The best military watch is designed to conquer the worst enemy of a regular wristwatch: the elements of nature. Must-have equipment for people who love being outdoors especially in extreme environments, tactical watches for the military go one step further than reading the time and offer durability and functionality to the users.

With that said, trying to decide on the perfect watch can be a little tricky, as there are a lot of options the market offers. Thankfully, we have gone through several tactical watch reviews and compiled a list of the best tactical watches in 2022. Once you have finished reading, you’ll know exactly what you want.

How To Choose a Tactical Watch – Buying Guide



A lot about choosing the type of watch you need is working out your personal preferences and exactly what type of features are a must-have for you. If you will be doing an outdoor activity then you want to make sure that your watch can withstand environmental elements such as rain, dust, and snow. For camping for example, as you will be constantly dealing with camping gear, a feature such as scratch resistance is vital. For hard terrains, durability is another critical feature to look for in rugged watches.


The definition of the best military watch may differ from one person to another. In regards to reading time, you have two options: analog or digital military watches. Tactical watches use digital reading as it is easier to read, takes up less space on a watch face, and allows dials for different types of features. There is no difference between an analog and a digital watch in their ability to read the time.


Tactical watches with compass help the users during their long hiking trips or for any other reason they might need directional help. Most compasses in watches aren’t magnetic but rather digital.

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If you are looking for absolute precision then it would be a good idea to look for one that has a chronometer. The reason for that is because any change in the elasticity of the balance spring is accounted for as a result of temperature changes. This, along with other innovations, makes a chronometer the most precise watch.

Design And Measurements

The design of your watch should fit in with the use, which means, if you buy a watch with a metal strap, for example, it won’t be practical to use it as a military watch, as it will make you uncomfortable. In terms of measurements, having numerous alarm features can be very useful to set goals or give yourself a time limit.


It’s a good idea to double-check the weight of your watch to make sure that it doesn’t feel too heavy on your wrist. If you buy a metal watch which has a metal strap, you could well find that it is just too heavy to wear comfortably all day. Most of the rugged watches we have featured here have a stainless steel face and a fabric strap. That should be more than comfortable for everyday use but there are also other options such as watches made out of carbon fiber that give you the best level of weight.


This is a highly specialized source of lighting that you see on very few watches. GTLS stands for “Gaseous Tritium Light Source” and is where a combination of tritium and phosphors are used to create visible light without any external power or solar electricity. It can last for around 10 years and enables you to see the time at any time of the day without having to press any buttons or relying on a battery.


Changes in atmospheric pressure aren’t something that you can sense on your own but a barometer can do that for you. If you plan on doing long hiking trips, a barometer can warn you about a possible storm so that you can make the necessary preparations.

Triple Sensor

A watch with a triple sensor helps you with directions, weather, and temperature. In addition to the compass and the barometer, they assist you with altitude, as well. Having all these sensors ensures your safety in difficult conditions.

Water & Pressure Resistant

Water-resistance is an important feature in any watch, even if you never plan on going in the water. All the watches we have featured here have a great level of the water as well as pressure resistance. You can even use them for snorkeling.

Scratch Resistance

Scratch resistance is another important feature to look for in a men’s tactical watch. Most companies give you a good level of scratch resistance. If you are quite clumsy or simply want extra protection, we recommend you prefer a watch where the face of the watch sits back from the edge. This will prevent the scratching of the glass face.


A warranty ensures that you are getting a quality watch. It gives you the peace of mind in case something should go wrong with it, you can get it replaced or repaired. Make sure to learn what the warranty covers before purchasing though.


One of the main reasons that you want a tactical watch is that it won’t break at the first sign of shock or the first contact with water. If you are planning any outdoor activity then its strength will likely be tested at some point. All the watches we have reviewed here have a high level of durability as well as a shock-proofing feature. Check out the tactical watch reviews before making your final decision so that you are covered in challenging conditions.



Q: What Is a Tactical Military Watch?


If something is labeled as tactical then it means that it is effectively military quality. To have that name a men’s tactical watch needs to be able to survive in the worst conditions and still be able to be highly functional and give you all the information you need.

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Tactical And Regular Watch?


A military watch offers you ruggedness and strength that most other watches don’t have. A lot of them also offer plenty of additional features that ensure your safety while you are outdoors such as a heavy duty construction, a barometer, altimeter, thermometer, and a compass among other features.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Tactical Military Watch?


Tactical equipment help you through tough conditions and give you peace of mind and confidence with additional features such as alarm settings, shock resistance, barometer, temperature, compass, and chronometer.

Q: Who Should Purchase a Tactical Military Watch?


A military watch is ideal if you will be hiking, backpacking, camping, snorkeling, or fishing. The potential to need the likes of navigation equipment, shock resistance, sensors, timers, and a watch that won’t break easily will be heightened when you are doing an outdoor activity.

Q: Are All Tactical Watches Submergible?


A watch should never claim to be a military watch if it wasn’t submersible.

All the field watches we have reviewed here have a very good level of waterproofing. If you will be diving, then you simply need to check the maximum depth.

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Q: How do you Care for a Tactical Military Watch?


It is a good idea to wipe down the dirt with a soft piece of clothing. For stubborn bits of dirt, you can use a small soft brush such as a toothbrush. Make sure your watch is fully dry before putting it inside its case.

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The best tactical watches make your outdoor activity even more fun, not to mention safer. All the tactical watches for the military we have reviewed here have distinct features that you can rely on to make the best of your adventure. Hopefully one of them is the right watch for you!

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