Flashlights are one of those items that have a million and one different uses from having a light while you are camping to looking around your basement and everything in between. They can vary hugely in quality though which is why finding the best flashlight is important.

When it comes to light in the 21st century LED is taking over and for good reason. The best LED torches can shine brighter than ever and for longer than ever. But choosing the best LED flashlight for the money means taking a lot of different aspects into account which can all affect whether a product is right for you or not.

That’s where this guide will help you as we discuss all the important features that will affect your buying decision and we have also looked through the LED flashlight comparisons to show you the best products out there. Once you’ve read through this, you’ll know exactly what you want.

How To Choose The Best LED Flashlight – Buying Guide



When it comes to any product that you buy, you want it to be able to look good and there are a few different design choices that you can have when it comes to your flashlight. One of the most common is the standard flashlight that you can find which fits into your palm and can be placed into your pocket. There aren’t many unique design features here but it can come in a range of different colors.

A popular choice for many is the flashlights which can have a military look and a much more rugged design. These flashlights always look durable and possibly due to that they usually are very durable. A lot of people love the military look when it comes to many camping products and that is no different when it comes to a flashlight.

Another different type of product when it comes to aesthetics is the much larger type which often you hold in the same way as you would do if you had a gun and the switch being where the trigger would be. These types of flashlight probably wouldn’t be regarded among the most aesthetically pleasing on the market but are a lot more practical due to the intense light which they can create.

Probably the most aesthetically pleasing of all flashlights though is the type which is long and slender which comes in a much more stylish design with a very limited amount of ridges and clips with a smooth surface. They can also come in a range of different colors as well so you can let a bit of your personality shine through.

Your buying decisions will often be dictated by other factors such as practicality but having any product which is aesthetically pleasing is always ideal. If you prefer the style of one particular model then you just need to ensure that it fits in with the use you’re going to have for it.


If you are looking for a flashlight, it could well be that you’re looking for one due to the fact that you might be in a situation where it is absolutely essential. They can be essential in many different emergency situations and navigating your way through the dark, the worst thing that can happen is for them to run out of battery when you need them the most.

These flashlights generally come in two different options as you can either buy a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or a one-use battery such as AA or AAA. Some flashlights also give you the option of having either solution so you can get the best of both worlds in many respects.

Having AAA or AA batteries can be preferential if you’re out somewhere like camping due to their ability to be easily replaced, therefore you can carry spares with you wherever you go and never worry about being without that power. The rechargeable batteries have a big advantage though in terms of long-term cost as you don’t have to worry about constantly buying fresh batteries.

The best option for you is going to depend on what you intend to be using it for and for how long. As we stated earlier, some flashlights come with the option of having both available which can be a good compromise if you’re unsure on which type to get.

Beam Distance

Beam distance is another important factor of your flashlight but another one whose importance depends on what you are going to be using it or. If all you need a light for is looking around for items in your tent or looking around your basement then beam distance isn’t going to be important.

If you’re going to be hiking at night or in an emergency situation then you will probably want the highest beam distance possible in order to get that line of sight as far ahead of you as possible. There are some products here which can shine the length of two football fields while other models will be a lot shorter.

One great feature to look out for is a flashlight’s ability to change the focus of the light. This can give you a more laser-like focus when you need to see into the distance or a much wider field of view if you wanted to light up a room, for example. This allows you to have the best of both worlds in many respects as you don’t have to compromise on one type or another.


Convenience is a factor that can vary quite a lot with flashlights as some people will just want the best light possible while others will want something a lot more compact. If you are ultralight camping, for example, then it’s likely that you’d want the type of flashlight which can fit into the palm of your hand and be easily stored in your pocket.

When it comes to adding a bit more power into the flashlight, companies can do that in one of two ways as they can either make them longer or they can make them thicker. The best solution for you in that regards depends on where you are going to be storing it. With some others it might just be a case of personal preference in terms of which one they prefer the look of and which they prefer to hold.

There are obviously the much larger type of flashlight as well which will be the most inconvenient of all the lights but this type of light isn’t meant to have a high level of convenience as it will most likely be stored in your car or in your home. It’s important to consider where you intend to be using the flashlight and how the size of the product fits in with that.

Light Output

Light output in terms of these flashlights is often measured in terms of lumens, which is the most accurate measure of light as it is determined by the amount of visible light that hits the eye. The more lumens that you have, the brighter a light is going to be.

The biggest factor that affects this will be the size of the flashlight as the bigger it is, the more bulb power it will be able to accommodate. If you want a particularly bright light then you might have to sacrifice a bit of convenience in order to get it.

If you want a spotlight which is going to be able to shine over vast distances then you’ll need a bigger flashlight and anything over 500 lumens is going to be able to give you an intense light but there are flashlights which also go far above this.

The use you’re going to have for the flashlight is going to be crucial as if you’re in a tent then having anything with a significant about of lumens is going to be overpowering and far too bright. Companies know how important the lumens figure is so it is usually very visible on the product listing so you can easily compare and contrast between models.


These days flashlights rarely come in just one mode of just off/on and instead can come in a range of different lighting modes with a few key things to look out for. If you are using any light at its full level of brightness then it’s going to drain the battery very quickly.

Having the ability to have a medium or low light might be beneficial in some situations but it is also important in extending the lifespan of the battery as well where you can save using the brightest option until you absolutely have to.

There are also other modes that some have, such as the ability to have strobe lighting or SOS lighting. This would be lifesaving in an emergency as it will be able to alert others that you are in a dangerous situation. If you’re going to be in a situation where you may be cast adrift of other humans such as hiking, then having that option can be crucial.


Size can have a huge impact on portability and storage and will possibly be the number one reason for you choosing one product over another. The standard powerful torches will be too big to be able to place in a pocket but will probably be an ideal size to place into your backpack.

