When you’re on a camping trip you made be resigned to the fact that you have to give up some comfort. What you don’t have to give up though is the ability to cuddle up to your partner after a long day of camping, as the best double sleeping bag will help keep you warm and cozy.

Finding the best two person sleeping bag though requires some key considerations such as how much insulation you need it to provide, whether it will be resistant to water or not and the overall quality of the product. Even after that you need to work other aspects such as weight, material and width among other factors.

Thankfully we are here to make it easy for you, as we have developed a buying guide to give you all the information and have looked at the double sized sleeping bag reviews to show you the best products on the market. Once you’ve read through this you’ll be fully informed and able to buy your perfect bag with confidence.

How To Choose A Double Sleeping Bag – Buying Guide


Temperature Rating

Just like with the tog rating on a duvet when you are at home, your sleeping bag needs a temperature rating so you know which sleeping bag will be appropriate for each climate that you’re in. As you can imagine, if you got a sleeping bag which was thin then this could leave you shivering in the cold and if you got one which was too thick then you risk sweating in your sleep.

Both of those options would leave you with a pretty terrible night’s sleep so it’s vitally important that you pick the right option for you. This is why you need to choose a sleeping bag which has the right temperature rating and this should be shown on each sleeping bag that you look at. What this temperature rating shows is the lowest possible temperature in which the sleeping bag will be able to keep you warm.

Therefore is it gives you a rating of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, then you know that you’ll be kept warm as long as the temperature doesn’t drop below this level. Obviously a middle-range bag is going to be a good fit for most situations but if you’re going to be in a particularly warm or cold environment then you’ll want to get a sleeping bag which matches your situation.

If you’re going to be in a hot climate then you want a sleeping bag that is going to be on the higher end of the temperature scale and if you’re in a colder climate then you’ll be looking for a lower number. If you need to be cautious one way or another then it’s probably for the best to get a sleeping bag which might be a little on the warm side as you can just open it up if you needed to cool down.

This is of added important if you are going to be sleeping in freezing conditions as you need to take those precautions to ensure that you’re not putting yourself in any dangerous situations where you may possibly get hyperthermia or other cold related issues. Before you make your purchasing decision you simply have to think about what the outside temperature will be when you’re trying to bed down and get a sleeping bag to match.


Double sleeping bags have to be very clever with their insulation as they have to provide a lot of it while still keeping the sleeping bag light and easy to carry and store away. It’s a delicate balance but one that the top brands do extremely well as they provide lightweight bags which are still able to deliver a huge amount of warmth.

This insulation is obviously situated between the durable outer shell of the sleeping bag and him more delicate inner liner and its aim is to trap the body heat that you generate within the sleeping bag and stop any cold air from the outside getting to the inside of the bag.

The insulation is generally done in one of two ways with the first is with the down feathers that are found on many birds. These aren’t the feathers that they will fly with, instead they are feathers that grown very close to the bird’s skin to keep them as warm as possible. These provide a huge amount of natural insulation and are found in many insulating products and duvets.

The second type of insulation that is used is a more synthetic type which is made from artificial materials using polyester which is able to provide a huge amount of insulation which can closely match that of the down feathers. Both of them are very effective but to have their advantages and disadvantages.

Polyester is used by many for a variety of different reason including the fact that it doesn’t absorb moisture should your bag ever get wet. It is also cheaper too which is an important consideration when you are working to a budget. They aren’t the only advantages either as the polyester won’t trigger off any allergies like down can so if you have any allergies then synthetic needs to be your choice.

There is also the moral standpoint of not wanting to use bird feathers for your insulation but there are some advantages down has over polyester such as the fact that down is easier to compress so you’re going to be able to compact it down to a much smaller size which will make it easier to carry.

It is also light too so if you’re going to be hiking then down could be the ideal choice for you. Another great feature is that it’s more durable than synthetic insulation so you can see why it might cost a little extra due to these additional benefits.

While there are clear advantages in favor of using a synthetic material, down is probably the one which is going to give you a higher level of quality overall but both materials are great at insulating your body so whichever material you pick is going to be able to perform to a high level.

Water Resistance

Even though you might be in the comfort of your own tent, the ability for your sleeping bag can be a key feature and this is something that most companies will be able to offer to you. There are things that can leak inside a tent as well as water that can seep in, either from a poorly made tent or it could well be condensation. There are also though as well who are happy to sleep outside and in that case a waterproof sleeping bag is a must.

The double sleeping bags that people may use inside their own homes are generally good a soaking up moisture and this is the exact opposite of what you want as not only will it be uncomfortable to sleep in a wet bag, it will be much harder to store away as well once you’ve used it. Due to this you want a shell which is going to be at least water resistant to it can deflect such things.

