Backpacks are one of the best gear items that you can invest in. Backpacks are great at carrying all of your gear, whether you are on the rugged trails or the urban streets. Backpacks make it convenient to carry your gear, so you aren’t struggling trying to juggle it all. There are many different backpack designs on the market, but one of the most popular brands that people consistently choose is by the company The North Face.

North Face is a company that has worked for over 50 years to excel at outdoor gear designs. The company produces a variety of outdoor products from clothing, jackets, footwear, equipment, and backpacks! The North Face has a variety of backpack designs for urban explorers, jet set travelers, and outdoor adventurers. No matter where you want to go and what you want to do, The North Face has a backpack for you from travel backpacks to hiking backpacks.

The North Face offers durable backpacks that have all the best details and features. With one of the Best North Face Backpacks in 2020, you’ll be happy to bring along your gear, no matter the occasion.

How To Choose A North Face Backpack – Buying Guide


When it comes to choosing a North Face backpack, you’ll have to worry less about the quality and more about specific designs and features. North Face always delivers high quality gear that is made of premium materials, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the durability of your backpack.

However, there are different types of backpacks for different people and you want to find the best North Face backpack for you. As well, there are a variety of sizes for you to choose from. Depending on how much you need to carry, the design of the straps and padding may be important to you.

Here, we have a guide that helps you find the perfect North Face backpack for you. You can determine what features would best suit your needs and find some answers to a few frequently asked questions.


There are many different types of backpacks that North Face designs. The types of backpacks will strongly correlate to how you plan to use it. Some backpacks are best used for carrying daily gear, like electronics, in the city or for travel. Other backpacks can be easily used as a daypack when hiking. There are also backpacking backpacks and duffel backpacks for plane travel.

You should choose the type of backpack based on the gear you would like to carry and where you would like to go. It would be silly to invest in a backpack that you feel wasn’t perfect. It is also important to take into consideration the materials used for your backpack. While every North Face backpack is made of high-quality materials, you may choose one material that is lighter than another material. Often, the backpacks will be made of synthetic materials, but the thickness of the material can help you determine what you need. A thinner nylon backpack for the city may suit you better than a thicker nylon backpack for the trail. As well, The North Face has a few backpacks that are water resistant. The material used for these backpacks is thicker and has a plastic feel for the finish.

Different types of backpack also have different openings. The North Face offers backpacks that have the traditional zipper opening along the top, but they also have backpacks with a roll top closure and hidden zipper openings.

You should also consider if you need a men’s, women’s, or unisex backpack. Generally, anyone can use a backpack, but North Face has some design features that best mold to different sized and built torsos. If you are looking for a daily use backpack, this may not be as important. However, backpacking backpacks often need to be matched based on gender because it can make carrying your gear easier. For women, there may be sleeker designs that can minimize the bulk of their gear.

With all the designs and options, North Face should have a backpack that you love. Top rated North Face backpacks are an investment because they are a pricier option on the market. However, because of their durability and the company’s Lifetime Guarantee, they continue to be a popular choice. You’ll be happier in the long run by choosing the correct type of The North Face backpack that you need.


The capacity of backpacks is measured in liters. This means that The North Face backpack should state how many liters the design will hold. North Face offers a large variety of liters, which changes the size of your backpack and the capacity of gear that it can hold.

You can find smaller sized North Face backpacks that are 12 liters and will easily fit a small computer or tablet, along with a few notebooks. Other backpacks come in a more standard size of 20-25 liters, so that you can use them as a daypack on the trail. A larger sized backpack with a 35-40 liter capacity would fit all your gear necessary for a few nights out on the trail. For backpackers, they have designs that are 65 liters or larger.

It is important that you determine how much gear you are planning to carry and where, so that you can choose the correct size of backpack for your needs. The size of a backpack is important because it can change the fit of the backpack. You want to be able to comfortably carry your gear without and overwhelming struggle. You should ensure that the backpack will fit you well and isn’t too big of a size for you to carry. If you need more specific help in determining the size and fit of your backpack, especially if there are hip belts and adjustment straps, check out our article and use it as a guide.


North Face excels at ergonomics. Their process of design and testing their backpacks, ensures that their backpacks fit the people who use them. The North Face looks at how people use their backpacks and the feedback they give to enhance future designs. The North Face looks at a variety of environments from the city streets to the rugged trails, to construct designs that function and deliver high performances.

North Face wants to ensure that you are comfortable in your environment and have the proper backpack to carry your gear. Every backpack design by North Face has been reviewed and tested in the real world to ensure that you are getting the best ergonomic designs.

Ideally, an ergonomic backpack would make carrying your heavy gear easier on your body. Backpacks often have chest straps, padded shoulder straps, and possibly a hip belt to help evenly distribute the weight and keep it snug to your body, so that you have easier movement. We have a guide on how to pack your backpack, which can make it even more ergonomically efficient for you.


Everyone wants the perfect backpack that can be used for everything, but the reality is that with all the different activities, having one backpack may not be the best choice. You should consider how you want to use your backpack because it can affect the type and size/capacity of backpack that you need.

However, the good news is that you may be able to get a common sized backpack, with would be about 20-25 liters and find many different uses. A backpack that is 20-25 liters could be used to carry your electronics to work, class, or around the city. It can also be used as a daypack on the trail. However, if you want a slimmer backpack just for your electronics, it would be best to invest in a 12 liter backpack.

The one time that you don’t want a backpack to have universal uses is if you are backpacking. When you are backpacking you are carrying a lot of gear, so you shouldn’t try to use a smaller backpack and forgo any of your gear. However, the good news is that for whatever you want to do, you can find a backpack design for you.

North Face ensures that they offer many different designs that have all different kinds of use, so that everyone can find a backpack they love.


