While smartphone technology has come a long way in recent years, we all know the battery life has not kept up. If you want to keep your devices powered when on the go while you’re nowhere near a power outlet, you need to bring along the best portable charger. 

To help you find the best portable power bank you can always count on, we’ve reviewed the 10 best portable chargers and power banks on the market right now. Whether you’re looking to top up your phone while out and about or want the ability to power multiple devices while on a multi-day trip, our list of the best portable chargers has something for you.

It’s no surprise that Anker and RAVPower dominate this top 10 list; Not only is their combination of weight and power output up there at the top of the pile, their build quality and reliability is second to none. They also have options which include quick-charge USB ports for devices which are compatible with this charging format.

Portable chargers are an absolute necessity for anyone who travels to remote areas and needs to keep their tech alive throughout their trip. How else are you going to charge your phone, GoPro, drone batteries, camera? Just make sure you have all the right cables with you!

Remember that the higher the capacity of the charger the longer it will take to charge it before your trip. The largest models may have dual input sockets to cut down the charging time but they will still take several hours to fully charge from empty. Make sure you take this into account, especially if you need to recharge during a brief lunch stop or a single night in a hostel during a longer trip.

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How To Choose A Portable Charger – Buying Guide

Intended Use

When choosing the best power bank, having the intended use in mind is important if you want to make the right choice. The first thing to think about is what type of devices you will be charging. This will ensure you get a charger that’s compatible with your devices and equipped with the ports you need. The kind of situations you will be using the external battery pack in will also dictate what kind of external battery pack will suit your needs best. 

Power Capacity 


The milliamps hours (mAh) power rating is a good indication of the amount of power or hours of battery life a power bank can hold and provide. The best portable chargers on our list have battery capacities ranging from 3150 to 26800 mAh. The smallest power banks can charge a smartphone once, while the best portable chargers can charge multiple devices on a single charge.

Charging Technology

You’ll get optimal performance only if your portable charger supports the fast-charging standards in your devices. The two fast charging technologies are USB Power Delivery (PD) and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge (QC). Wireless charging technology allows you to charge compatible devices without a cable while pass-through capability allows you to charge your power bank while using it to charge your device.  


Portable chargers for phones and other devices should be built tough to stand up to the rigors of everyday carry, airline travel, and outdoor use. Make sure the best portable charger you choose is built using high-quality materials and battery cells. If you’re planning a camping trip, you need a rugged, shock, dirt, and weather-resistant device.  


Since you will be using your power bank on the go, size and weight are important considerations. There are pocket-size portable phone chargers for everyday carry and bulky external battery packs with a colossal capacity for longer camping trips. 10000mAh is the sweet spot for portability without sacrificing capacity. For airline travel, portable chargers and power banks should have a wH equal to or less than 100 (wH = (mAh x V) / 1000).



Q: Will Charging the Battery with a Power Bank Damage the Battery?

No, a power bank will not ruin your cell phone or device’s battery. Portable chargers and power banks are designed to discharge power according to your device’s voltage requirements. The best portable chargers are also equipped with safety features such as overvoltage and overcurrent protection.    

Q: Are External Battery Chargers Allowed on a Plane?

Yes, external battery chargers with a wH rating of 100 or less are allowed on planes. You can only bring it in your carry-on luggage though. Airlines don’t allow power banks in checked luggage, as lithium batteries are a fire hazard. To determine your charger’s watt-hours rating, the formula is (mAh x V) / 1000.

Q: What Charges the Portable Charger Itself?

Portable chargers have input ports and come with a USB-C or micro-USB cable. The quickest way to charge the power bank itself is to connect the provided USB cable to a plug and plug it into a wall outlet. You can also hook the portable charger into a device like a laptop. 

Q: Is it Safe to Leave the Portable Charger in a Hot Place?


No, it isn’t safe to leave the portable charger in a hot place. Hot temperatures can damage the delicate electronic components inside and ruin the battery. To ensure your portable charger will last many charging cycles with optimum performance, it’s best to always store it in a cool, dry location.

Q: Will the Battery Life Drain with Time?


Yes, the battery life will degrade over time. Even though this is the case, the best external battery chargers are equipped with strong batteries that can last hundreds of charging cycles at their optimum capacity. With proper care, such chargers can offer years of service and still perform well beyond their stated lifespan.

Q: Can You Charge a Laptop with a USB Port?


Yes, a laptop or a MacBook with a USB C charging port can be charged with a USB type C port and charging cable. USB C ports and cables are capable of delivering enough power to charge a laptop. Most laptops can’t be charged via USB though, as they only have a regular charging port. 

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Whether you’re on a vacation, on a camping adventure, or just out and about, the best portable charger is one of the essential devices to have. Investing in the best portable charger will allow you to go on day-long trips or even extended vacations without ever having to worry about running out of power. You can’t go wrong with any of the best portable chargers and power banks on our portable charger reviews list.

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