People with chronically cold hands know the struggle of keeping them warm during the winter months. While insulated gloves are wonderful, they have their limitations (they are only able to retain heat that our hands create). But what if our hands don’t generate enough heat? Or the temperature is freezing and you need some help in keeping your hands warm?

If this is the case, you should get a pair of thermic gloves. These come with a special heating element integrated into the glove, which is powered by batteries. Unlike regular gloves, they are able to generate heat on their own, keeping your hands cozy and warm for hours.

This article was created to bring you closer to the concept of electric gloves, and show you why they can be a great option for winter. But before we get to the buying guide, take a look at the selection of the best heated ski gloves that we picked out for you.

How To Choose The Best Battery Heated Gloves – Buying Guide


Finding the perfect glove isn’t easy, especially when there are extra features involved (heating elements in this case). While the power source and the size of the heated area are the main focus, you shouldn’t forget that all the things important for winter gloves also apply to the best electric heated gloves – materials, waterproofing, and comfort.

Heating Source (Battery)

All of these gloves are powered by a battery, but the type and capacity are different. The most common choices are rechargeable 3.7V and 7.4V batteries. These are usually Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries which have proven to be great for cold weather and winter conditions.

Most glove manufacturers use these as their batteries of choice and provide them with the purchase. However, some gloves use regular AA batteries that you have to buy yourself. If this is the case, we advise that you buy rechargeable Li-Ion AA batteries as they will last longer and save money.

When buying a pair of gloves, consider the battery charging time as well as their durability. Most charge in a few hours, but this depends on the type and capacity. As for durability, it’s usually somewhere between 2 and 8 hours. This depends not only on the battery size but also on the heat setting. A higher heat level will require more power, meaning the battery will drain faster.

We think that thermic gloves with rechargeable batteries are a good investment. Unlike regular hand warmers which are usually disposable, you can recharge the batteries numerous times and use the gloves many times.

Heated Area

These gloves are able to warm your hands thanks to the wires (heating system) that are woven into the fabric, which get warmed up when you plug the battery. However, the heated area rarely extends throughout the glove.

Most models have an heating element on the back of the hand. However, some of them also warm your fingers and even palms. Keep in mind that a larger heated area often means more expensive gloves. Also, not all gloves are able to reach the same temperatures – some are warmer than others.

While gloves with only a small heated area are good for most users, we advise that you get a pair with heated fingers, especially if you have poor circulation. Furthermore, this type is excellent for outdoor activities like snowshoe hiking, because it will prevent your fingers from freezing when holding the snowshoe poles.


Construction quality is important for any glove, and electric gloves with rechargeable batteries are no exception. The best battery heated gloves have shells made of high-quality polyester or nylon, that give them the durability and protection required. If you’re buying heated work gloves, make sure that they have reinforced palms. PU leather is a great choice, as it improves the grip and the overall durability of the glove.

Some additions improve the performance in wet and windy conditions. For example, a TPU insert under the shell significantly improves water and wind-resistance, making the glove suitable for harsher winters.


Comfort is always placed high on the list when choosing any pair of gloves. For battery powered gloves, the additional warmth doesn’t mean that they are comfortable by default. You also need to think about how they feel on your hand. The best electric gloves with rechargeable batteries have a nice soft liner inside, and fleece is an excellent choice. You can also buy a ski glove liner yourself, which will not only feel great but also help retain the heat that your glove creates.

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Winter gloves are designed for outdoor activities in freezing weather and, as such, aren’t particularly stylish. Most are sporty, so you’ll have a hard time finding a pair you can casually wear every day. The options you have is whether to get thermic gloves or thermic mittens, and learning about the differences between gloves and mittens can help you.



Q: How Long Does It Take For The Batteries To Recharge?


This depends on the battery really. Higher capacity batteries (over 3000mAh) will take longer to charge, but will also last more than those with lower capacity. Most of the rechargeable gloves take from 2 to 5 hours to charge, depending on the battery they use. Additionally, you’ll sometimes need to charge them long before the first use (up to 12 hours). It’s often better to get a higher-capacity battery even if it takes longer to recharge because it will last longer when in use.

Q: How To Clean And Maintain My Gloves?


Because of the heating elements inside, these are more sensitive than your regular gloves. This is why you should never wash them in a machine. We advise hand washing without soaking. You can use a disinfectant on the outer surface, or spot-wash them by scrubbing the dirty spot with cold water and mild detergent. Afterward, you should leave in the air to dry.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Electric Gloves?


The greatest benefit of these gloves is that they actively warm up your hands, regardless of the outside temperature. This is a great aid to glove insulation, and a lifesaver for people suffering from Raynaud’s syndrome or simply have poor blood circulation. As an added benefit, the best heated glove allows you to control the temperature yourself, putting them on high in sub-zero temperatures and turning them off when you’re warm.

Q: Is The Whole Hand Heated Or Only The Fingers?


It depends on the model you buy. Some hand warming gloves come with a heater only on the back of the hand, while others have elements that extend to the fingers too. Furthermore, a smaller number of models are heated throughout. We think that investing in a pair with heated fingers is a good idea since there is a significant difference in comfort and warmth you get.

Q: What Kind Of Batteries Do I Need And Where To Get A Replacement?


This too depends on the glove you buy. As we mentioned earlier, most work on rechargeable Li-Ion batteries that are included in the package. However, some models can work with standard alkaline batteries too. Replacements can usually be found in a battery shop, as all of these are pretty standard. If not, contact the glove manufacturer and see if they can help.

Q: Are Battery Powered Gloves Safe?


Yes, they are perfectly safe. The power generated in battery powered gloves is very low. This means that they won’t be able to shock you (even if they get completely wet), and can’t catch fire. In addition, the heat they generate is pretty limited, meaning they won’t be able to burn you either.

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Getting a pair of winter gloves does your hands a big favor – you won’t believe the increase in comfort these gloves will give you. They are especially useful if you have poor circulation in the fingers, as they will allow you to enjoy your favorite winter activity without problems. The best battery heated gloves are tough and come with extra features, so they make a good addition to your ski gear too. If you choose to get a pair of these, we’re sure you’ll be glad as soon as you put them on.

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