Whether you are going on a camping trip, backpacking or traveling, you always want a strong enough backpack to carry your personal belongings. Be it outdoor gear or clothing, your backpack has to be durable and made of high quality materials to survive the expeditions. And the eye-catcher – affordably priced!

Osprey backpacks are a great option. They are fabricated with as much versatility as they are durable thus, making them ideal for the outdoors and frequent travelers. Furthermore, the unique features that each unit carries mean that you are absolutely guaranteed to find one that meets your preferences.

Listed below are the 10 best Osprey backpacks in 2022 – each outlining why they made the cut. The choice is all yours to go for which one appeals most to you.

How To Choose An Osprey Backpack – Buying Guide



It is important to consider the size when choosing the best Osprey pack to invest in. As a brand, Osprey customizes the sizes of their backpacks to ensure they fit well. Thus, the brand has created its own sizing guide to help you choose the right backpack size for a perfect fit.

The sizing and fitting guide works by providing the length between the top of the hip bone at the side of your body (iliac crest) and neck bone base (C7 vertebra) where you put your neck down. Additionally, because our body types differ when it comes to gender, the guide also provides specific sizing for men, women and unisex backpacks.

Below is an example of the sizing guide based on the Xenith Men’s Osprey backpack, Xena Osprey womens backpack, Escapist unisex Osprey backpack and Jet 12 kid’s Osprey backpack (age 5+)designs. With the sizing guide below, however, you should note that each version of the Osprey backpack comes with varied sizing based on its fabrication design.

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Torso sizing Men Women Unisex Kids
15” XS 0/S
16” S XS/S S/M 0/S
17” S XS/S S/M 0/S
18” M S/M S/M or M/L 0/S

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When choosing the best osprey pack to invest in style is important to consider. Are you looking to invest in osprey daypacks? Travel packs? Or something a little more versatile? A good versatile backpack will feature just the right sizing and functional designs. Generous storage space with compartmentalized pockets for organizing makes it easier for your packing.

Additional features such as padded laptop sleeves also add value to the bag. This means that you can easily pack the bag and use it as an everyday work or college bag, travel bag or even a sports bag for outdoor activities such as camping. Smaller bags such as the sling or Ultralight stuff are great a day packs for shorter trips and day activities.

When engaged in high energy activities or extreme outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, cycling, and similar activities, the best Osprey packs to go for are those with added features such as stowaway trekking pole attachments, ice tool attachment, helmet carriers and hydration packs – so you can easily carry all your necessities in one comfortable pack.

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Osprey backpacks feature quite a multifunctional quality. It all depends on the style and design you go for. Typically, you can Osprey bags for a range of outdoor activities spanning from hiking, backpacking, camping to fishing. The daypacks can also be used for shorter trips and activities or even for travel and everyday carrying.

You can even pair them for example, get a larger 40L backpack for your hiking trip and pair it with a smaller daypack for your summiting day, so you don’t have to haul around a lot of weight to the summit.


Durability is a very important feature to consider when choosing the best osprey backpack to purchase. Material is the first feature to examine and scrutinize to determine the durability of your backpack. You want the material to be tough and rugged enough to withstand the harsh nature of the outdoors as well as travel. Because you are hauling different types of gear and items, the material also needs to be able to withstand this.  Typically, the material should be wear and tear resistant and weather resistant.

The construction is also another important feature to consider. Examine the strength of the straps, zippers, and buckles. Bags that come with added beneficial features such as compression straps help to balance and secure the loads thus, reducing strain on the bag and therefore enhancing longevity.

Going through the Osprey backpack review by customers also helps you to understand more about the quality and performance of that specific backpack. All and all, the care and maintenance you provide for your bag also highly affects its durability. If you follow all the manufacturer’s care and maintenance guide as well as treat the bag with extra care, it is definitely going to last longer.


The majority of Osprey packs feature a nylon construction. Nylon is known to be exceptionally strong and resistant to abrasions and rough environments. Furthermore, nylon is great at keeping shape, moisture absorption, resistant to chemicals and extremely easy to clean.

Depending on the intended functions of the backpacks, different osprey backpacks feature different nylon material strengths and fabrication. Industrial nylon is used for its fabrication and normally denoted by Dernier (D). The higher the value, the thicker and stronger it is.

Heavy-duty backpacks tend to have thicker and stronger nylon fabrication. This, however, doesn’t mean that lighter bags don’t. You can find a very good Osprey daypack with a strong 210D nylon fabrication which gives it exceptionally tough finish.

Other backpacks are constructed with nylon ripstop or polyester. Nylon ripstop is lightweight with interwoven ripstop reinforced stitching which gives it a tough finish – even if it rips, he rip does not spread. Polyester on the other end is also a favored fabric because of its equally sturdy, shape holding, moisture-wicking, and quick drying qualities.

