The most versatile piece of luggage is a backpack. Whether you’re commuting through the city or adventuring in the outdoors, backpacks assist you by carrying your gear. There are many different types or styles of backpacks, but one of the classic designs is a leather backpack. With style and functionality at the forefront, high-quality leather backpacks are a popular choice amongst urban commuters and students, who don’t need the technical features of backpacking backpacks.

While leather is known for being a durable material, finding the best leather backpack can be challenging if you don’t know what features to consider for your needs. To help you get started in your search, we have found the ten top-rated leather backpacks and included a comprehensive buying guide so that you can find a good backpack for your everyday lifestyle.

How To Choose The Best Leather Backpack – Buying Guide



A top-rated leather backpack is one of the most versatile pieces of luggage you can choose because it is suited to be used in your daily life. Whether your commuting around the city, going to work, headed to school, or simply exploring a city, the best leather backpacks can provide you with function and style. A good backpack is ideal for any urban setting and will be long-lasting for multiple years. 

The only use that we don’t recommend using a leather backpack for is rugged outdoor activities like hiking or backpacking. The reason is simply that leather backpacks are heavy. Lightweight or hiking backpacks would be much better suited while you’re venturing on the trails. 

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Leather is an extremely durable material that is resistant to wear and tear over the years. While leather can show signs of aging, even-aged high-quality leather backpacks are still strong enough to carry all your gear without breaking. A men’s backpack that is made of high-quality materials will have the strength to withstand the weight and be used in rough traveling conditions. The most excellent leather backpacks are more durable than normal backpacks and maybe even better than some travel backpack designs because of their extended durability. Plus, leather is water-resistant so your travel gear will stay dry, even if there’s a little rain. 

Reviews are an excellent resource to check the durability of a design before you make a purchase and can help you find the perfect leather backpack. 


A leather backpack should always feature quality materials. Most leather that you’ll find on the market is actually a synthetic and made of polyurethane. While it may sound silly to have synthetic leather, this type of leather can be just as high-quality as natural leather. But if you choose a natural leather, you should be certain that they are using a quality hide. You can check the quality of affordable backpacks by looking at reviews. Many reviews will often tell you whether a design uses quality material and if that makes the bag more durable.


Everything on our list is a backpack, hence the title. But some of the cool leather backpacks are versatile in their design and can be used as another type of bag. With additional straps that change the way, you carry the bag; you can change the type of bag you use. With the backpack straps being the traditional carrying method, top handles can have you easily toting your bag at your side. However, some designs incorporate a shoulder strap so that you can carry your leather backpack like a tote bag.


There are many different styles of backpacks. Some of the ones included in our list are minimalistic, high-fashion, or vintage. 

A minimalistic leather backpack wants to have clean lines and reduced bulk. A minimalist leather backpack makes choose to eliminate exterior pockets to keep a slim profile and only incorporate interior pockets into the construction. 

High-fashion affordable backpacks are often a women’s backpack for daily wear. The high-fashion design may incorporate contrasting colors or have small eye-catching detail in the hardware. Most high-fashion backpacks are meant to carry smaller items and may also be used as a purse.

Vintage high-quality backpacks usually have rustic design. Large exterior pockets with belt loop closures and a square profile make a vintage leather backpack stand out. The vintage design will also tend to use a washed leather so that there appears to be depth in the color instead of one solid color design. 

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Cool backpacks come in a variety of sizes. The capacity of each bag should be reviewed in the product specifications. Many brands will list what size of electronic devices, notebooks, or textbooks the bag has the capacity to hold so that you can estimate the size and be certain you’ve found the best leather backpacks that will carry everything you need.


Leather is a heavy material, so you’ll have to settle with carrying more weight. Top-rated backpacks made of leather are under 3 pounds, but that can be quite heavy compared to Patagonia backpacks, which typically use synthetic materials. 

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Straps should always be comfortable because they are how you will carry your bag and all the weight of your gear. Every product on our list has the traditional backpack straps, but only some features a padded design. Other bags include different straps so that you can change how you carry your bag. 



Q: How to care for a backpack made of leather?


Even the best leather backpack will need to be properly cared for and maintained. Leather is a durable material, but it can fade or scratch over time. However, there should always be care instructions provided with your purchase. If you are completely lost, you may want to consider professional help in reconditioning the leather.

Q: Why choose a backpack made of leather?


A top-rated leather laptop backpack is a luggage investment that you could have your entire life. Leather is an extremely durable material, that if properly care for, can last for years. When you’re choosing a leather bag you aren’t just getting a bag to carry your gear. A leather bag will provide you with fashion and function, long after the straps of your other bags have disintegrated.

Q: Are leather backpacks safe for the environment?


There are pros and cons to natural and synthetic leather. The biggest issue that most environmentalists face are the natural resources used in leather products and biodegrading. Natural leather will be taken from an animal. Most people aren’t attracted to killing wild animals for backpacks and farming animals uses a lot of natural resources with food and water. However, synthetic leather is not biodegradable like natural leather. So, if you discard your backpack it will never return to the earth and can cause more harm.

It will be up to personal preference to decide which type of leather you choose. The most popular type of leather used is synthetic because it uses no animal products and reduces the use of water.

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When you want fashion and function, the best leather backpacks for travel should provide you with those qualities and more. A top-rated leather laptop backpack will reliably carry your travel gear throughout the years, which means you can transition from going to school then heading to work with the same bag at your side. With a top-rated leather laptop backpack at your side, you’ll be ready for any occasion. 

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