Whether you are stranded after a powerful hurricane or you’ve lost your way after a day of hiking, having a survival kit can be the difference between life and death.

With that being said, choosing the best survival gear is not an easy task at all as you have a lot to consider such as whether your kit should be more weighted towards food or supplies as well as the size of the kit among other factors.

To help you out, we have gone through several reviews to create the strongest players when it comes to emergency kits. Plus, we have prepared an extensive buying guide to make your decision an easier one. Once you’ve read through this guide, you’ll know exactly what you want.

Survival equipment is only as good as the person using it. Make sure that you know how to use the survival gear you own and practise with it often. Enrolling in a wilderness first aid course could save your own (or someone else's) life.

Learning a few simple knots can make survival (and everyday life) easier. The Bowline knot creates a fixed loop in the end of a rope that will not tighten or loosen. The Taut Line Hitch creates an adjustable loop which can be used to tension a line, such as when attaching a tent guyline to a tent peg. The Square Knot can be used to tie two pieces of rope together.

Always tell a trusted friend or family member where you are going and when you will return before heading into the backcountry. Make sure that this trusted friend or family member knows who they should contact should you not return on time.


How To Choose A Survival Kit – Buying Guide



Looking for the most excellent survival kit in the world? Well, the size of your kit generally comes down to what type of emergency you are preparing for. If you will be backpacking and need a hiking survival kit, then you don’t have to carry around a large kit with you as it will be far too heavy and inconvenient.

On the other hand, if you’re waiting out a storm or tornado, then you need a selection of foods included in emergency earthquake kits. These types of family survival kits enable you to have enough food for 72 hours and come in different sizes depending on the number of people you need to care for.


A 72-hour survival kit would be ideal for a tornado or a hurricane as you’d have access to food and water with your pouches so you’ll be able to wait it out. In these instances, a first aid kit and a torch would be of great help.

If you’re out in the wild on a hike then you won’t be able to take a vast amount of reserves of food and water with you. Instead, you need to carry a light kit that includes surviving tools such as knives, wire cutters, and fishing lines. As far as water goes, having a water filtration bottle would be a very useful item.

As well as these basic survival items, it would also be a good idea to have a whistle and a compass inside your survival gears in case you get lost.

Having an emergency tent or an emergency blanket in a wildfire or flood could be also very useful when it comes to tools for survival.


One of the biggest decisions to make before buying survival packs is whether you need food and water. Water especially weighs a lot so if you will be carrying anything for a long distance then the water might become a hindrance to your survival attempt. An answer to this is to have a water filtration system and the ability to make your food.

Whether you’re locked away in your basement, evacuating your home, or lost out in the woods, having a light could be vital. While a battery-operated one may last you for a while, having a solar-powered light or one that has a crank would be a great option.

If you’re in survival mode then there is a good chance that you will need to be rescued. The types of items that you’re looking for in this respect are an important whistle as well as anything that lights up such as a glow stick or an LED light.

If you’re out hiking then you will need a much more hands-on kit which includes the likes of a wire saw, multi-use survival tools, fire starters, fishing lines, and hooks.

In all situations having a first aid kit would be useful so that you can treat any injuries right away and help to avoid infections or further damage.

As ever, you need to match your items to your situation. There are other options such as a toothbrush, dust masks, rope, scissors, and others which can all be useful in their way.



Q: What should be in a survival kit?

A: A survival kit incorporates the following essentials:
  • Illumination: Flashlight, extra set of batteries, emergency candles  
  • Tools: Pocket knife, pliers
  • Tapes: Duct tape, 200 feet of paracord, 100 yards of monofilament fishing line
  • Fire-Starting Kit: Flint or magnesium Firestarter, matches, emergency tinder, magnifying glass
  • First Aid Kit: Band-aids, gauze, ace bandage, NSAIDs, aspirin, antihistamines, antiseptic wipes, triple antibiotic ointment, tweezers
  • Metal Pot or Mugs
  • Blanket
  • Emergency Poncho
  • Trekking Poles
  • Safety Pins
  • Non-perishable food rations
  • Large Tarp
  • Whistle
  • Signaling mirror
  • Rain Jacket

Q: Where Should I Keep My Survival Kit?


It depends on the situation you need your survival kit for. If you are worried about a hurricane that might cause a flood or an immediate evacuation then you should put it somewhere easy to access such as the kitchen. If you’re hiking then this is less of a concern as the survival kit will just be able to sit in the bottom of your bag.

Q: What Is Most Important To My Survival?


If you’re in a survival mode where you are trying to wait out a natural disaster then the most important thing to your survival will be food and water. After that, you want to focus on other aspects such as shelter, warmth, and distress signals.

The same still applies for survival kits that don’t directly include food and water as they need to give you the means to be able to get your food and water with such tools as filtration systems, fire starters, and fishing lines.

Q: What Do People mean when they refer to ‘SHTF’?


SHTF stands for Stuff Hits The Fan . . . or a variation which might include a curse word instead of ‘stuff’. What it refers though is that apocalyptic point in time where everything goes wrong and all the world can do is survive.

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Having a survival kit could be the difference between life and death. Whatever disaster you’re preparing for, hopefully, our buying guide has helped you decide what kind of kit you need for yourself and your family.

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