We all want to take our four-legged best friends on the trail as they are one of the best companions. The best dog harness for hiking not only keeps your dog away from the potential threats of wild animals but also let it enjoy the freedom of movement, comfort, and lack of constricting pressure on their neck.

However, one needs to have a sound understanding of dog harnesses, their design, material, and additional features to make the right choice. Further, finding the right size and suitability for your pet is another concern. 

To help you in picking the best dog hiking harness, we have created a list of 10 Best Dog Harnesses for Hiking In 2022 after considering several dog harnesses for hiking reviews. Moreover, we used the information to create a buying guide that can help you in funneling down your choice if needed.

The right harness can also act as a "backpack" for your dog, with pouches that let him carry his own food, water bowl, booties, etc. Another important feature is reflective trim or patches, which can help you keep track of your dog in the dark.

Make sure the harness fits your dog well, to reduce any chance of him getting tangled in it, and take a few short hikes to make sure it doesn't chafe or pinch him. That goes double if you're packing any weight into the harness; just like humans, dogs need some time to build up their strength and endurance for new activities.

If you know you'll be hiking near water, consider putting your dog in a harness with a grab handle at the top. This makes it much easier to pull him out of the water if necessary — and of course, it's useful for keeping him close by as well.


How To Choose A Dog Harness For Hiking – Buying Guide



Design is certainly one of the first and important aspects to consider while you are shopping for the best dog harness while hiking with your dog. Here you need to look for an ergonomically designed hiking restraint that offers comfort and allows freedom of movement. With that, you also want a design that suits your dog and meets your preferences. 


One of the advantages harnesses have over collars is comfort. However, too small a harness will be so tight that it digs into the dog’s body causing pain and discomfort and making it difficult for your dog to breathe. Too loose a harness leads to chafing and your pooch can easily wiggle out. An adjustable harness gives you better control over the fit so you can achieve a more secure and comfortable fit.


Hiking dog harnesses come in many sizes just as there are many dog sizes. For this reason, you need to measure your dog’s measurement and then look for the best suitable size for that map over measurements in the closest manner.


Hiking is a rigorous activity. To survive such an activity, a harness made with heavy-duty material is a must. It should be soft and comfortable yet strong and able to withstand outdoor conditions. For hiking in the summer, a lightweight and breathable fabric such as mesh is the best. Similarly, in wet conditions, you will need a harness made using a water repellent and quick drying or waterproof material 


To ensure you make a solid investment, the durability of a harness should be a top priority. The outdoors is tough and dogs are rough on gear as they like to roll and rub against things. That is why a hiking harness is subjected to heavy wear and tear. And to ensure that it can survive such an abusive use, you should pick an option that is sturdy and heavy-duty.

Additional Features

A locking mechanism ensures your dog is securely contained. A reflective element keeps your dog visible when hiking at night. A harness with pockets for gear storage is great when you want to teach your dog to work or want to tire them out and slow them down. A dog harness with a handle/loop on top is convenient, as it enables you to lift your dog and assist him or her over obstacles. 

Ease of Mobility

Another important aspect to consider in a dog harness for hiking is the ease of mobility it offers. With a good harness for hiking on, your dog should be able to walk, run, and even jump freely. Moreover, it should be lightweight and snug but not too tight. 


Based on where the attachment clip for the hiking dog leash is located, there are front clip, back clip, and dual clip harnesses. While the back-clip harness is best for small dogs and calm dogs that don’t pull, a front-clip harness discourages pulling and is the best harness for a dog that pulls. A dual-clip harness has both a back and front attachment. Depending on the nature of your dog, you can make a choice here. 



Q: Why Do I Need A Hiking Dog Harness?


A hiking dog harness is sturdier than a regular harness. Thus, it is more effective at handling the heavy wear and tear that hiking exposes it to.

Q: Why Does My Dog Need to Be Leashed?


You need to leash your dog because by doing so your dog is protected from getting lost and is safer from potential threats of the wild.

Q: What Is the Difference Between A Regular Harness and A Hiking One?


A hiking harness is more heavy-duty in design than a regular harness.

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With a harness, hiking with your four-legged friend becomes easier, safer, and much more fun. Moreover, it let you keep your dog safe without exerting too much effort or hurting him or her. We hope that with the information you have gained from the above list, you should be able to pick the best dog harness with a handle before you go for your next hiking trip.

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