Sledding is a fun winter activity that the whole family can enjoy. But finding the best sled can be challenging because there are a variety of options. Many popular brands have sleds that are suitable for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults. A top rated sled is just as important as your other winter gear. When you are sending your kids down a hill, you want to guarantee they are protected and secure. The best snow sleds will be durable and functional to ensure your child’s safety.

With safety at the forefront, many parents will take the time to scan different products and reviews to find the perfect sleds for kids. To help parents in their search, we have listed below the ten best snow sleds in 2022. These sleds are top-notch and integrate safety as a key feature. With the newest design features, these kid’s sleds will provide exciting family entertainment all winter long.

How To Choose The Best Snow Sled – Buying Guide



Not all sleds are the same. Many snow sleds for kids are categorized into a type, which is based on their design. The most common designs are saucers or discs, toboggan, and runner.

Saucers are also called discs and are designed to be used by a single person. These kid’s sleds are extremely popular because they allow for stunts like spinning. The only downside to the saucer type snow sleds for kids is that they are difficult to control and require you to sit in a cross-legged posture.

Toboggan-style sleds for toddlers and kids are often made of plastic, which makes them more affordable than a traditional wood snow sleigh. Plastic toboggans are durable but can be prone to cracking or breaking. However, a significant upside to a toboggan-style children’s sled is that it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Runner style sleds for adults and kids are the fastest sled designs. The speed is increased because the runner style often includes a steering wheel and brake. Most of these sleds will be made of metal and wood, which give a classic look. However, this type is better used as sleds for adults because the user needs skills to steer and brake. Additionally, the high speeds make it better for use with an adult.


While most people imagine a nice layer of fluffy snow blanketing the hillside, that isn’t always what you encounter at the popular sledding sites. Many hills will quickly become hard-packed snow, which means that you are best using heavy-duty sleds. Durability is a key feature of top-rated sleds for kids. A durable sled should be able to glide through the snow without breaking or cracking.

If you are concerned about how durable a design is, we suggest that you read the sled reviews. Many parents will write sled reviews and comment on how durable a design is and if it is worth the investment.


Comfort is the key to happiness. Sliding down the hill may not always be a cushioned experience, but a comfortable sled should ensure that your kids are thoroughly entertained for repeat runs. The style of the sled will likely determine how comfortable the sled is to use. Large sleds are often the most comfortable because it allows the user to stretch out fully and not cram themselves into a small space.


Like there are different types of sleds, there are also different sizes of sleds. Snow sleds for toddlers will be the smallest sized sleds on the market. These sleds will often fit just one child or maybe the popular saucer design. The best sleds for toddlers and kids will be a bit larger. Many kids will be able to comfortably stretch out on a larger sled and steer their way down the mountain. The best sleds for adults are the largest sleds and often have enough room to fit a parent and child. It will be up to personal preference to determine which size works best for you and your family.


Sledding down the hill is a thrill, but getting back to the top can be exhausting. Fitness trackers for kids can show you how many steps you’ve taken to the top, but that doesn’t make the climb easier. To help kids and parents climb back up, top-rated sleds for kids will be extremely portable. Portability can be determined by the weight of the sled and the features the sled has to make carrying it comfortable. Plastic is an extremely portable design that also can make for the fastest sled. Many snow sleds will also include built-in handles or rope so that you can easily carry it back up to the top of the hill.


The material of a sled will determine the weight. Plastic is the lightest material that also makes a durable sled. However, some children’s sleds are made of wood and metal or a combination of both. Some all-metal designs are still lightweight because they are a single layer. A children’s sled that is made of metal and wood will be the heaviest design. Keep in mind that some snow sleds for adults may be too heavy for a child to use alone safely.


While there are many different shapes of kid’s sleds, the best sleds will feature an ergonomic design, no matter their shape. Ergonomic design can be incorporated into many different shapes of sleds and will ensure that your sled is easy to control and maneuver. However, some shapes have better control than others. The saucer or disc shape kid’s sleds will be harder to control than a toboggan-style snow sleigh.

Inflatable vs. Hardshell

Inflatable and hardshell snow sleds are quite different in their designs. Many inflatable styles will be more like an inner tube than a toboggan or seat. The inflatable models have comfort as their key feature. The air cushions your body against the snow and makes for a gentle ride down the hill. However, hardshell snow sleds are often more durable and are faster. For most parents, a hardshell design is also convenient because it requires no setup. The majority of snow sleds you’ll see used will be hardshell, but the choice is up to you.


Budget is always an important topic for families who are looking for affordable fun. The good news is that many of the top-rated sleds for kids fit an affordable budget. The most affordable sleds will be made of plastic, and the more expensive snow sleds will be made of metal or wood. While plastic is durable, it can break more quickly than a metal and wood model.

Parents will have to consider the budget and how long they want a sled to last. Usually, sleds that are made of metal and wood are more expensive, but they will also last long. Plastic sleds are incredibly affordable, but they may only last one winter before they break. Consider the durability of a design and whether the price is worth the investment.



Q: Are sleds safe?


Yes. Parents put their kids’ safety at the forefront. From how you dress your kids in winter to the sled they use, you want to be sure they are safe. The best sleds will be made by companies who take children’s safety and put it as their top priority. Many designs have enhanced safety, which makes them ideal for use as a baby sled or children’s sled. Safe sleds should have features like handles and rope incorporated into their design, which ensures your child can hold on. However, if you’re concerned about safety, read sled reviews to determine whether a design is kid-friendly and safe.

Q: How to go faster on a sled?


Some sleds are faster than others, based solely on the design. Runner style sleds are the fastest sled models because of their unique features. However, many kids also use a minimalistic design like a saucer or plastic toboggan. While most material has been treated to be fast on the snow, you may consider using ski and snowboard wax to go faster. A layer of wax can reduce the friction of the sled on the snow and let your kids get the speed they want. But be cautious as speed can be dangerous. Consider faster speeds for older children.

Q: How to clean and store a sled?


Many sleds are made of durable materials that can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. However, for specific cleaning instructions, refer to the brand’s manual or user guide. The best way to store your sled is fully dry and in a covered location that doesn’t expose the material to the sun.

Q: Can I use my sled in powder snow?


Yes. The best snow sleds for kids should be able to pick up speed in any snow condition. However, some styles are better than others for powder snow conditions. Runner style sleds will easily navigate the powder and pick up speed, but they aren’t the best for kids riding solo. For a safer option, consider a toboggan-style for your child. A toboggan should be able to glide through powder snow and is safe for kids to use without an adult onboard.

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Staying active in winter is challenging because the cold often drives people inside. But sledding is a great activity that can encourage your family to break out the cold weather gear and have some fun in the powder. Sledding can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their age. The most efficient snow sled will be durable, lightweight, and easy to use so that your kids are eager to get out in the snow and race down the hill.

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