A good GPS compass watch is an essential item to have for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. The last thing you’d want is to be lost in the middle of nowhere and have no way to find your way while hacking or camping. And in a world of advancing GPS technology and consistent internet connection, there are so many compass watches to choose from. How you decide which piece to go for will depend with how much you are willing to invest

In the world of GPS technology and a consistent internet connection, GPS compass watches have become an essential item for hikers and campers. We have to admit that nowadays, watches do way more than just telling the time. There are certain types of watches that will also provide the luxury of showing the direction.

With the best compass watch, you will be able to see the in route navigation to ensure that you will never be lost. With so many different types of digital compass watches, you might feel overwhelmed with choices. Whether you are looking for something simple, or you are up for a top rated watch with compass, you have come at the right place.

How To Choose A Compass Watch – Buying Guide


When trying to choose the best compass watch to go for, there are several factors you need to consider in order to make an informed decision. The best decision will be made once you identify what matters most to you. This will then determine the features to look for in the watch that will best meet these needs. We have listed several factors that will guide in choosing a compass watch that suits you.


Given that the core purpose of getting a compass watch is to get directions, especially when outdoors, it is important you get a watch that operates optimally and is able to withstand consistent use on a daily basis. In addition to this, the watch of your choice must be able to produce great results at all times. One way to ensure complete reliability is by ensuring the battery life is long enough for you, and that the replacement battery is easy to find when needed.

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You must pick a compass watch that is made of quality materials to ensure that your watch can last longer. When a compass watch is top-tier designed, you can extend the value of your purchase.


For a compass watch to be considered the best, it must be able to tell the time and directions accurately. Inaccuracy, particularly in the compass, will render the compass watch completely useless. Moreover, the time on the watch must have the option to be adjusted easily. This way you can make sure that the time on your watch is always precise.


Although the style of the watch should not be the basis of your decision for purchasing a watch, a good compass watch should be relatively stylish. This depends on your own preferences. By ensuring that the watch of your choice is stylish, you can choose to go with it on a hiking trip, but also wear it on a casual day out.


The good watches are the ones manufactured by designers who understand that the more features they place on the watch, the better. The more it has, the more useful it is when you are out there in the wilderness, where getting lost could lead to death. So what features should you look for?

Firstly, the compass should be easy to read on the watch. If it is bright and legible at night, it is good. Some watches have the capacity to predict the weather, yet others have a battery that lasts for months. We think these are great watches and that you won’t regret buying them.

Also, a compass watch should not only be great for navigating, but it should also offer you some important data, such as altitude and heart rate. The question you should ask yourself is how much easier does the watch make your life? The watches on our list have unique functions and we have rated them accordingly.


A good compass watch is one which is able to withstand nature’s elements with ease. This is why we think that you should opt for a water-resistant watch. We noticed that almost every compass we looked at is water-resistant, so look for something that will function well even at incredible depths.

Ease of Use

Compass watches normally come loaded with features that can be handy in the great outdoors. A good watch will have features far beyond what you would find in the average dress or basic sports watch.

Some of these functions include the barometer, altimeter, thermometer, and compass. If your watch has these functions, it will be incredibly easier to use as you will have all this information in one place. An altimeter lets you know how high you are above sea level. A barometer helps you predict the weather. The thermometer measures the temperature. Determining which of these things will be useful to you so that you can significantly increase your ease of use.

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Battery Life

Some compass watches are solar-powered and can build up a charge by exposing them to light, while others have a battery that needs to be replaced semi-regularly. As you face this detail, you will want to think about how long of a journey you tend to venture out on. If you would like to take long-distance journeys on a regular basis, you need to make sure that your battery will stay the course and keep your compass watch performing when you need it the most.

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A watchband is a bracelet that straps the wristwatch onto the wrist. They can be made out of leather, plastic, rubber, cloth, or metal. Most often the band is regarded as a fashion item, serving both a utilitarian and decorative function. The watch band should be cleaned regularly since it might determine the lifespan on your watch in the long run. If the band is metal, use mild soap. Leather bands, however, cannot be exposed to water so just wipe off with a soft dry cloth.



Q: Should I Go For Analog Or Digital Compass?


The analog vs. digital argument is nothing more than comparing a traditional style against a modern style. Some people will argue that the compass on an analog watch is far more accurate than on a digital one. Because of the way compasses are implemented, there are no advantages to either. It is purely aesthetic and nothing more

Q: Are Compass Watches Affected By Magnetic Materials?


Yes, the compass identifies the north by using the magnetic field. If you are using it in an area with ferrous metals they can interfere with the watch, making it distorted. The distortions can be caused by soft iron or hard iron.

Q: Do Compass Watches Need To Be Calibrated?


Yes, the compass on your watch needs to be calibrated. Calibration is a process to ensure that a particular instrument maintains its accuracy. Once it has been calibrated, it operates within an acceptable range of accuracy. In order to calibrate the compass on your watch, you will need to check it with another compass.

Most watches will be calibrated even before you make the purchase. Most of the time, the manufacturer will be willing to give you a calibration certificate if you need it. Some manufacturers also offer free calibration of the products. To maintain accuracy, your compass needs to be calibrated regularly using the directions given in the operator’s manual.

Q: Do Compass Watches Work In The City?


If you take a look at most instruction books you will notice that in order to set your compass, you should be in an open area away from buildings, vehicles, objects made from metal, cars, televisions, phones, and electromagnetic radiations. All these are found in an urban area. This is the reason why many people wonder if these watches work well in cities.

The answer is that compass watches can also work in an urban area. However, a building can have an effect on the way the compass works. Before using the compass, move away from the buildings in the direction of the curb. Walk a few spaces and check the accuracy again.

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After reading our buying guide in detail, you should be able to choose the best compass watch for you. It must offer you uncompromised reliability, supreme quality, and complete accuracy. Moreover, it should provide great value for the money and have a completely justified price due to its performance and the results that it delivers. You will not have to worry about telling the time and direction because you can do all of this with the use of the best compass watch. All you need is one device to perform these useful functions.

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