side of the grill, some even feature foldable ones for space-saving and ease of transportation.

The side tables on the grills function as work tables, allowing you to prep as well as plate your food. Hooks on the other end are normally attached to the side of the grill or underneath the working table. They are used to hang essential grilling tools for easier accessibility as you grill. Other grills come with bottom shelves for added storage – you can easily fit your gas tank (for gas-operated grills) or additional cooking tools.


Some of the best Weber gas grills and charcoal grills are fitted with a rotisserie function. This incorporates a rotisserie stake which slowly rotates and utilizes infrared heat to cook meats, especially chicken. The function typically won’t be found in portable gas grills. Thus, the size will be the main concern if you choose this feature and intend on using the grill for camping purposes.

Built-In Thermometer

The best way to gauge your cooking is by setting a timer for a known and practiced recipe, getting the right cooking temperature, getting the right meat temperature (if cooking meats) and of course, visual determination. The best gas grill and charcoal grills feature a built-in thermometer.

Most notably, the thermometers are placed inside the grill. Some feature a meter on the outside f the grill for easy viewing. Thus, as you grill, the thermometer easily provides the temperature to ensure you have a perfect cook on your food.

And if you happen to invest in a grill that doesn’t have a built-in thermometer, it is always a good idea to purchase a separately sold one for effective cooking. You can even invest in a digital grill thermometer that can be synced with your Smartphone. This synchronization offers you a remote alert on the progress of your cooking in terms of temperature.


If you are thinking of camping at night or having a get-together BBQ at night, go for a gas grill with lights. These types of grills are fitted with control knobs or handles that are lighted for easy and enhanced visibility in the dark.



Q: How Many Years Does A Grill Made By Weber Last?


These grills are built to be very durable and long-lasting thus, making them an excellent investment. Typically a grill will last up to 10 years with some of its parts requiring replacement. A grill will need new grates and flavorizer to be changed at least after five years if you regularly use your grill and up to eight years if you use it occasionally.

The burners will last between five to ten years but for effective, grilling you should replace them at least once between these years. Grills feature different warranties depending on series and models, however, their duration is nearly the same. These bad boys, however, are known to outlive their warranties. The table below outlines a standard warranty period of Weber grills;

Cook box 10 years, rust-free
Lid 10 years, rust-free
Plastic components 5 years, may include fading and discoloration
Burners 5 years, rust-free
Cooking grates and flavorizer bars 5 years, rust-free
Other parts 2 years

Q: Who Manufactures Weber Grills?


Weber grills are manufactured by a company known as Weber-Stephen LLC which is headquartered in Palatine, Illinois. The company has been manufacturing grills since 1952. Although the primary manufacturing facilities for grills are based in Illinois, USA, we cannot entirely say that they are made in the USA. This is because some components are now imported from other countries.

Q: Which Weber BBQ Is The Best?


The Weber brand manufactures several BBQs which feature their unique qualities. The best Weber bbq entirely depends on how you intend to see it and the number of people you intend to feed. Going through the potential BBQ's features as well as reviews is a good way to fully understand how it functions and the benefits it comes with. Overall, these grills will guarantee the quality, high function and a classic signature cook on your grills.

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These reviews outline how instrumental grills are in your cooking experience – whether you are out in your home patio or festive camping on the 4th of July. Additionally, their unique features bring with added value depending on what you are looking for – a smoker, a timer for precision cooking, or rotisserie for your chicken, to name a few.

The buying guide on the other end gives a detailed outline of what to look for when you are choosing the best Weber bbq to go for. The list of the 10 best outlined above is where you should begin with to find a grill to use for your next get together – there’s definitely a match for you!

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