The snowy and colder days also come with their perks. Ice and snow sports such as sledding and figure skating are some of the many activities that make the season worth a while. However, to be able to enjoy and make the most of these activities, you need to have the right skill and equipment to do so.

A good pair of figure ice skates is important to excel in the sport. Sure skill is also important nut nevertheless, you can still enjoy the spot with a good pair of skates whether you are learning, you are an amateur or a skilled professional at figure skating.  I’ve listed below the 10 best figure skates in 2022 that guarantee you to reach the epitome of fun this season.

How To Choose The Best Figure Skates – Buying Guide



The stiffness is an important feature of your ice skates. The best women’s and men’s figure ice skate shoes boast a higher stiffness rating to be able to provide stronger support. The stiffness of professional ice skates helps to absorb the constant pressure from expert skaters who are skilled and able to move faster and easier. The stiffness also helps to provide ankle support which is very much needed in skating. Beginner ice skates work best with lighter stiffness ratings to get comfort when starting out.

Your Skating Level

Your skating level also affects your choice of ice skates. You have to think of the make and design of the figure ice skate and how best it will work for you. Simple designed and fully assembled skates work best for beginners – all you have to do is buckle or lace up and enjoy the experience. Experienced skaters are comfortable enough to work with detachable and sharper blades.

How Often You Skate

Your skating habits also determine the kind of skates you need. If you plan on skating a lot, you definitely need durable and stiffer skates, which will cost you deep pockets but they are ultimately an investment, beginner and amateur skaters don’t need stiff ice skates.


Construction such as Velcro straps and lace-up systems help achieve a near-perfect but comfortable fit. Many figure skate brands have slightly varying sizing for their skates. Some manufacturers will produce skates that fit perfectly whilst others will produce sizes that run a little large and will require purchasing one size smaller. The best way to go about it is to go through your potential skates reviews to better understand their fit.


Comfort is another key feature. Look for designs that incorporate padded tongues, upper boot parts and inner soles, cozy no-bruise padding as well as built-in ankle support to maximize comfort. The breathable and quick-drying inner lining keeps your feet warm and dry when outside thus, enhancing comfort as well.


The flexibility of your ice skates also comes in handy in many ways. The best figure skates will feature flexible collars as well as construction designs such as ankle support and blade design that enhance flexibility in movement.


Style on skates incorporates a lot of features ranging from the lightweight finish for flexibility, waterproof outsoles for full protection, fleece lining for enhanced warmth, and many other well-thought-out additions. Different skates sport different styles and all you have to do is choose what works for you. Whether you are a beginner or expert looking for recreational, sports, or professional ice skates.


Ice skates such as Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 feature an adjustable size design which makes the figure skate sizes universal for a wider range of sizes. Additionally, it comes fitted with a molded boot design that allows you to fit your feet. This feature is especially quite handy for kids skates.

Kids are ever-growing thus, one day a pair of shoes might fit and for not so long that same pair runs too small. Thus, it is cost-effective and more practical to have this feature so your child can use the skates longer. The best figure ice skates for your kids should definitely come with this feature.


The durability of your ice skates is affected by various factors. The construction and material of your skates for example affected the durability. Additionally, the use of skates affects durability. If you plan on using your ice skates consistently, it’s a good idea to go for a stiffer and stronger constructed option to ensure durability. For constantly used blades, it is also good practice to sharpen and upgrade blades to maintain durability.



Q: How To Size Ice Skates?


Most ice skates fit 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller than your regular shoes or boots. This is because to ensure comfort, stability, and ease of movement, your toes should barely touch the tip of the toe cap, thus, leaving some space at the front of your toes.

Additionally, the skates should feel snug and not tight once you are done lacing, strapping, or buckling them. It is especially useful to go through the manufacturers sizing guide for the skates you want to purchase.

Q: Do I Need To Sharpen My Ice Skates?


Absolutely. You don’t want dull blades on the rink. If unsharpened, dull blades do not offer effective balance and movement. Thus, It is advised to sharpen the blades of your skates at least 20 – 30 hours after every use. When you get a pair of new ice skates, it’s also a good practice to sharpen them before your first us.

Q: How To Properly Clean And Dry Skates?


Wipe your ice skates clean with a dry and soft cloth after every use. You can even apply rust remover and air dry then store in a well-ventilated space. Also, apply odor eaters to avoid any odor build-up.

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Figure skating is most certainly an interesting sport and what better way to partake than having the best tools. Like skiing or snowboarding, skating is enjoyed best with the right tools. As we observe ski snowboarding and ski safety, one also needs to know the basics to choose the best women’s or men’s ice skate shoes to keep safe. The list of the 10 best ice skates in 2022 above provides an insight on the best options for both kids and adults. And for less than US$100, you absolutely find your match.

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