Whether you need a GPS training watch, a fitness tracker, or a stylish smartwatch that you can wear every day, Garmin probably has what you’re looking for. As one of the leaders on the market, Garmin specializes in top-level functionality and performance that allows you to improve regardless of your sport. The watches are known not only for their accuracy but also for the unique training modes and a battery life that few other watches can match.

Choosing the right Garmin watch mainly comes down to how and where you plan to use it. Not every model offers the same features, so it’s important to figure out what you need. To help you do this, our buying guide takes a look at all the available functions and explains how they can benefit your training. In addition, we have also presented the best Garmin watches on the market so you can easily find a model that matches your lifestyle.

How To Choose A Garmin Watch – Buying Guide



Most Garmin sports watches use GPS to track distance and speed for outdoor activities. However, when exercising indoors (running on a treadmill), you need a watch with an accelerometer to track distance and speed with GPS tracking off. If you work out in the gym, be sure to get a Garmin fitness tracker with the ability to track indoor workouts.

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Battery Life

One of the impressive things about Garmin multi sport watches is their long battery life. All the watches have batteries that last for hours on a single charge with GPS on and significantly longer in battery-saver and watch modes. As you’ve had the chance to see, Garmin rates the battery life of each one of their watches. This makes it easy to pick the right watch for any type of activity.

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Data Tracking

During activity tracking like running, walking, or hiking, Garmin multi sport watches track basic data such as distance, speed, pace, and heart rate. Furthermore, they also function as everyday fitness tracking devices that monitor the number of steps and calculate calories burned, VO2 max, and fitness age. However, not all watches track the same data metrics, so you need to check if the watch you like provides the stats you care about.


If you need additional data and higher accuracy, you should combine your watch with other fitness accessories. For this reason, Garmin trackers are compatible with many fitness and sports accessories such as foot pods, cadence sensors, ANT+ chest heart rate monitors, temperature sensors, and more.

On top of this, Garmin Connect also works with Strava and MyFitnessPal. When deciding what watch to get, check if extra accessories are required, and whether the watch is compatible with other fitness accessories.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Keeping track of your heart rate gives you insights into your exertion levels and helps you improve your workouts and lifestyle. Most GPS watches from Garmin have in-built heart rate monitoring so you don’t have to wear a chest strap. Their wrist-based HRMs are pretty accurate and reliable, giving you real-time insight into your heart rate.

Regardless if it has built-in HR or not, every Garmin watch is compatible with a chest strap so you can get more advanced metrics such as balance, ground contact time, VO2 Max, and more.

Mobile-Friendly Features

All Garmin watches are compatible with IOS and Android mobile devices. They work via Bluetooth, and you only need to sync your smartphone with the watch to enjoy the convenience of having text messages, incoming calls, social media, email, and other alerts. Furthermore, you can also easily control your phone’s music player on the watch.

As a bonus, watches also feature the Garmin Connect mobile app where you can upload data and gain access to apps, widgets, activities, data fields, and watch faces for personalizing your watch.

Training Modes

Depending on the model you choose, Garmin watches come with pre-loaded modes for various activities such as running, swimming, cycling, hiking, skiing, and many more. All you have to do when engaging in an activity is to select the relevant mode and the watch will measure the relevant stats. For example, swim mode measures distance, pace, strokes, and counts laps.

However, be sure to choose a watch model that has the activity tracking modes you need. If you exercise indoors, make sure that the watch has an indoor workout mode. Of course, it’s even better if the watch allows you to add modes for your favorite activities.


Not only should a Garmin watch have the features and training modes you need, but it should also be responsive and give you real-time accuracy. It should quickly lock onto satellites for GPS positioning, as well as respond fast when you start, stop, or change pace. Luckily, all of the best Garmin multisport watches are highly rated for the responsiveness of their GPS and screens.


Even though the accent is on functionality, Garmin watches pay attention to style too. Besides the visual impression, you should also pay attention to the buttons, screen, size, and shape of the watch. Furthermore, make sure to check the dimensions of the casing and see how well it fits on your wrist. Finally, the bands on these watches can be easily swapped so you can wear them on any type of occasion.



Q: Why Choose Garmin Watch?


You should choose a Garmin watch because it offers a great balance of functionality, durability, and style. These watches are user-friendly and have many great features that will enhance your training sessions. In addition, some even feature TOPO maps and ABC sensors so you can use them for any type of outdoor adventure.

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Q: How Durable Are Garmin Watches?


With proper care, the best Garmin running watches can last for years. However, if you plan to expose your watch to really harsh conditions, the Fenix series features the most durable watches that Garmin has to offer.

Q: How to Care for A Garmin Watch?


First of all, avoid exposing your watch to cosmetics, polishes, or chemicals of any kind. It is also important to rinse it thoroughly after a sweaty workout, swimming laps, or after a shower. To remove dirt that builds up over time, wipe it with a clean and soft lint-free cloth. Finally, always ensure the watch is completely dry before you wear or store it.

Q: Is Garmin Watch Better Than Apple Watch?


While this mostly comes down to your preference, Garmin watches certainly have a few advantages over Apple products. First and foremost, Garmin watches are better adapted for training in harsh outdoor conditions and are generally more durable. In addition, they also feature additional sensors and training programs to make your workouts more efficient.

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If you want to improve your performance and make training more enjoyable, a Garmin activity tracker is a great way to go. We hope that our guide and reviews helped you find the best Garmin watch that will provide the ideal balance of functionality and style.

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