When discussing everyday carry (EDC) items, a flashlight ranks as one of the essentials for many people. While you could argue that the flash app on your phone is enough, it’s usually not very bright and drains the battery really fast. So, if you want to be prepared for the unexpected, you should get a good EDC flashlight.

Unlike standard models, choosing a good EDC tactical flashlight requires a bit more thought. Not only does it have to be bright and have a good battery life, but it also needs to be convenient to pack and carry. In this article, you’ll learn about the most efficient EDC flashlights on the market, and hopefully, find a light that you’ll love carrying with you everywhere.

How To Choose An EDC Flashlight – Buying Guide


Attachment Points

When it comes to carrying any EDC item, everyone has their preference. As for flashlights, they need to be out of your way but stay readily accessible when you need them.

The most common attachment point is the pocket, using a pocket clip that most models come with. As an alternative, some torches can be attached to a keychain, a zipper, or even a belt loop if you find those options more comfortable.

Switch Options

It’s generally considered that an EDC light with a click button on the tail is the easiest to use. While this may be true, there are other switch options that some users prefer.

The alternatives include a classic slider button as well as a twisting or sliding head design. Choosing the right switch design usually comes down to how easy it is for you to use with one hand.

Light Output and Beam Adjustment

Every flashlight comes with a lumen rating that shows you the maximum visible light output you can get from the particular model. While EDC flashlights vary greatly in brightness, it’s considered that 100 lumens are enough for standard everyday use.

In addition, being able to adjust the beam is very useful and improves the overall versatility in use. This function is usually found in more powerful flashlights and allows you to reduce (or increase) brightness and change the beam dispersion (flood or spot).

Signaling and Flashing Capabilities

An EDC flashlight can be a great tool in emergencies. Many of the models we talked about come with different signaling modes that allow you to call for help. The most common ones are strobe and SOS, but some can even send more elaborate signals using the Morse code.

Battery Type

Like all standard flashlights, EDC models also work with two types of batteries — disposable and rechargeable. That being said, most models use standard AAA or AA batteries to power the LED bulb. These are widely available but aren’t the most cost-effective or energy-efficient options.

If you don’t mind charging the battery now and then, a rechargeable model is a much better option. It usually gives you a longer runtime, and you only have to buy it once instead of replacing it all the time.

Construction Quality and Water Protection

The overall durability of the flashlight mostly depends on the materials used to make it. A high-quality EDC torch is made of lightweight but strong aluminum that tolerates bumps while protecting the bulb from damage.

On top of this, a good EDC light should also be completely sealed with O-rings to prevent any water from getting inside. The models feature different IPX ratings, but anything with IPX4 is water-resistant and handles rain and splashing without problems.



Q: Where Can I Carry My EDC Flashlight?


Most people carry an EDC tactical flashlight in the front pocket of their pants. This is very convenient because almost all EDC models come with a pocket clip. As an alternative, some models have a key ring so you can even carry them on your keychain or zipper.

Q: What Does EDC Flashlight Mean?


An EDC (Everyday Carry) flashlight is a small and compact flashlight that you can carry with you all the time. The best flashlight for EDC is small enough to fit seamlessly in your pocket and gives you a bright light whenever you find yourself in an unexpected situation.

Q: Do You Need A Flashlight For EDC?


Yes, because you can’t know when you’ll need a reliable light source. An EDC flashlight can be very handy if you’re looking for something in the dark, the power is out, or you need to defend yourself (among other things).

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You never really know when a flashlight might come in handy, which is why it’s not a bad idea to have one at all times. The best thing about EDC models is that they are small, so you won’t even notice them on you.

With the help of our reviews and guide, we’re sure that you’ll easily find the best EDC flashlight that can stand up to any task when you need it.

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