Coleman offers high-quality American-made coolers that retain ice impressively well even in extremely hot weather and have heavy-duty builds that can take serious beatings without breaking. Their coolers hold a lot, are easy to maneuver, and they look cool. Their price tags are budget-friendly. What more could you want in a cooler!

If you are looking for a high-quality and performance cooler that offers the best value for your money, Coleman is your go-to brand. Whether you’re going camping, tailgating, fishing, boating, picnicking, to the beach, on a road trip, or entertaining outdoors, they have the perfect cooler for your needs. Their range of coolers includes ice chests, soft coolers, electric coolers, party stackers, wheeled, to marine coolers. Here is a selection of the very best Coleman coolers.

How To Choose A Coleman Cooler – Buying Guide


Coleman has such a wide range of coolers: hard coolers, soft coolers, party stackers, lunch bags, and more. Knowing your needs and wants and what Coleman has to offer will help you choose the best Coleman cooler for you. Here is what you need to know and consider as you purchase one. 


Coleman has coolers for fishing, boating, camping, outdoor entertaining, picnicking, traveling, preserving lunch, and more. How you intend to use the cooler will determine the best Coleman cooler to go for. What kind of capacity, ice retention, and features should it have? Whether it should be a portable large or small Coleman cooler on wheels or whether an ice chest or soft cooler will serve you best. 


The cooler sizes Coleman offers range from small coolers, low-profile party stackers, to huge marine coolers. Be sure to pick the right size that will suit your intended use. When it comes to capacity, Coleman ice boxes range from 18-quart to 150-quart while their soft coolers range from 9 cans to 42 cans capacity. 

The dimensions are also important considerations. The exterior dimensions will help you figure out whether the cooler will fit in the space available for transport and storage. The internal dimensions will tell you whether the items you want chilled and the ice packs you will be using will fit in.

Ice Retention

Make sure the cooler you get can hold ice and keeps its contents cold and fresh for as long as you need it to. Coleman ice chests have ice retention of 3 to 6 days in temperatures of up to 90° F (32.22° C) while the soft-sided coolers can hold ice for 24 hours.

Whether you need a small lunch cooler that can keep your sandwich and drinks chilled and fresh or are going on a multi-day fishing expedition and need a large hard-sided cooler to keep your catch fresh, Coleman has a cooler with the ice retention you need. 


The kind of insulation a cooler has will determine its ability to keep ice frozen and its contents cold. Thick insulation that’s of premium quality is ideal for maximum ice and cold retention. Coleman coolers have premium-quality insulation and airtight lids and are among the best coolers that keep ice the longest. Their insulation is also environmentally friendly. It is low CO2 for reduced carbon emissions and free from ozone-depleting toxins such as CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs.


For ease of lifting and carrying, a cooler should be lightweight but not at the expense of quality and insulation. Check the weight of your favorite cooler and choose one that will be easy to handle. Coleman coolers are reasonably lightweight and easy to handle without being flimsy. Their wheeled coolers are equipped with wheels making lugging them around when loaded a breeze! 


An outdoor cooler should be able to withstand harsh elements and the wear and tear of cooler use. To get a cooler that will last for a long time and offer you the best value for your money, choose one with sturdy handles, a heavy-duty case or fabric, rugged wheels, a sturdy lid with metal hinges, and heat welded seams. Check Coleman cooler reviews by other outdoor enthusiasts to find out whether the cooler you’re considering holds up well.



Q: Why Choose a Coleman Cooler?


Because you want a high-quality cooler made in the USA without spending hundreds of dollars. Coleman is a classic, reputable brand and their quality is renowned and their prices budget-friendly.

If you're looking for the best cooler for camping, tailgating, road trips, picnicking, outdoor entertaining, and outdoor adventures, Coleman coolers will provide the ice retention and chilling performance you want.

Q: Why Coleman Stand from Everybody Else?


Their solid reputation for quality, their incredible value for money, and the wide selection of coolers to choose from! Coleman coolers don't cost an arm and a leg and yet they offer premium quality, ice retention, and cooling performance. Their coolers range from traditional ice chests, Styrofoam coolers, soft coolers, to party stackers.

Q: What is the Return Policy for Coleman Coolers?


If you haven't used the cooler, you can return it in its original condition within 30 days of delivery and get a refund. Returns require authorization and you have to call first. Coleman also backs up their coolers with a limited warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. The length of the warranty varies by product.

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Coleman helps people enjoy their favorite outdoor activities and make fun memories by providing them with the gear and tools they need. They offer quality, good-looking coolers that retain ice impressively well and are reasonably priced. The ice retention of the best Coleman Xtreme coolers is very close to that of high-end coolers such as the YETI

Whether you enjoy camping, fishing, boating, road trips, beach days, or need a cooler for lunch, tailgating, or sports events, the best Coleman coolers will deliver the cooling performance you want and serve you for years.

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