Even in this modern day and age, a nice wristwatch has many purposes. You may choose to wear it as a fashion accessory, or you may choose to wear one for its practicality. We’re not talking just about telling time, but also many other functions which can make your life easier. This is also true for those of us who like spending time outdoors.

Like other types of watches, solar watched are also designed for different people and lifestyles – you will find both a choice of formal and casual watches with this technology. To find a solar watch you need to think about where and how you’ll use it – whether you need a sturdy device that can go deep underwater and resist impact, or whether a sleek looking watch is a better choice to go with your style. We took this into consideration and included a variety of options on our list of solar watch reviews. Be sure to go through the buying guide below to learn more about how these devices work, and what your priorities should be when buying one.

How To Choose The Best Solar Powered Watch – Buying Guide


When buying a new watch, most people want to purchase a watch that will last a long time. This goes for solar watches too which are in no way inferior to any other type of watch. When purchasing a solar watch it is important to make sure you pick a watch made from high-quality materials and with a solid construction as it’s no use to buy a watch which can charge on its own if it falls apart quickly. The products we have featured have been tested and gave a reliable and long-lasting performance. In addition to the regular features one might expect from a solar-powered watch, some users want extra functions, and solar watches available on the market really offer a wide array of choices.

Certain watches are designed for active people and include features that provide a variety of useful information. Unfortunately, many of these watches run on conventional batteries. While these can last for a while, at some point the battery will need replacing which can be a nuisance because one can forget to do it on time, and the watch will just stop working.

For this reason, many watch companies introduced solar-powered watches. By using solar energy to power themselves, these watches eliminate the problem of replacing a battery altogether. Solar wristwatches charge the battery every time they are exposed to a light source, so they keep working no matter what.


Placing a small solar panel into a wristwatch was an innovative idea. Since its first implementation, this system has come a long way in terms of efficiency. The solar panel collects light, creates energy and stores it in a battery. All watches in this category have quartz movement, which is very precise and requires a rechargeable battery to work. Depending on the manufacturer and models, these watches offer different running times between charges. The time it takes to drain a fully charged battery can vary from several months to a couple of years.

Running out of power won’t be an issue if you’re wearing your watch regularly since it’s bound to get a glimpse of light from time to time. Some models even have power-saving features that reduce the activity of extra features to keep the basic functions running for a longer time period. Another common feature in many models is atomic timekeeping. Using this technology, the watch adjusts itself to the exact current time which it receives through a radio signal. This handy feature eliminates the need to make manual adjustments. 


Everyone enjoys wearing a nice watch on their wrist. Of course, not everyone shares the same taste and not every watch will suit each person equally. Solar-powered watches come in a wide variety of designs, so you aren’t limited to a certain watch if you decide to go with this technology. Some watches are very sleek and elegant and are designed to go well with your style and more formal attire. Others are better suited for casual occasions, as well as outdoor and sports activities.

In addition to different styles, the size of the watch also needs to be considered. Some watches can be too large or too small for your wrist, so be sure to check the size of the band and the case before buying a watch. Other things may come into play here too, such as the color of the case, dial, and band. Most products we reviewed are black because this is a universal color and looks good in most situations. However, details that are in different colors can give a watch a nice touch. Finally, watches tend to either have an analog or a digital display (or both) and choosing between these really comes down to your preference.


Any watch you buy needs to fit comfortably when you wear it. It’s best when you don’t even feel it on your wrist. This guarantees that you will gladly wear it every day. It shouldn’t create excessive pressure on your wrist, but it shouldn’t be too loose either. Before purchasing a watch make sure to look at the band which comes with the watch – the type of material used as well as the size and width of the band – as these will affect the fit of the watch.

Steel bracelets allow corrections, so if it’s too large for your wrist, a jeweler (or you) can remove a piece and create a better fit. Straps made of resin, leather or fabric don’t have this option, but they come with a buckle so you can adjust the tightness. There are two basic choices when it comes to opening and closing – either a clasp or a buckle. A clasp is more common on steel bracelets. It’s perhaps easier to use but doesn’t allow length adjustment like a buckle does.