These shells are generally made from either ripstop nylon or polyester which also have to be durable too as if they get cut you could be let with a bag which easily traps moisture due to it being able to get to the inside of it. There is also a big difference between a product being water resistant and waterproof as well as a water resistant product will help protect against splashes and spills but a waterproof product won’t let any moisture at all through it.

While it may seem like water resistance is just a nice additional benefit to have if you’re camping, it is easy for companies to add and therefore it should come as standard with your sleeping bag. Water resistance is an important feature and one that you should be looking out for.


When buying any type of product, quality is a key aspect that you should be looking out for and that’s especially important when camping as if any of your equipment fails it could have big repercussions. If your sleeping bag fails then this could lead to a cold or wet sleep which wouldn’t be very pleasant at all.

You want the outer shell of the fabric to be made of a high enough quality so that it can withstand the cuts and abrasions that can often happen. If you have a cheaply made product then you are opening yourself up to having a situation where your bag could easily rip which would compromise the water resistance and the insulation of the product.

With items such as this the zipper also plays a crucial role. I’m sure we’ve all used a product or an item of clothing where the zipper fails and it can be extremely frustrating. One key feature to look out for in this respect is what the zipper is made out of. Plastic is much more likely to break than metal and the best quality products on the market will have a metal zipper.

There are other differences as well and this can be shown with the inner liner as this needs to be as soft and comfortable as possible. If it’s more abrasive then you’re not going to be able to get a great night of sleep so you want to ensure that it is made out of the highest quality materials that you can get. As we discussed before as well, the insulation type was a quality difference with down feathers generally being preferred.

 They tend to be a little more expensive but that old saying of you get what you pay for rings true and sometimes it’s worth paying that little bit extra to get a product which isn’t going to fail exactly when you need it and one which is going to be able to last you for many years.


Then it comes to sleeping bags there are a lot of different types to choose from with one of the main choices being choosing a single sleeping bag. While it might seem obvious which type of bag that you need, it’s not always that obvious. For example people may want the space of a double sized sleeping bag when if they are on their own but there are downsides to that.

If there is just one person in the tent, the level of insulation that you have dropped with a double when compared to the single. That is because there is more space to heat and your insulation can be compromised by the zips that it has. If you’re going to be sleeping on your own in a cold climate, then it’s probably for the best to opt for a single model.

There is also the aspect of size too, you need to make sure that your two person sleeping bag is going to fit in the space that you have. Different companies call their tents different things so you might think that a double sized sleeping bag is going to comfortably fit inside a tent which is meant to sleep two people but that might not always be true so it’s important to check the sizing.

It’s also a key decision whether you want to buy a 2 person sleeping bag which is able to split into two separate bags or not. This will give you the option to have to individual bags whenever you need them which will give you more flexibility. Some people may simply prefer the complete sleeping bag option. There are upsides and downsides to this option and it depends on your own circumstances and where you will be camping and who you’ll be camping with.


When it comes to any camping product, durability is one of the most important aspects due to the consequences if something goes wrong. If the straps on your backpack break, your tent rips or you find a hole in your shoe then it’s going to make the whole experience a lot worse. The same can be said of your sleeping bag as if the fabric tears, the zips break or the waterproofing fails then you might have to say goodbye to having a good night’s sleep.

With that in mind, you want to make sure that you’re getting a well-made product and one way to do that is by checking that you are buying a bag from one of the top brands in the industry. While this might not always be the case, people generally have a lot more trust in the best companies as they have usually built up their names by providing quality products.

Another aspect that can give you peace of mind is if your product comes with a warranty as this is good evidence that a company will have faith in the quality of their product. As soon as you get your product it’s important to test it out and inspect it to ensure that there are no defects which are going to affect its ability to keep you warm on those camping nights. Warranties often aren’t what they are made out to be though so it’s important to always check exactly what they cover.

The quality of your product can be the difference of having an enjoyable time away or one that you’ll want to get as soon as possible. Most of the times you get what you pay for and this applies to sleeping bags too. If you have any doubts about how durable your product is going to be then it’s always a good idea to head out to the user reviews to see what people are saying about the sleeping bag.


Everyone comes in different shape and sizes so one product isn’t going to be perfect for everyone. In that respect width becomes important as you shouldn’t see it as a given that all products will be the same size and that not all of them will fit you.

It could also be the case that you want to sleep more than two people in your double sleeping bed. If you’re going on a camping trip with your partner and your child you need to see how wide it is and whether it can accommodate you all and if not, whether another sleeping bag will fit into your tent.

It’s always important to get the measurements of your sleeping bag and then do the same for the width of your tent as well. That way you’ll have a much better idea of exactly what parameters you are working with. Once you know them you can plan around it and work out exactly how best to arrange your sleeping options.

Type Of Shelter

It’s important to plan your space when you are out camping, otherwise you can be left in a difficult situation. One example of this is that there are some tenting solutions which work by having a pole in the middle of your tent. In this type of situation using a double sized sleeping bag will be near impossible as you won’t be able to get through the pole.