Color And Design

Osprey backpacks come in a range of color options and designs to choose from depending on your preferences – whether you are looking for bold everyday colors or subtle colors suited for the outdoors. A good hiking backpack for example comes is hydration compatible and comes fitted with attachment such as trekking pole loops to accommodate your gear.

A daypack that can double as both your office/college bag and for day activities comes with features such as internal padded laptop sleeves to add functionality. Also, depending on the nature of the environment you are in, so you can choose if you want a top loading or panel loading backpack. Backpack designs also give you a choice of pocket designs and quantity to allow you to properly organize your belongings. Additional, feature such as harness and rain cover jackets helps to waterproof your bag and protect your belongings from theft or damage.


Proper fit is the number one feature to look at for all-day guaranteed comfort. This brings us to the point of – Osprey womens daypacks, osprey mens backpacks, etc.  Considering gender specific backpacks elevates the likelihood of finding a form fitting backpack which enhances comfort. This is because the Osprey brand designs heir gender specific bags according to the body types of the gender.

Furthermore, especially for travel, hiking or backpacking packs, specially designed suspension systems help to balance your load weight. Additional features such as hip belts and padded straps add comfort as you move around to carry the backpack for longer periods. For smaller osprey packs such as the sling, the easy of maneuverability to help access your belongings also makes it more comfortable for you.

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Especially if you plan on using them in the outdoors, the best Osprey packs should be waterproof. Look for backpacks that come with rain covers or cloth harness to repel rain in case it does rain in the outdoors. You definitely don’t want to risk your gear from getting wet. However, for Osprey packs that are not waterproof. You can easily waterproof them for when you are using them in the outdoors to keep your gear safe.



Q: Why Choose Osprey Brand?

The Osprey brand comes with several benefits that make it worth investing in them. Some of the key benefits that come with choosing the brand include;
  • A renowned brand with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality apparel and gear.
  • Guaranteed high-quality and durable outdoor apparel and gear
  • Lifetime guarantee that allows you to return any edition of the brand's bag for repair, even if you purchased the unit back in 1974 when the company had just opened.
  • Gender specific backpack manufacturer for perfect form fitting comfort
  • Affordable prices that cater to all types of customers
  • The backpacks are vegan, using only synthetic products to manufacture their bags
  • The brand incorporates the comfort concept in all its backpacks to ensure each unit is comfortable to carry
  • Osprey backpacks tend to be ultra thin and lightweight compared to many other brands

Q: What Is Osprey Guarantee?


The Osprey brand features a generous guarantee policy known as the All Mighty Guarantee. The repair policy is in effect for the entire life of your Osprey brand product. This means that your Osprey product will be repaired by the brand at no extra cost and restore to its normal functional state. The guarantee policy covers all products – no matter the manufacture date. Thus, this means that the brand will repair even a backpack from 1974.

Q: How To Properly Care For An Osprey Backpack?


There are several steps and ways to follow when caring for your backpack to enhance longevity and keep them clean at all times. As a standard measure, always clean your backpack thoroughly after each trip. Use a mild detergent, warm water, and a soft brush to clean zippers and to remove any residues that may prevent them from working efficiently.

Additionally, make soft brushing strokes to clean the fabric, webbing, and mesh to help remove dirt, sweat, and any stains. Loosen the straps and hand dry in a well-ventilated area under sunlight. Never use a wet backpack. Before cleaning the backpack, remove articles such as harness and hip belts (if removable). Never use a washer or dry machine because the heat and spinning speed is definitely bound to damage the bag.

If you own an Osprey backpack with a fitted hydration reservoir, you should also remember to periodically clean out the reservoir. If you use the reservoir with other drinks other than water, especially sugar based or flavored drinks, always rinse out the reservoir after each use.

To thoroughly clean your reservoir, fill it with warm water and mild detergent. Use a large brush to smoothly scrub the interior of the reservoir. Do the latter with a smaller brush to clean the reservoir's hose. Rinse well and hang dry in a well-ventilated area.

To keep your reservoir always clean, fresh and without delivering strange beverage tastes, periodically use cleaning tablets to clean it out. Add warm water (not boiling) to the reservoir and dissolve one cleaning tablet. And let sit for 5 minutes. Shake the contents for at least 30 seconds and rinse with clean water. Then proceed to clean your reservoir as directed above.

You are free to refrigerate your reservoir ahead of your trip, just avoid overfilling it. Never add boiling water to the reservoir because this risks damage and will definitely void your lifetime warranty.

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The Osprey backpack reviews provide a useful avenue for choosing the best backpack. These gems by Osprey prove to offer cost-effective versatility whether you are using them for outdoor activities such as hiking and backpacking, traveling or as an everyday backpack. Combine their durable construction, quality, unbeatable sizing perfection comfort, and undisputed lifetime guarantee and you have an invaluable investment.

The buying guide above also provides a clear guideline on how to choose the best Osprey backpack that meets your needs and preferences. And what better place to being with to choose the best option for you than the list of the best Osprey backpacks above?!

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