Many features can make your solar-powered watch more appealing, especially when it can do much more than simply tell time. Most products we featured in our reviews offer precision timekeeping. Features such as a stopwatch or a countdown timer allow you to make exact time measurements. Some of the best solar powered watches have options to choose among time zones, so it sets the time automatically and makes it very convenient for travelers. In addition to time, it’s very nice if you can see the date on your watch too. One of the functions included on almost every watch is an alarm, or even several of them if you need more than one reminder.

Certain watches have special sensors that detect outside conditions and present them on the display. These include an altimeter, barometer or thermometer. An altimeter will show the altitude of your location, calculated based on your initial position and changes in the atmospheric pressure, measured by the barometer. A thermometer can also be useful in situations when you wish to know air temperature. In addition to these, some watches can help you navigate by allowing you to use a compass built into them.

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The materials used will greatly determine the durability of your new watch and its overall performance. Common choices are stainless steel or resin, because of their exceptional toughness. Some watches even use a combination of the two. While steel is a bit heavier, it can look more elegant and sophisticated. The band will sometimes be made from the same material, whereas other times it will be a different material such as leather or nylon. Every material has its ups and downs, so it’s up to you to decide what will work best for you.


Not having to worry about getting your watch wet is a great benefit that many users look for when purchasing a watch. Some manufacturers go much further than simply splash-proofing their watches and create products that can spend a substantial amount of time underwater without sustaining any damage. These types of water-resistant watches are ideal for people who engage in surface water sports activities on a regular basis.  All the products we featured are waterproof, however, their water-resistance varies with some watches having a water resistance only up to 99 feet and others having a water resistance p to 660 feet. It is important to consider what level of water resistance you require before purchasing a watch.

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Quality and Reliability

We mentioned this when we talked about materials – a high construction quality ensures durability. This is important because a watch isn’t something you buy every day. It needs to be resistant to damage, especially if you’re going to be using it outdoors regularly. Since we’re outdoor enthusiasts, many products we picked are shock resistant and don’t break easily. It’s often worth spending a bit more money on a product because it will pay off in the long run. Besides, quality and comfort shape your user experience.

Some manufacturers have made a name for themselves, and their solar-powered watches are known to be reliable. Of course, there are many options out there, and people continue to work on innovations every day. When you decide to try something new such as a new solar watch, it is useful to do some research before shopping. Reading product reviews and user comments can help you discover what other users had to say about a particular product – whether it lasts a long time, feels nice on their wrist or endures harsh conditions. This way you’ll get a clearer image of the product and will be able to pick out the best solar powered watch for you.



Q: How Do Solar Watches Work?


A light-powered watch has a solar panel built-in behind the crystal, either above or underneath the dial. The solar cells in the panel collect light and convert it into electricity, which is then stored in a battery. This is a very efficient design, so the battery can power your watch even if it wasn’t exposed to light for very long. Besides sunlight, other light sources can charge your watch, but at a different pace. Some people even use a flashlight to give their watch an additional boost. However, the charging will be most efficient on clear sunny days. This aside, solar watches work the same way as regular watches.

Q: What Are the Advantages of a Solar Watch?


The biggest advantage of using a solar watch as opposed to a conventional battery-powered watch is not having to replace the battery. This will give you peace of mind and improve the reliability of your watch because it won’t stop (as long as you don’t keep it in a box for months or years on end). Any substantial light source will do the trick.

Q: Are Solar Watches Waterproof?


While this depends on the product, most solar watches are waterproof. As we pointed out in our Buying Guide, all the products we picked out for you are waterproof. They do have different levels of water resistance (as we discussed in detail a bit earlier), so you should pay attention to the product specifications.

Q: How Do Solar Watches Work at Night?


Solar watches don’t use solar energy to directly power the watch’s movement, but rather use solar energy to charge a battery which supplies the power for the watch. This means the power is stored and serves as a constant source even if your watch is away from any type of light source. Because of this, it operates non-stop – both day and night.

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Solar-powered watches are a step in the right direction for the watch industry. They make things much easier for users because of the increased autonomy of the watch. You can be worry-free and have a reliable and functioning device on our wrist at all times. As you could see, a really wide choice of products finds its place in the solar-powered watch category. It’s up to you to consider the available options and pick a watch best suited to your character. We hope our guide helps you and points you in the right direction. Be free to pick any of the products we mentioned, as you can be certain you’re getting a durable and reliable watch you’ll be happy with!

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