A parent’s main concern is always keeping their child protected. As many parents know, a little bit of rain won’t stop their kids from seeking out a new adventure. Kids love being carefree and splashing in puddles. But parents tend to worry about their child’s safety, especially if you are going hiking with kids. A top rated rain jacket for kids can provide the best protection on a drizzly day and put parent’s worries at ease.

But finding quality rain gear for kids is easier said than done. The best rain jacket for kids will be durable, waterproof, and reliable. Plus, for parents to get the most value out of their kid’s waterproof jacket, you also want it to be versatile for any wet weather conditions.

With parents already under a lot of stress, finding the best rain jacket for kids can be challenging. We want to make the buying experience quick and easy, so we have made a list of the top ten best kid’s rain jackets and included a comprehensive buying guide to answer all your questions.

How To Choose A Kid’s Rain Jacket – Buying Guide



The best kid’s rain jacket will be made of materials that are durable, waterproof, breathable, and safe. While we will delve into the first three features of material later, one of the biggest primary concerns is the safety of the material.

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Many child rain coats are made of synthetic materials, which construct the outer shell to be waterproof. Polyester, nylon, and different type of plastic are all very common. A big concern with plastic materials is the grade of the plastic and how safe it is against your child’s skin. A top rated rain jacket for kids should be made of a material, which is non-toxic, PVC and PFR-free. For many, a non-toxic material is considered to also be free from vinyl, phthalates, and lead.

It can also help to choose girl’s and boy’s rain gear that is lined with a natural material, like cotton. Some raincoats for kids feature a natural lining, which is soft and reduces the chance of causing skin irritation, which is ideal for kids with sensitive skin.

Materials that are not safe can cause adverse skin reactions or make your child sick if they have certain allergies. All materials should be listed in the product specifications, so you can double check that the material used is safe and non-toxic. Kid’s rain jacket reviews can also help you determine whether the material is safe for your kids.


When you’re choosing a top rated rain jacket for kids, parent also need to be aware of the size of the jacket to ensure that it fits their child’s body. Most brands have their own sizing system for their jackets and will include a size chart to make purchases easier.

The most common size measurements are determined by the age of the child and may be indicated by a number of years or as a difference between toddler and child sizes. Toddler sizes are smaller, whereas child sizes will fit most kids from age 5-12. Another way that jackets are sized is by the traditional small, medium, large, and other variations with X. XX-Small jackets would most likely fit younger children, while XX-Large may fit children up to age 12.

It is also important that you consider the size of the hood. Many hoods are often large to fully cover the head, but for some children it may hinder their vision or be annoying to adjust. Your child should always have a clear field of view, especially if you are going hiking, and the best rain jacket for kids will have an adjustable hood for a proper fit.

If you are having trouble finding the correct size, we suggest that you try to find a brand specific size chart. The size chart should give you all conversions and will be the most reliable way to size the jacket. However, kid’s rain jacket reviews can also provide you with honest feedback about the size and fit of the jacket.


For many parents who are wondering, water resistant and waterproof is not actually the same thing. A water-resistant jacket will not provide the level of protection that a waterproof jacket for kids will because it will eventually seep or leak water. The most excellent kid’s rain jacket will be fully waterproof, which means that it can be used in any wet weather condition.

Many brands will fully test their products to ensure that they are up to the described waterproof standards. For parents who want the best protection, you should look for a kid’s waterproof jacket made out of a strong synthetic material like nylon or polyester. The product specifications should also indicate the level of proofing that the jacket features in its shell.

Other great features that make a rain gear for kids better in their waterproofing are sealed seams, storm flaps, adjustable cuffs, and long hems. Ideally, the more coverage the jacket can provide your child, the better they will be protected from the elements. But features like storm flaps can strengthen weak areas and ensure there is no water seepage. Kid’s rain jacket reviews can help you decide whether specific children’s rain gear is properly waterproof and help you find the best rain jacket for kids.

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While you want the water to stay out, you also don’t want built up moisture to stay inside either. You probably don’t need to read your kid’s fitness tracker to know that when they’re active they get sweaty. Sweat becomes a problem because it can dampen your child’s clothes and make them cold.

