Some people love the adventure of being out there on a motorbike and some people love the adventure of camping, putting the two together only seems natural. Getting the best motorcycle tent is a great way to have a brilliant time journeying through the great outdoors.

But in order to get the best motorcycle tent, there is plenty to consider with size and weight being key issues. After that, you also have to bear in mind the amount of storage space you’re going to have and the sleeping arrangements.

Here we will look at those key issues and see how important they are. We have also completed motorcycle tent reviews on the best products you can get. After you have finished reading, you’ll be able to get the perfect tent for you and start your adventure.

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Tent – Buying Guide



The size of your tent is going to be very important in determining how much space you have and where you are going to be able to place all of your gear. These tents naturally can’t be too big as they still have to remain highly portable and light.

When considering the size there are three main aspects that you need to take into account. They are where you are going to sleep, where you are going to store your bike and where you are going to be able to place all of your gear.

When you are buying any tent it’s important not to just think about the number of people that could potentially sleep there are you still need a space to be able to place your things. Your tent has to be big enough to cover everything that you need.

If you are going on a motorcycling trip when it’s likely that you will only need to sleep one or two people. In terms of this, you want to look for a tent that either sleeps more people so you have extra floor space or has specific storage areas.

Storage Space

As we mentioned there, storage space is going to be important. Not only do you have the biking gear that you have to store but also any camping equipment too. This means that a biking tent would likely need more storage available than your average tent.

Some of these tents will have a specific section for this where you are able to place your equipment which will be separate from your sleeping space. Others will simply have a large sleeping area where you will be able to place your gear.

One key area of the storage space is where you are going to place your bike and there are three options for this. One option that we see is to be able to completely cover your bike and have a full level of protection which is sure to keep it dry.

Another option is the extendable rain covers, where there will be a roof over the bike but the sides will be exposed and the other option is to have the bike out in the open and get a tent which has a specific segment for your biking gear.

Sleeping Arrangements

If you’re on a biking trip then it’s unlikely that your tent is going to need to sleep more people unless you are carrying it for you and other riders. In any camping situation it’s important to know just how many people are going to be sleeping there.

As we mentioned before, you always need to keep the amount of gear that you have in mind. A ‘4 person’ tent that doesn’t have any room for storage isn’t going to be able to sleep four bikers who are camping unless you wanted to keep all of your equipment outside.

Due to those facts, you need to plan ahead and make sure that you are going to have enough room for everything. A lot of companies will show you a floor plan of how you are able to get everyone to sleep in the tent.

If you don’t have this then you would always be able to trace out the internal floor space. This will help you to plan better and work it all out. In reality, when a company says a tent can sleep X amount of people then it means how many people can lie on the floor and doesn’t take into account anything that you might be carrying with you.

With that in mind, if you want the tent to sleep to people, for example, then you would want to look at a two person tent with a storage space or a standard tent that can sleep three or more, that way you’d know everything will be covered.


The weight of the tent is going to be a key issue as you obviously want it to be as portable as possible. Not only do you not want it to weigh a lot but you will also want to make sure that it is packed away into a small size.

Most of these tents are going to be very easy to carry and take with you wherever you need to go. When it comes to materials, fiberglass is going to be a lighter option than aluminum but it is not going to be able to have quite the same level of strength.

With camping equipment there often comes a balance between weight and durability and you want to make sure that your tent is going to have all the other key features that it needs as well as not being too heavy for you.

A large part of this depends on how it is going to be transported and how you are going to carry it. It’s important to bear these things in mind before you decide to get a motorcycle tent so that you are not left disappointed when it comes to going on your trip.

Water & Wind Resistance

Weather resistance is an important aspect of any tent as you want to ensure that you are going to be able to stay comfortable and dry. One key element of that is the rainfly which is the cover that goes over your tent.

This will be able to prevent any water from hitting the tent and will reduce the possibility of any water forming inside. Another part of this waterproofing is having a bathtub floor which will help to protect you from any groundwater.

A bathtub floor is where the durable waterproof floor will extend up the sides for a few inches to give you a better level of protection. In terms of windproofing, this is simply a case of making sure that your tent is going to be strong and durable.

Fiberglass frames are going to be very good at being able to resist the pressure from the wind but they are not going to be able to give you the same level of protection as an aluminum frame but this will be a slightly heavier option.


Ventilation is key in a tent for two key reasons. Firstly is how hot and humid a tent can get, everyone sweats and if there is nowhere for that sweat to go then it will start to make the tent very hot and humid, and therefore very uncomfortable.

You also want there to be a good airflow of oxygen that will help to keep it fresh and comfortable when you are in the tent. This is going to be especially important in hot conditions where these problems can be intensified.

One key way to get any ventilation through a tent is through the windows and doors. It’s important that there are going to be enough space for the air to flow through and into the tent. Mesh is a great way to be able to keep the insects out but let that fresh air in.

Having a breathable tent material is going to be important too and both nylon and polyester are good at being able to do that. Ventilation is also more important when there are more people sleeping in the tent as well.


Q: What Is A Motorcycle Tent?

A: A motorcycle tent is simply a tent that is going to be made to fit your needs as a motorcyclist. There is obviously the bike to think about but also any additional gear that you might have and you need to make sure the tent you’re in can facilitate this.Most of these tents will have a specific space to be able to store your motorcycle and that will either be by full coverage or by having a roof that will be able to cover the bike. There should also be a suitable space for your biking gear too which is another important part of these tents.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Motorcycle Tent?

A: The reason a motorcycle tent is going to be very useful to you is that it is specifically designed with the biker in mind. This is going to be able to make your life easier as you don’t have to worry about where to be able to put your bike and your things.A motorcycle tent is going to help to keep you and your bike dry on your adventure. The ones that offer full coverage for your bike are also going to be able to offer you a space to work on it and almost have your own personal garage away from home.

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Regular And Motorcycle Camping Tent?

A: If a regular camping tent was marketed as a two person tent then there would be room for two people to lie down and not a lot more. A two person biking tent on the other hand would have to worry about a lot more than that.One thing that marks these tents out when compared to the others is the large space they will have to keep your bike safe and dry. It’s an aspect that you simply wouldn’t have with regular tents and instead have to worry about leaving it outside and getting a rain cover.

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If you have a motorcycle and want to go on a camping adventure then having the best motorcycle camping tent is going to allow you to do just that. They are going to give you more than enough space while also ensuring that everything that you’re bringing with you is going to be safe and protected.

Before buying one of these tents, it’s important to consider the size of the tent and just how much you need. Generally the bigger the tent, the more it is going to weigh and therefore these two aspects have to be balanced and a compromise needs to be found.

When going on such a trip it’s important to plan ahead and know exactly where you are going to be putting everything and who is going to be sleeping where. Once you have done this, you’ll have a much better picture on exactly what type of tent you are going to need.

After that, then it’s important to think about the other key features. One of them is working out whether you are happy with your bike to be partially covered from the top or whether you want it to have full coverage. Weatherproofing, ease of use and installation are also going to be important points to consider.

Hopefully this guide has given you all the information that you need in order to choose the best motorcycle camping tent for you. Once you have, you’ll be able to combine the adventure of going on a bike with the adventure of camping and enjoy a wonderful experience in the great outdoors.

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