Whether you’re trying to capture the mesmerizing beauty of turquoise-blue waters or striving to get the perfect watersport shot for your Instagram feed, having the best waterproof camera can make all the difference! Investing in a waterproof digital camera would be a smart decision especially if you’re into exploring the underwater world or exciting sports like scuba diving or snorkeling.

With the best digital waterproof camera at your side, one could click pictures inside and around water without worrying about damaging the electronics. In this handy guide for prospective buyers, we’ve presented all the features that can set the best underwater camera apart from the rest of the competition along with some great tips to help newbies in spending and finding a waterproof camera to suit their budget.

How To Choose A Waterproof Camera – Buying Guide


Imagine diving deep into the sea and struggling with a bulky camera with complex functions. Compact underwater cameras for snorkeling solve this issue by being easy to carry and use. These devices are lightweight making weatherproof cameras easy to handle even when under the increased drag from the water. 

Resolution and Picture Quality


The rule is quite simple: a greater number of megapixels means a higher resolution and consequently a clearer picture. Similarly, video resolution is defined in “fps” or frames per second. The best underwater cameras would offer a full HD video recording as well as video recording at various speeds and sizes, such as 320 fps, 240 fps, 120 fps for cinematic slow motion effects. As far as still images go, 12 megapixels will work fine even for medium-sized prints, but if you want more size you’ll need to have a few more.


The quality of a lens depends upon its build. In a high-quality zoom lens, several moving parts work together to allow you to change the focal lens. Optical zoom is better than digital zoom and acts like a telescope on the camera. The more ‘times’ on the optical zoom, the more you’ll be able to zoom in, and the further away you’ll be able to take a shot from.

Durability and Waterproofing

Having a water-resistant camera that is easily susceptible to damage is a big no-no as it could ruin your adventure. Look for shock proofing, dust proofing, and freezeproofing along with waterproofing, so you’ll know your camera will survive in any situation. A rugged, waterproof casing could either go around the camera or the camera would have an in-built waterproofing mechanism to keep it protected.

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Q: What does the underwater digital camera do?


Underwater digital cameras are meant to take underwater photos and video. These cameras are waterproof and shockproof, allowing one to capture photos and videos in any situation where water is involved.

Q: How to shoot with an underwater digital camera?


While it depends on the type of camera that you buy, most waterproof underwater cameras are designed to be extremely easy to use, with just a couple of buttons that need to be pressed while you’re in the water. You don’t have to learn about a completely new way to shoot. They work like ordinary point-and-shoot cameras and will have you taking great pictures in no time.

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When buying a waterproof camera, don’t forget to keep durability, practicality, affordability, and the overall picture quality in your mind. Hopefully, this buying guide would have helped you choose the right water-resistant camera to suit your needs, and our list of Top 10 best waterproof cameras will have steered you in the right direction to invest in your dream camera.

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