There are many, many different The North Face backpack designs. The Original North Face backpack designs remain a popular choice for general use. However, new North Face backpack designs often have sleek exteriors and hidden zippers. Many of the backpacks are extremely attractive in their design, which makes their user happy.

As well, many designs are chock full of features and have comfort in mind. There are also designs that are water resistant. You should be able to find a design that you like the style and how it functions.

All North Face backpacks have been designed and re-designed to be better throughout the years. All designs are top rated and make for an excellent backpack. With The North Face, you are investing in a design that has been vigorously tried and tested, as well as delivers a consistent premium performance for its users.


The last thing anyone wants is to have to use something heavy to carry their gear. The weight of gear can add up, so a heavy backpack can make carrying it all together an unnecessary struggle. North Face designs all their backpacks so that they are lightweight. A lightweight backpack means that you can easily carry your gear without a struggle.

While a backpack ideally would weigh nothing, it has to weigh something in order for it to carry your gear. North Face used premium materials to ensure that your backpack is durable enough to withstand being taken everywhere, but light enough that you won’t notice any added pounds. By investing in a lightweight backpack, you are ensuring that the weight you carry goes to the important things; your gear.

Pockets and Compartments

The design of the pockets and compartment is where a backpack can get crazy because there are so many options. In pockets alone, there are many places that little stash compartments can be placed on your backpack. Most likely, everyone wants a few pockets to keep their gear organized, but some backpacks are all about pockets in their design.

Most backpack designs will have both interior and exterior pockets. Interior pockets may be used to organize a compartment and cannot be accessed without opening the backpack. Exterior pockets can be placed anywhere. Literally anywhere. There are pockets that can be in the straps, on the top of the backpack, on the front face of the backpack, on the side of the backpack, and even hidden pockets in the design. How many pockets the backpack has is up to you to decide. Some people like have a large variety of pockets that they can use to organize their gear. Others just want a just exterior pockets for quick access.

As well, just like having multiple pockets, a backpack can have multiple compartments. Every backpack will have one main compartment, but some backpacks have two main compartments that each have their own zipper closure or there is a main compartment and a smaller, second compartment. Again, it is up to personal preference how many compartments you want and need for your backpack. Popular North Face backpacks often have just one compartment and then pockets for organization, but there are designs with multiple compartments too.


The straps of most North Face backpacks are built tough and durable. There are different strap shapes, but all are padded to ensure you are comfortable. well, the straps should be adjustable so you can change the height at which your backpack rests against you. There will always be two shoulder straps, which is what makes it a backpack, but there may be additional straps too.

Some backpack designs have a chest strap or a hip strap/belt that can be used to secure the backpack and weight, snug to your body. These straps should also be fully adjustable to ensure the backpack can be used by a variety of people.

The straps may not be the most important aspect of the backpack’s design, but it is important enough to consider because you want to be comfortable. You should ensure that, when wearing your backpack, the straps aren’t digging in or causing any discomfort to you. Plus, many North Face backpack designs have straps that can be removed or added to the backpack. This gives you the option to use them or not, which can be great if you typically prefer to not have them attached, but they can help for the rare heavier load.


Most backpacks will have some padding to keep you comfortable. Padding can be added to the straps and the back of the backpack, so that when it rests against you, you don’t get poked by any of your gear. The padding also gives your gear protection as you lug your backpack around.

Padding does add weight, but you don’t need must to add comfort and protection. Even light padding can add to your level of comfort and keep your gear safe. Most backpacks will have some form of padding and backpacking backpacks will have a lot of padding because of the weight they carry.


Your backpack may have additional features in the design that would be helpful to you. From storing water bottles, to internal organizers, and even headphone ports, there may be an extra feature that you can benefit from. One of the most common added features in backpacks is an interior laptop sleeve. This sleeve is often padded and sewn in to the backpack, ensuring that other gear won’t push your laptop around as you move.

Other backpacks will have tablet sleeves or internal organizers that can be used for water bladders too. Different features may be extra or hidden pockets to stash your gear safely. Ultimately, the features of a backpack will help you determine how useful it is for you.



Q: Why choose a North Face backpack?


When you choose a North Face backpack, you are investing in a top rated design that is made of high quality materials and consistently delivers a premium performance. Other backpack brands may be attractive, but one reason why The North Face is so popular is because they work hard on every backpack design to ensure it is ergonomic and durable.

The North Face also ensures a Lifetime Guarantee for their backpack and free returns. By investing in a North Face backpack, you aren’t just getting a quality design, but are investing in a quality company that strives to make every customer happy. Customer feedback is important for North Face because your satisfaction can help enhance the next backpack designs.

Q: Are North Face backpacks good for hiking and backpacking?


Yes. While not every backpack will suit hiking and backpacking, North Face has a series of backpack designs that are excellent for outdoor use to carry your gear. The company has a variety of ventilated backpacks that can be used for short day hikes or weeks on the trail. If you are curious how ventilated backpacks work and if you need one, consider how hot you can get hiking. The movement of air can keep you cool and most North Face backpacks are ventilated to ensure deliver comfortability, quality, and durability to every user.

Q: What makes The North Face backpacks unique?


North Face backpacks are unique because they are designed specifically with their users in mind. North Face tests their products and values the reviews and feedback, so that in future designs they can make their products even better.

With North Face, you aren’t investing in just a backpack. Instead, you are getting high quality with a premium design that has unique styles, designs, and colors. North Face makes backpacks that are both attractive and functional, so you can feel confident when carrying around your gear.

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North Face is an excellent brand with investment worthy backpacks. Their backpacks will make you happy, stylish, and comfortable when carrying your gear. It is important that you choose a backpack that suits your needs and with North Face’s various designs, you should be able to find a perfect one for you. The best North Face backpack will be your companion for years to come on any adventure you wish to go on.

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