Hiking is a popular outdoor sport that can keep you active all year round but for hikers who suffer from flat feet may lack the confidence to explore the trails because of their condition. If you have flat feet it means that your foot lacks or has low arches, which can cause pain and discomfort when you walk. While you may be hesitant to hike, a pair of top rated hiking shoes for flat feet can give you the confidence and ensure that you can comfortably hike all day long.

But finding a quality pair of flat feet hiking shoes can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for in the design and construction. To help you take a step in the right direction, we’ve made a list of the ten best hiking boots for flat feet and provided you with a comprehensive buying guide so that foot pain becomes a distant memory.

Tip 1:

Conventional wisdom is that hikers with flat feet should wear boots with orthotics to force your foot into more of a normal arch. If that doesn't feel good, you might want to try hiking in minimalist footwear. Some flat-footed hikers swear by this approach, saying it gives their feet the freedom to move naturally and thus get stronger over time.

Tip 2:

If you do wear orthotics, make sure you bring them with you any time you try on hiking boots. While you're at it, do your boot-shopping toward the end of the day, when your feet have swollen as much as they're going to. If you're in between sizes, it's usually best to size up.

Tip 3:

Be ruthless in your willingness to shop around. One person's miracle boots, orthotics, arch supports or insole cushions might not be what works for you. Every set of feet is different, and only you can decide what suits your flat feet best.


How To Choose Hiking Boots For Flat Feet – Buying Guide



Insulation is an important factor because it will keep your feet warm while you’re wearing your flat feet hiking shoes. If you are cold weather hiking, having a well-insulated pair of motion control hiking boots will keep you more comfortable on the trail. Leather is a warm material that is thick and can provide excellent insulation in cold weather.  However, insulation is less important in hot weather hiking and you may even want to look for a design that incorporates mesh ventilation to keep your feet cool.


The best hiking shoes for overpronation will be made with quality materials that are supportive, protective, and durable. You should also look for materials that are water-resistant or waterproof for full protection. Leather is a popular natural material that is used in many of the best hiking shoes for flat feet because it has all the qualities listed above and is also long lasting. The only drawback to leather is that it is heavy.

If you are looking for light hiking shoes for flat feet, synthetic material or textile would be a better choice because it saves on weight. Synthetic materials are also durable, but extremely lightweight so that you aren’t feeling heavy in your feet. While leather is naturally water-resistant, it can be made fully waterproof with additional treatment. Some synthetic materials are waterproof and do not need any additional treatments.


Hiking boots for overpronation need to excel at being comfortable because having flat feet is already uncomfortable. Top-rated hiking shoes for flat feet should have a variety of features in the midsole and outsole, which make them comfortable for extended use on the trail. EVA molded footbeds are an excellent feature because they are strong, supportive, and absorb the impact. A rubber outsole is the best choice because it is a rigid material that will gently support your arches. Other features that can affect the overall comfort of your flat feet hiking shoes include additional padding around the collar and tongue, as well as the lacing system.

If you are unsure about the comfort of a pair of men’s or women’s hiking shoes for flat feet, you can look at reviews. The reviews are an excellent resource that can tell you whether all the features of the shoes make them comfortable for hiking or if you should keep searching for a better pair.


The size will be different depending on men’s and women’s hiking shoes for flat feet. However, many brands have designs that are sized for both male and female hikers. You can check the size guide of the shoe and see what sizes it is available to determine which size you need. It is important that you choose the right size so that you have a better fit.


It can be difficult to learn how to fit hiking boots, but for flat feet hikers, the fit is extremely important for your overall comfort. The fit of your hiking shoes for overpronation should be just right that it isn’t too restrictive or too loose. A snug fit is ideal because it will keep the shoe on your feet, and it ensures that you experience the full support of the shoe. The laces can help you adjust your fit, but you should always choose the right size so that you aren’t crunching your toes or feeling your heel slip.

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The support of your flat feet hiking shoes should be featured in a few different areas, including the midsole, outsole, and shaft. A molded midsole provides excellent support because it is strong and will conform to your foot. A rubber outsole is the most supportive because it is a dense material that absorbs shock and can easily manage the weight of a hiker. Finally, a taller shaft provides more support for your ankles, which can keep you from accidental falls.

Overall, you can determine the amount of support you want. Flat feet hikers should center their support around the sole of the shoe and can decide whether they want more or less ankle support.


You can’t hike barefoot, but you still want a pair of the best hiking shoes for flat feet that provide decent protection. Quality materials and durable construction will provide you with the best protection against debris on the trail. However, you should also look into waterproof protection to keep your feet dry and warm. Some hiking shoes for women with flat feet have Gore-Tex included in the design, which makes the shoes fully waterproof and breathable. With waterproof protection, you’ll stay safer on the trail because it minimizes the risk of your body temperature dropping if your feet get wet.

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While you want your boots to keep water out, you also want them to be breathable so that sweat doesn’t get trapped inside. Sweat can lead to cold feet or cause hiking blisters, which will impede your progress on the trail. Mesh makes excellent material for ventilation and it is better for hiking in warmer weather. In colder weather, you should look at boots that incorporate a waterproof but breathable membrane like Gore-Tex, into the design.

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The best hiking shoes for flat feet will be versatile for multiple uses. While a pair of the best hiking boots for wide flat feet will be targeted for use on rugged terrain, they should also be versatile for any outdoor use on or off the trails.

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Q: How to make my boots more comfortable?


If you feel that your boots are not as comfortable as you’d hoped, you may need to learn how to break in your hiking boots. Your motion control hiking boots should always be comfortable, but sometimes they need to be broken in so that they are more flexible and conform to your feet.

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Q: How to pick the right size?


The best way to pick the right size is to use the brand specific size chart. The size chart should be catered to men’s or women’s hiking shoes for flat feet and will help you determine which size would suit you best. However, not all brands have the same sizing and you may want to refer to reviews to determine whether you should size up or down to find a better fit.

Q: How to deal with flat feet when hiking?


It can be difficult to deal with flat feet when hiking but investing in a pair of top rated hiking shoes for flat feet are the first step in the right direction. With supportive shoes, you can better manage your flat feet on your hike and possibly eliminate any discomfort and pain. However, you may also want to look at hiking socks with more padding to better cushion your feet.

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With the best hiking boots for flat feet, you don’t have to let low arches stop you from enjoying nature and exploring the trails. A quality pair of hiking shoes for overpronation should provide you with the support to eliminate any discomfort and pain so that you can spend a full day on the trail. With our top picks and guide, we hope that you will find a pair of flat feet hiking shoes that will make you eager to get back out on the trail and put arch pain behind you.

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