Picking the right sunglasses for your child can sometimes be a challenge. As parents and caregivers, we obviously want the safety pair of glasses for our children, regardless of the price. UV radiation poses the greatest risk to a child’s delicate eyes. Although, the glare from highly reflective light can also pose a great risk to your child’s eyesight.

A good pair of glasses is an essential. Cheaper glasses are more likely to repel glare from reflective light however, may not be as effective for repelling UV radiation. You want a well rounded pair of sunglasses for kids – a pair that incorporates maximum performance and build. A little bit of style to these a cool pair glasses for your kids. Listed below are the 8 best kids’ sunglasses in 2022; each in their own way, display their uniqueness in construction, protection features and style.

How To Choose Kids Sunglasses – Buying Guide



When choosing the right sunglasses for your child, you want to go for something that offers full protection. You want your kid’s sunglasses to fight securely on their face but not too tight to cause any discomfort on the sides. The center of the glasses should lone well with the center of the face; this in turn will ensure proper fitting and overage of all intended parts of the face.


Material used is also an important factor. First you have to consider how functional you want the glasses to be, do you want your kid’s sunglasses to protect your child from UV radiation? You also probably want material that won’t irritate or cause any discomfort to your child. Otherwise, you simply have a fashion accessory or toy with a lot of discomfort. Most glasses will be molded from plastic material or metal alloys. The material and unique construction is what makes the glasses highly functional and comfortable as well.


You want to invest on sunglasses that will last you long for your child. A durable pair of sunglasses is an indication of quality and guaranteed performance. Durability is obviously effected by use of the right material incorporated with the right construction.


If you incorporate the three factors above, you are guaranteed proper sunglasses to keep you safe. It is known fact that wearing glasses and sunscreen in the outdoors especially during the hot and sunny seasons keeps your skin protected and safe. Additionally, when choosing sunglasses for your kids, you want to go for sunglasses that are strongly and sturdily built with as little components or none at all. This is because we know how young children will find multiple uses for their sunglasses even those that are not applicable.

UV Protection

Good sunglasses protect the eyes and skin around the eyes from the sun. For optimum protection, invest in sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. This means that your child is protect full time from all wavelengths of all UV radiation.


When choosing sunglasses for your kids, look for playground proof lenses! Kids are a handful, they run, they trip, they fall, and sometime fight, thus you want strong impact resistant and scratch proof lens that can withstand all this. Plastic lens with well fitting bendable frames are the way to go. Additionally, polarized lens are a better investment than non polarized lens. Just to set the record straight, polarized lens repel any glare especially on water from the sun but they are not UV resistant.  Thus, polarized lens contain a filter that block intense reflected light and therefore, reduces glare and enhances clarity. Thus, if you get yourself, UV resistant and polarized sunglasses for your kid, you are on a win- win situation.



Q: Are Polarizes Sunglasses Safe For Kids?


Polarized sunglasses are the absolutely safe for kids. These glasses repel glare for the sunlight which would otherwise damage your child’s delicate eyes.

Q: What Is The Best Protection That I Can Get?

  • Polarized lens: to fend off glare from reflective sunlight
  • UVA and UVB resistant lens
  • Impact resistant and scratch proof lens

Q: What Is The Recommended Age To Start Wearing Sunglasses?


The safe age for kids to start wearing sunglasses is young as six months old.

Globosurf Overview

It is important to always note and remember that sunglasses are important during all seasons of the year, either during summer to fight of UV rays or during winter to reflect off the glare from snow. Sunglasses are even more important to invest on for your kid’s delicate eyes. Get into a habit of getting your child to put on protective sunglasses for longer positive results. Whether your child is going out sledding, going out for a swim at the beach or fishing at a nearby lake, a good pair of glasses will go a long way. With all the existing literature on this topic, one thing’s for sure; invest on a value added long lasting pair. You want UVA and UVB protected glasses for the long and sunny days but you also want polarized lens that will end of the reflection from snow during the winter times. The one of the 8 top rated kids sunglasses described above will surely fit this profile and suit your child. So put your mind at easy and focus on spending the best times with your child, get them the best kids’ sunglasses in 2022 and pair them with protective clothing for a well deserved fun day in the outdoors – no matter the season!

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