Many of these lights though will easily be able to fit into the palm of your hand which gives them a very small profile. This makes them extremely portable as they don’t even have to be stored in your bag at all as they can be slipped into your pocket for quick access.

It might be though that you don’t mind a flashlight having a much larger size and are willing to accommodate this. The size of a product will generally depend on how many lumens that they have as the bigger they are, the brighter that they’ll be able to shine.


Weight obviously links in with size but a lot of it also comes down to the materials that are used in the product. Plastic will weigh less than any metal option which is why the largest flashlights are almost always made out of plastic; otherwise they would be far too heavy to carry.

If you want the most durable of products then it’s likely that they are going to be a little heavier in order to sustain the punishment that they might have to go through. The weight of the product can depend on a lot of different products and it’s best to not just assume that it’s going to be right for you.

Checking the product weight is important in this respect as two flashlights which have similar dimensions might actually have two very different weights depending on their build quality and other key factors.


You don’t want to be out there in the open only for your flashlight to run out of battery as it doesn’t have enough runtime. Many people have been in that situation where they are trying to make their way through somewhere with a dying torch.

A lot of these products will mention their runtime as defined by continuous use on a specific setting. It’s important to compare models and their listings because one product might give its runtime on a high setting while another might give it on a lower setting.

You don’t want to be changing or recharging batteries all the time so increasing the runtime will be important so that you’re not caught out in an important situation. This includes only ever using the light when you need to but also using lower settings so it’s not taking up the same amount of power and only using the highest setting when you really need it.


Some of these products are made to be a lot more durable than others. One feature that you want to look out for is its ability to be water-resistant as it’s more than likely that your light will come into contact with water at some point, be that from an accidental splash or rain.

Some flashlights will actually go beyond that though and be completely waterproof with some even having the ability to float. Some flashlights will also be resistant to shocks too which is a useful feature to have if you’re going to be in harsher surroundings.

A metal construction will generally give you more durability but plastic models can be extremely strong too. If you’re looking for a durable flashlight then it’s good to see what claims that they make in the product description and what customers are saying in the user reviews.



Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A LED Light?

A: LED has long since taken over other forms of light in terms of being the number one choice and that is for a very good reason. Perhaps the biggest is their lifespan as an LED bulb will be able to last for over 50,000 hours before it needs replacing. The lights also don’t require as much energy to be powered too which means that the batteries can last for a much longer time. Also people will say that the light that shines from an LED does so with a lot more clarity than previous types.

Q: What To Do If The Battery Leaks And Damages The Flashlight?

A: If your battery leaks then it’s unlikely that it’s going to be covered by your warranty, especially if you are using your own AA or AAA batteries. It is important to check the warranty though to see what it says about such an eventuality. In this event it’s likely that your flashlight is going to be ruined such is the caustic nature of the inside of the battery but this depends on how bad the leak has been. Due to how much damage they can cause, it’s always important to get high-quality batteries as not only will they last longer but they are less likely to damage the flashlight as well.

Q: How Should I Store My LED Light When I am Not Using It?

A: Top rated LED flashlights are very durable but that doesn’t mean that you should leave them lying around anywhere. They are best stored in a cool and dry place as that way it lessens the risk of any damp getting to the flashlight and potentially ruining it. In terms of storage for use, this depends on how you intend to use it. If you’re in a car then you can store it away in the trunk and if you are hiking then you can put it in your backpack. If you plan on keeping it in your home for emergencies though you want to make sure you’re storing it in a place that is going to be easily accessible.

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Regular And A LED Torch?

A: The old incandescent light bulbs are being phased out as not only do they not perform as well but they are worse you’re the environment too. The biggest difference is probably lifespan as an LED light is going to last for much longer. LED lights are able to be arranged in an easier way and easier to focus too as often they will come with a lot of little different bulbs. Other differences include that fact that LED lights are more durable and also don’t use up as much energy.

Q: How Often Do I Need To Replace The Batteries?

A: The batteries on a flashlight might only last for a few hours on continuous use so if you’re using it all the time then the answer could be quite often. The best products should be able to shine for more than long enough for your needs on a full charge. There are ways to increase that battery life of the product though as there are modes which will use up less energy which you can switch to when you don’t need the high beam and also you need to ensure that you are switching it off when you don’t need it.

Globo Surf Overview

Flashlights have been an important product ever since they were invented and that’s not going to change any time soon. They have a lot of different uses which could be anything from finding a great spot to put up your tent in the dark or it could be that you are fishing at night and need to see what you are doing.

There are a million different reasons and a lot of them are emergencies so getting a good flashlight is essential. In order to get a great LED torch though there is a lot to consider with one of the most important factors being size. A mini flashlight can still shine brightly but it won’t have the same type of brightness for a range of a larger top rated flashlight.

The most powerful LED flashlights are generally bigger and less convenient but if you need to use one then it’s probably not going to be in a situation where you have to worry about such things. They can often have a beam distance which can shine two football field lengths and a very high lumens rating so will be able to shine very brightly and light up the whole space.

Other factors are important too such as the different mode options that they have, especially if you might find yourself in an emergency or need to save battery by having it in a mode which has less brightness.

The runtime of the battery links in with that as you want a battery that is capable of running for a long time but that would be helped by not always having it on its full brightness. Batteries are generally AA/AAA or rechargeable depending on your needs and how close you are going to be to an outlet which can charge it.

A lot of these factors though come down to how you are going to use it and you need to ask yourself questions such as where is it going to be stored, will I have to carry it for a long time and how bright do I need it to be. Once you have answered those questions and add them to the knowledge that you’ve gained from this buying guide, you’ll be able to put them together and choose the perfect flashlight for you.

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