If you have something like a four person tent and all you’re having in there is a 2 person sleeping bag then you are unlikely to have any issues as you’ll have loads of space available, if you’re trying to squish a double sized sleeping bag into a one person tent though then you’re also going to have issues.

There might also be issues, however, with putting a 2 person sleeping bag in a two person tent as each company will specify different things when it comes to this. I’ve been in a ‘two person’ tent before where it could literally only fit two small people laying down with no space for any gear. It’s always important to check your shelter and compare its measurements against any product that you wanted to buy.

Weather Conditions

Weather plays a huge role in your camping experience as it can make your life a lot more difficult. One thing you need to ensure is that your sleeping bag is water resistant as you never know what might happen. This might not even be why you’re sleeping as packing and storing your bag can let a lot of water in when it’s raining.

Where is also the aspect of it being resistant to the wind as well, if it’s blowing outside when it’s possible that some of that air will start swirling around your tent and you don’t want it to get into your sleeping bag as this will make you a lot more uncomfortable.

As we touched on before though the most important aspect when it comes to the weather is the cold as you have to have a sleeping bag which is the right fit for your circumstances. This way you’ll be able to stay warm and not have to worry about a thing. As always, you just need to pay attention to the situation that you’re going to be in and get equipment to match that.


When it comes to quality, durability and other aspects then a lot of it comes down to the materials that you’re going to be using. Nylon is one of the toughest materials out there and is a man-made material which is great for being resistant to any abrasions that might happen and a material that can be made both windproof and waterproof.

Polyester is another common material and is generally the lighter of the two materials. It’s great for being water-resistant and both of these materials mentioned are great for double sleeping bags. One great thing to look out for though is if either of these materials are described as ripstop. This is a set of extra fibers which are woven into the material which will be able to increase its strength.


The importance of weight when it comes to your sleeping bag depends on how far you are going to carry it. If you’re going to be hiking then it makes sense for this to be as light as possible so you are able to carry it for long distances without being tired.

If you’re doing an activity like car camping, for example, then this is going to be a lot less important and you don’t have to worry about carrying it at all. Most of the products we have reviewed though are very light and easy to carry. They can also be compressed down to a very small size which can make them even more portable.



Q: What Are The Advantages Of A Double Sized Sleeping Bag?


Perhaps the number one reason that people look into double sleeping bags is that they want to be able to cuddle up to their partner just as they can do in their own beds. Having two separate sleeping bags can be very uncomfortable and you don’t get to enjoy that time together at the end of a long day in the great outdoors.

There are other advantages too though as it is also easier to just be able to carry one bag instead of individual ones. This can be the case even if you’re camping with a friend as well if you get an overnight bag which can split into two separate bags. It will save space during transport and make it a lot easier to carry as well.

Double sleeping bags can also help in terms of staying warm as the body heat of two people can work together to keep you a lot warmer in the coldest of climates. This will means that you’re able to go on adventures that you might not otherwise have wanted to go on.

Q: How Should I Care For My Sleeping Bag?


Sleeping bags should be cleaned fairly often, especially if you have been sweating during your sleep but using a cleaning spray that is able to kill off any bacteria would be very useful ad spot cleaning would probably be for the best if you have one specific area that needs cleaning.

Most of the products that we have listed are machine washable but you should always do this with caution and double-check your manual to ensure that you are not doing anything that you shouldn’t. If you’re unsure then it’s always advisable to put your bag on the lowest temperature and the lowest spin possible.

Q: Are There Any Risks Using A Double Bag With Kids?

A: They only carry the same risks as your bed would do at home. Just as you wouldn’t leave an infant on a large beg with a huge duvet, you wouldn’t leave on in a large double sleeping bed either. Some double sleeping bags are great for having both adults and children inside and as long as you’re taking sensible precautions, everything will be fine.

Globo Surf Overview

Having one of the best 2 person sleeping bags can make your whole camping trip feel a lot more enjoyable and a lot more personal, a double-wide overnight bag will not only give you that personal connection that you have at home but it’s also easier to carry and stay warm too.

Having a double overnight bag backpacking can be a lot easier as you only have one bag to worry about. There are different size options available as well as you could opt for a queen-sized bag or choose something a little smaller.

Having an overnight bag double up as a dual sleeping bag can be a great feature for those times when you need to use just one or it could be that you just want something that is easier to put away and carry. In order to get the best one you need to go through all the key points we have covered here and work out which ones are going to be the most important to you and your situation.

Once you have done that then you’ll be able to choose the best two person sleeping bag with confidence knowing that you have got the top-rated bag on the market. Once you’ve got your bag then you will be able to head out to camp knowing that you’re going to have a better night’s sleep, as it will be one that is personal and warm.

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