When you’re out there camping, there are numerous tools that come in handy one of them is none other than a folding camp saw. Cutting up firewood or anything else with a full-sized saw would be great but not exactly easy to carry it around when you’re hiking and that’s where the best camping saws come in.

Camping saws fold down to a compact size but are able to produce a very high level of performance when you need them to. Choosing the best camping saws though isn’t easy as there is a lot to consider for a product that has to balance portability and weight with the performance and durability required.

That’s where we come in as we have created a buying guide to give you all the information you need and have also looked through the camping saws reviews to show you the best folding saws on the market.

How To Choose The Best Camping Saw – Buying Guide


Pocket Chain Saws

Pocket chainsaws are a very effective way of having a cutting tool that stores away easily. They work in exactly the same way as a regular chainsaw where you have a series of metal links attached together with blades in between them. You can simply wrap it around whatever tree or branch you are trying to cut and pull it back and forth with either hand. This requires a minimal amount of effort and is great at cutting larger pieces of wood. The downsides though are that you have to use both hands so you can’t stabilize your cutting surface. 

Bow Saws

Bows saws are the traditional type of smaller saw that you would see in many workshops. They get their name from the fact that they have a metal frame which curves over like an archery bow and then the blade is in a straight line as the bowstring would be. These are great for giving you that close cutting surface where you could grab onto a smaller branch and apply pressure to the saw for an easy cut. The larger size of these bows means that you can add more leverage to your folding saw and therefore cut more quickly. They have a much larger size due to their solid metal frame. 

Folding Saws

Folding saws are able to fold out from the handle to give you a lengthy cutting surface, which makes them very easy to carry. They are light in weight, therefore very portable. They are ideal for cutting large branches as you are able to get that close-cut where you can grab onto the wood with one hand and the pocket saw with another. It doesn’t have the capability to cut logs like a chainsaw and it doesn’t give you the same leverage as a bow saw. 


The primary use for camping saws is to be able to cut wood in order to make your campfire. There are also other users such as clearing your path through the woods or it might be that you need to get your own tent poles and need to cut a branch to the right dimensions. It might just be the case that you want to put up a camping hammock in your camp. You can even end up using it for a use that you didn’t even initially consider. 


Most of the products we have listed are light with a lot of them being under a pound in weight, so they will be able to easily sit in your backpack. Naturally, a lot of these camping saws come in buying options where you can get a longer chain or something like a larger blade which will obviously add to its weight. You just need to consider what your situation is and how light you need it to be. 


Portability links with weight but there is a lot more to it than that as you need to consider how it is going to fit in with the rest of your items. This is why a bow saw would only be a good option if you were taking a lot of gear to your camp and not doing any hiking. This is where foldable camping saws can be helpful as they will fold down to a very small size but even then you need to consider how long they are going to be, as some come in various different sizes. A chainsaw is very convenient as it will drop into a little bag and is easily stored.


Whether you are using a folding saw or a chainsaw, the same principle applies in regards to the size in that the longer it is the larger the wood that you can cut with it. If you’re going to be in a situation where you need thick pieces of wood then it’s best to opt for a bigger size. Also, camping saws are able to cut objects of a much larger diameter a lot easier. In terms of a bow saw, this is limited to the size of the gap between the blade and the frame. 

Blade Material

Best folding camp saws are made from high-quality steel to give you the required strength. They are also light enough to be easily carried around with the rest of your items. One key feature that you need from your blade is the ability to be rust-resistant. Having a special coating might also help the blade to have less friction for a smoother and faster cut as well. Another key feature in terms of a blade is the number of teeth that it has for every inch of it as the more it has, the more aggressive the cut will be.

Handle Material

With the vast majority of folding saws for camping, you will see that they have a plastic handle. This is because they don’t need the same level of strength as the steel cutting end and help the item be as light as possible. The plastic though is highly durable and will easily hold the steel blade in place. It’s important that the handle is designed in such a way that it will easily fit into your hand in order for you to have a strong cutting action. Bow saws also have a plastic handle attached to their metal frame and chainsaws are often made from cloth that you can pull back and forth.



Q: What Is Pocket Saw?


A pocket saw is essentially a sawing device that you take on your camping trip. What characterizes them is their ability to fold down to a small size, be light and easy to store away in your backpack so that you could easily go hiking and have it there to use when required.

Q: Why Do I Need A Pocket Chainsaw?


The obvious reason is being able to collect wood for a campfire. There are other uses such as clearing your path or making tent poles but there is also the factor of them being used in situations that you might not initially consider such as emergencies.

Q: How To Clean Rosin Off Of A Blade?


When you cut through wood it’s quite likely that you are going to get a level of rosin on the blade which can build up over time and impact the camping saws cutting ability. For this, it’s best to use a heavy-duty cleaner such as an oven cleaner and then remove it with a soft brush.

Q: What Does The Term Pull Stroke Means In Regards To Saws?


In terms of how camping saws are made you can either have the teeth pointed straight down or the might be slanted in one direction or the other. This could mean that the majority of your cutting action happens when you pull your saw back towards you which can take less effort and give a straighter cut.

Q: Can I Get Replacement Blades For Folding Saws?


This depends on the type of folding camp saw that you buy and the manufacturer. If you’re using a chainsaw then the whole product essentially is the blade. On folding saws, the blades are often replaceable and this is the same with bow saws as well.

Q: Should I Oil My Pocket Chainsaw?


Taking good care of any folding saw will help extend its life and that includes using oil to lubricate the blade. Not only will this increase the level of performance but it will also help to prevent any rust as well so it’s always best practice to oil your folding saw, ideally after each camping trip.

Q: How Do I Sharpen My Pocket Chainsaw?


If you’re using a folding saw or a bow saw then the blades will get dull over time and it’s going to be a better idea to replace them. If you have a chainsaw though then you are able to buy a file that will be able to make those individual blades sharp again.

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Getting the best camping saw is a great piece of equipment to have as it comes into use for many reasons. Hopefully, this buying guide has helped you to know exactly what you need so that you can get the ideal pocket saw for you and your situation.

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