When summer comes, it’s hard to resist throwing your clothes off and going for a dip. Whether it’s the pool or the beach, you’re going to need a swimsuit. Because swim briefs tend to be uncomfortable, most of us go for a more relaxed alternative – swim trunks.

Whether you plan to splash around all day or simply lounge while enjoying your drink, swimming trunks for men feel fantastic to wear. Their stylish design resembles standard shorts, so you can even use them for sports and casual summer activities too.

With so many great models available, it seems hard to decide on a pair that will look and feel best on you. To help you make your choice, we’ve researched and compiled a list of top rated swim shorts for men. And, if you want to learn what the best swim shorts for men are all about, don’t forget to check our buying guide below.

How To Choose Men’s Swim Trunks – Buying Guide


In the summertime, swim trunks are among the most enjoyable clothing pieces that you can wear. The secret is in the comfort – swimming trunks are lightweight, breathable, and great for pretty much any water activity.

All the top rated swim shorts for men have two things in common – material quality and great style. Read on to learn more about how to find the perfect swimming trunks for men.

Stylish Design and Colorful Patterns

Looking good on the beach is important for most of us, and men’s swimsuits have a big role to play. As you’ve had the chance to see, there is a plethora of different colors and crazy designs to choose from.

Besides the beach, swim trunks are also great for more casual summer use. A more relaxed model can be used for sports or around the yard, while sleek swimming shorts in navy or black look great with a polo shirt and flip-flops.

Fit and Comfort while Wearing

Proper fit is the most important aspect when choosing swim trunks for men – it directly determines how comfortable the swim trunks are. For this reason, pay close attention to the model size and do some measuring before you order. 

Models that are too tight will be restrictive and limit your movement (not to mention the chance of tearing), while swimming trunks that are too large will constantly get in the way.

Another aspect worth considering is the closure of your new shorts. Most models either have an elastic waistband or use a drawstring for tightening your trunks. Some swimming trunks for men come with both, giving you a balance between adjustability and comfort.

An alternative to this is a snap-button closure. While this might seem convenient to use, it lacks the adjustability that a drawstring provides.

Size (Length and Waist)

When discussing size, two aspects come into play – waist circumference and length. Before ordering, you should measure your waist so you’ll know to order the right size.

Most men’s swimsuits range from 28 to 42 inches, meaning there’s a size for everyone. Still, even if the trunks you choose are highly adjustable, getting the right waist will significantly improve comfort.

As for the length, it’s ideal if the shorts sit a couple of inches above your knee. Most swimming trunks for men are about this long, because it’s the most flattering design regardless of how tall you are.

Drying Time

How fast your swim trunks dry depends not only on the climate you live in, but also on the fabric. While almost all models are made of synthetics, polyester is the most breathable and dries fastest. Also, some swimming trunks come with a layer of water-resistant coating on top which prevents the fabric from soaking completely.

There are several benefits of choosing a quick-drying material – you won’t sit in a puddle, you won’t leave stains on cushions when you sit, and it significantly reduces chafing.

Durability On The Beach Or Pool

Whether you wear them to the beach or pool, your new swimming trunks are going to be exposed to harsh elements. UV rays, saltwater, and pool chlorine will all contribute to the deterioration of a lower-quality swim trunk. For this reason, you should be very careful when choosing.

However, it’s not only about the material – top rated swim shorts for men come with high-quality reinforced seams that will prevent rips and tears. Lastly, men’s swimsuits should also have high-quality zippers and Velcro on the pockets.

Materials and Construction Quality

Modern swim trunks are usually made of synthetic materials because they are lighter and dry faster. For this reason, polyester, nylon, and polyamide are usually the best options for swim trunks for men. While natural materials like cotton may be comfy, they are not the best choice because they take much longer to dry.

Performance In And Out Of The Water

Overall performance comes as a result of all the factors we discussed above. The best men’s swim trunks should feel comfy both when catching a tan and when snorkeling, diving, and splashing around. On top of this, top rated swim shorts for men need to rise up to the highest quality standards, so you can use them for several seasons without worrying.



Q: Why choose swim trunks over a regular swimsuit?


There are two main reasons to do this – comfort and convenience. Swim trunks have a much more relaxed fit that simply feels better, both in and out of the water. Also, swim trunks for men often resemble standard shorts, so you can use them for many activities other than swimming.

Q: How to care for my trunks so they last longer?


One of the basic things to do is rinse your pair of swim trunks with fresh water after each use. Doing this will eliminate salt or chlorine from the material so it doesn’t get damaged. While most models are perfectly safe for machine washing, this isn’t necessary every time. However, make sure to always leave the shorts to dry so they don’t get moldy.

Q: Can I wear my trunks in a swimming pool?


Yes, swim trunks are great for wearing in a swimming pool. They comply with the etiquette, look awesome, and give you all the comfort you need for splashing around. Also, chlorinated water won’t damage your trunks so you have nothing to worry about.

Q: Should you wear underwear with swim trunks?


No, you shouldn’t wear underwear. A swim short usually comes with a mesh lining inside that doubles as underwear but feels much more comfortable. Regular underwear is usually made of cotton (pretty uncomfortable when wet and can be damaged by chlorine), so it’s best to avoid this.

Q: Why is there netting in swim trunks?


The main purpose of the netting is to keep your private parts in place and prevent the shorts from sticking when you exit the water. Additionally, it also improves air circulation so you’ll feel more comfortable when wet.

Q: What is the difference between board shorts and swim trunks?


The main difference between the two is in the design. Board shorts are usually longer (knee-length) and generally don’t come with the mesh liner inside (unlike a pair of swim trunks). Also, a board short often has just a drawstring closure instead of an elastic waistband.

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If you want to boost your style and look great this summer, putting some effort into finding the best men’s swim trunks will really pay off. And, thanks to their relaxed design, these versatile shorts are great for many casual activities too.

We hope that you’ve used our guide and reviews to your advantage, and managed to find the best swim trunks that you can enjoy throughout the season.

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