From mats to baskets and cleaners, our roundup features the best grilling tools and accessories you need in order to have an easier and more enjoyable outdoor grilling experience and get the perfect roast, sear or smoke every time. Grilling is most enjoyable when you have the essential tools on hand.

To help you find the best grill accessories, we’ve completed grilling accessories reviews of the most innovative and functional barbecue gadgets on the market. Whether you’re new to grilling, want to update your tool set or are looking for a great gift for the grilling enthusiast in your life, read on to discover the best BBQ tools grilling and barbecuing fanatics rave about.

How To Choose The Best Grill Accessory – Buying Guide


Type Of Grill

In order to pick the best grilling accessories, it’s important to know exactly what type of grill you will be using. This will help you choose compatible tools and gadgets and ensure you only invest in useful grill accessories. When it comes to outdoor grills, there are generally two types: charcoal and propane grills.

Charcoal grills are messier, harder to control and take longer to start up. Many people love them due to the flavor they impart to food but they generally lend themselves more to accessories than propane grills as they require more care and attention.

You will want to get the charcoal started quicker and protect yourself against flare-ups and a lot of these accessories will help you a lot while cooking on a charcoal grill. The need for additional accessories on a gas grill is less but some of them such as grilling mats are still great additions.  

How Often You Grill

Many grill tools and accessories will only really be worth it if you grill a lot. Some barbecue accessories are a bit of a luxury, which can be great if you’re cooking outdoors every weekend but might be too much if you only do it a few times a year.

Using the charcoal starter fan as an example, if you grill often then this would be very useful to get your charcoal burning at the right temperature a lot more quickly. If you don’t use your grill often though, then you probably don’t mind spending that extra bit of time firing up your charcoal.

With essential grilling tools, it doesn’t really matter how often you grill as you will always want to use top quality utensils whenever you grill. The choice of what tools to get also comes down to personal preference. An automatic grill cleaner might seem like a bit of a luxury if you don’t grill that often but it could be that you really hate grill cleaning and a robotic grill cleaner is a must-have for you.


Before you choose grill accessories, think about where you do the grilling and whether you’ll have to pack and transport the tools. If you only grill in your backyard, you can get any tool you want.

If you will be going camping, picnicking or tailgating and taking your grill accessories along, you will want to get the best portable grill and easy to carry accessories. Make sure that take weight and ease of transportation into account.

If you are going to be camping light and don’t have a lot of space, then having a fan for your grill is most likely not going to be a great idea. If you’re car camping or base camping, you’ll be able to carry all the grill accessories you want to accompany your full-sized camping grill.


When you’re dealing with fire, quality is a very important consideration. The best grilling tools should be able to withstand the punishment they’re sure to get.

It’s not just intense heat that these BBQ tools have to deal with. While being used outdoors, they will also be subjected to the elements and susceptible to rusting. It’s important to make sure your grill accessories will be able to cope with the demands of grilling outside.

If you’re out camping, your devices not only need to work as they should but also be highly durable. If you’re far out and an essential accessory breaks, you might not be able to grill at all. It’s always a good idea to check grilling tools reviews and make sure you’re buying top rated grill accessories.


The design is a critical element to consider when choosing the best grilling tools. You want accessories that get the job done well and are not a pain to use. In order for BBQ tools to work well, their design needs to be well-though-out. A badly designed gadget can not only ruin your grilling experience but can also be dangerous to use with a grill.

In addition to examining the product and paying attention to its features, it’s always a good idea to check grilling tool reviews by other grillers so you know whether there’re complaints about the design and effectiveness of a tool you want to get.



Q: Can I Use My Regular Kitchen Utensils For Grilling?


Some regular kitchen tools can work for grilling if they’re designed to handle the intense heat that comes off a grill. You’ll be able to make a judgment about how suitable your own utensils are for the grill. However, it’s always a good idea to get yourself a great grilling accessory set as there are aspects of grilling accessories that lend them to the specific task.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Grill Tools?


Grill tools add convenience and make outdoor grilling much easier and more enjoyable while helping you get the results you want from your grill. The best grilling tools also have safety benefits and help make grilling a much safer experience. When you’re out there cooking and enjoying the time with friends and family, anything that enhances the experience is a huge plus.

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If you’re passionate about grilling and love being next to a hot fire making delicious food for family and friends, you want to have the best grilling accessories that’ll add convenience, make the experience even more enjoyable and ensure the food turns out perfectly.

In order to pick the best BBQ tools and accessories, it’s important to know exactly what type of grill you will be using, what you’ll be cooking and where you’ll be grilling. Hopefully, our grilling tools reviews and buying guide will help you find fantastic tools and gadgets so you can enjoy the benefits of the best grill accessories.

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