Many campers know that their tools are essential gear for their camping trip. One of the most important, but often forgotten camping tools, is a utensil you can use to eat your food. Camping utensils may not be a tool that defines life or death, but they can certainly impact the ease of your camping trip. Nothing is more frustrating than having to try and eat food hot off the fire with your bare hands!

There are many different camping utensil designs but finding the one that best suits your needs will make enjoying your meal easier. We have made a list of the 10 Best Camping Utensils in 2018 to highlight some of the design features you can choose from!

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Camping Utensil Reviews

How To Choose The Best Camping Utensil – Buying Guide


When you are deciding which camping utensil to buy, you will have to decide which utensil design and features will best suit your needs. There are elements to each camping utensil design that can enhance your experience with using your tool. The best camping utensil will serve its function and be long lasting too.


The size of a camping utensil is important based on what you plan on using it for and how easily it is to transport. If you are going to use your camping utensil to cook and eat, it needs to be long enough to stir a pot without you risking burning your fingers. As well, you may be very space conscious on your trip and a more compact design would save a little bit of space for some of your other gear.


The weight of a camping utensil can be very important. While camping utensils are important, they shouldn’t take up too much weight. When you are camping or backpacking, you may be very weight conscious because carrying all your gear can be a struggle. The best camping utensil for you would something that is one piece and lightweight. One of the lightest materials you can get a utensil made out of is titanium.

How Many People in Your Party

If you are camping solo, it’s easy to bring along one camping utensil for yourself. However, if you are planning on camping with a group, you will need a utensil for everyone. Some utensil packs come with 4 pieces. If you are on a budget, a pack of camping utensils that are all uniform are the way to go. That way everyone can have a utensil and happily eat.

Type of Meal

There are many different types of meals that campers make in the great outdoors. Some campers keep it simple with foods that rely less on a utensil and other campers choose food that would be best and more comfortably eaten with a utensil. It is best to consider the type of foods you will be cooking and eating. If you are eating cereal, you will need a spoon. If you are eating meat, you will need a knife to cut it up. The best camping utensil for you may merge the design of a spoon, fork, and knife into one.


The durability of your camping utensil is important because you will likely be subjecting it to extreme heat. If you plan on cooking with your utensil and eating and hot cooked meal, your eating utensil needs to withstand the heat. Nothing would be worse than using a utensil that just melts and destroys your meal as it disintegrates. As well, you want the utensil to last for multiple uses. The best camping utensil would last you many camping trips and withstand uses for cooking and eating all your chosen foods.


For some campers, this may not be a feature they need. Others may prefer this feature over others. Some utensils will have a different texture or rubber grip to ensure that you can securely hold and use your tool. It is up to your personal preference if you want a camping utensil that features a grip in its design.


As mentioned, you may find yourself using your camping utensil for more than eating. You may want to cook with your camping utensil too. It is best to ensure the camping utensil you choose has a design that can be used to cook your food and eat it too. Most camping utensils are extremely versatile and heat resistant. There are many that provide versatility, so you can enjoy all the elements of cooking and eating in the great outdoors. As well, you may not want to have to wash multiple dishes. A design that features more utensil features in one, such as a spork, would save on the work load after you’ve finished eating.


This is entirely up to a camper’s personal preference. Style is not a make or break in a camping utensils design, but you may prefer to have a unique looking tool. There are many different styles from the shape of the utensil to the color. Keep in mind that some coloring may not last very long and eventually rub or flake off. That does not diminish the quality of the utensil but may affect how it looks to you with its style.


There are many different values of a camping utensil. The price of the utensil is one value that may affect your decision. The others may be the utensils weight and durability. Camping utensils can get fancy and expensive. If you aren’t looking for the most expensive one, you can easily find other options that are more affordable and still durable. As well, you should decide if it is worth it to carry the weight of a camping utensil if you are conscious about what you pack. You also should have to be buying a camping utensil for every trip or every few trips. You want a camping utensil that will last you throughout the years and still perform its duty.



Q: Can I wash my utensils in a dishwasher?

A: Maybe. Some design can, and other designs can’t. It is best to check the provided manufacturer’s information on whether or not a utensil is safe for use in the dishwasher. Many manufacturer’s will explicitly state if their design can or cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

Q: Are camping utensils hypoallergenic friendly?

A: Maybe. Some designs are certainly hypoallergenic, but it is best to check the provided manufacturer’s provided information. Many manufacturers are very conscious of possible allergies and make their design to be hypoallergenic. A camping utensil should state whether or not it is hypoallergenic. For universal use by every camper, most utensil designs are hypoallergenic.

Q: What materials are the best for taste?

A: There isn’t a specific material that is best for taste, it usually is up to personal preference. The best camping utensils will not interfere with the taste of your food. You shouldn’t have a utensil that leaves a funny taste in your mouth. Generally, any BPA free plastic utensil won’t leave any taste and titanium is another great tasteless choice.

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When it comes to your camping utensil needs, finding the best camping utensil for you can greatly enhance your experience with mealtimes in the great outdoors. With these top rated camping utensils you will have peace of mind that you can cook and eat your food without having to pack on the extra gear. The best camping utensils will be durable to last you through years of eating and cooking at your various campsites and adventures. If you know exactly what you need and what utensil you want, you can save time and money by investing in the best camping utensil for you!

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