The best kid’s rain jacket will be breathable to allow moisture on the inside of the jacket to evaporate and dry, which also keeps your kids warmer. Kids who stay dry and aren’t overheating in their jackets will be happier and more excited to continue on their outdoor excursion.

Most natural materials, like cotton, are very breathable and this is why they are often featured in the lining of raincoats for kids. The shell can’t be fully breathable, or else it will allow the rain to soak your child, but a lining that is supported by a waterproof shell can provide the breathability your child needs.

If you are planning on rigorous activity, like teaching your kids to ski, it may be better to find a waterproof jacket for kids that also incorporates a vent into the design. Vents are a great way to release trapped heat, which can cause your child to sweat. Many cents are found in the back of the jacket, but others are found in the under arms.

However, another feature that can greatly assist in venting child rain coats is a full front zipper. By having an adjustable front, kids can partially zip their jacket to allow the breeze to flow through on warmer days.


For kids, warmth is important for their comfort and overall health. Kids have a hard time regulating their heat and if they get cold from being wet, it can be difficult to warm them back up again. This is why it is essential that children’s rain gear be warm to protect your child’s health.

A top rated rain jacket for kids should feature a warm lining, which is used to enhance the waterproofing and stop the wind. A soft lining can provide additional warmth that an unlined shell can’t. However, if you need to dress your kids in winter, it would be best to look for a lightweight lining so that it can be layered with additional jackets or shirts.

But warmth is also affected by the breathability of the girl’s or boy’s rain gear. A more breathable jacket will wick away moisture, which stops your child from being coming wet. Therefore, the best rain jacket for kids will also be breathable to keep them dry, which keeps them warm.

If you are concerned about the warmth of a jacket, kid’s rain jacket reviews can help you decide whether a specific style is suited for spring, summer, fall, or winter use. In summer, warmth is less of an issue because of higher temperatures.


Kids are often harsh on their belongings and there is often little thought into the care of their clothing. Parents are often the ones who are tasked with the job of finding durable children’s rain gear. A durable kid’s waterproof jacket should be made of a strong material which is resistant to damage, tearing, and wear.

For better quality and durability, you should consider the overall construction of the jacket. Other features like double stitched seams and tough zipper can help enhance the durability of rain gear for kids and make it longer lasting. Essentially, you want kid’s lightweight rain jackets to withstand heavy use throughout the season.


Kids who are uncomfortable complain, which causes more stress for a parent. Raincoats for kids should always be comfortable against the skin so that your child can focus on exploring and not be tugging at their collar.

The most excellent kid’s rain jacket will have all the features we discussed in our buying guide, as well as additional features like adjustable cuffs and hems or a removable hood. Small features like this can make the jacket more comfortable for all day long wear and allows parents to customize the fit for their child’s needs.


Q: Why Should A Raincoat Be Breathable?


Breathability will keep your kids dry and warm. Excess moisture can be trapped under the waterproof shell of a jacket and if it can’t escape, it will soak through your kid’s clothes until it wets the skin. Being wet and outside will often make kids cold. A breathable jacket will allow the moisture to escape and evaporate so that the interior of the jacket is always dry.

Q: Is The Hood Important?


Yes, because a hood will provide essential protection for your child’s head against the rain. The head is a heat sensitive area of the body and a huge portion of body heat can be lost if it is not properly covered in windy or cold conditions. Plus, having a wet head will quickly have your child shivering. Children’s rain gear should have an attached or non-detachable hood so that when it rains, your child is fully covered. This will keep them warm and dry.

Q: Can I Wash A Raincoat In The Washer?


Yes, many of the raincoats features on our list can be machine washed for easy care. However, it should be indicated in the product specifications how best to wash and care for the jacket. For parents, the best rain jacket for kids is machine washable, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time having fun with your kids.

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Whether you’re camping with kids or just commuting around the city, having quality children’s rain gear is the best way to protect your kids in wet weather. A waterproof rain jacket for kids should have all the features your child needs to stay dry and warm on rainy days. We hope that our guide has helped you ease your stress and find the best kid’s rain jacket that you can take with you on-the-go and splash in a few puddles along the way.

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