One common camping tradition is to sit around the open fire to cook food or toast some smores. What’s better than a hot meal under the night sky? A hot meal and an organized outdoor camping kitchen. Camp kitchens are no longer a single gas burner fueled by a small gas tin. Now, there are camp kitchens that can easily rival that of your home kitchen.

The best portable kitchens will give you a place to cook and keep all your kitchen gear organized on your trip. You won’t have to be scrambling to find where you left your spatula or the last place you saw the tomatoes when you have an easy to use the outdoor kitchen. Our list of the 10 Best Portable Camp Kitchens in 2022 will have hungry campers fed in no time!

How To Choose A Camping Kitchen – Buying Guide


When deciding which is the best folding camp kitchen to go for, consider getting one that will enhance your cooking time experience, is easy to set up, and transport, and will last you for a while. With so many camp kitchens in the market, each with their inherent versatilities, it can be daunting to decide on which one to get. The following are elements that will guide you to select the best camp kitchen that will meet your unique needs.


One factor that may have a significant impact on your decision is taking into consideration the gear that you already own. If you already have a camp stove, you will want to get a camp kitchen with which you can use your stove. Many camp kitchens will come with a stovetop space to place your cooking gear, like the actual stove and utensils. Some even will have a place for your cooler. You must consider the size and quantity of your camp gear and make sure it is compatible with the stove or grill that you have already. It is best for your comfort and safety that your camp kitchen can adequately accommodate your camping stove. However, many grills and stoves come in a standard size, and some companies sell their equipment to precisely fit their outdoor camp kitchen.

Another aspect that could affect your decision is the space that you have for food preparation. You may want more space to prepare your food and then use the table to eat off of as well. For you, it may be best to have an ample table space that you can use for those two tasks. Finally, it is essential to remember that your table needs to be a comfortable height for you to work.


Camp kitchens come with various features that suit different needs; therefore, to choose the best portable camp kitchen, you have to point out what is important to you. If it is a spacious workspace, you need to get a camp kitchen that has a large countertop or has more than one work area. If you work with many cookware and condiments, you might want to consider a camp kitchen with plenty of storage.

Cleaning space in a camp kitchen is also a feature that you need to consider when choosing a kitchen. Some camp kitchens feature a sink or a basin, while others rely on special linings situated within specialized storage bags. Neither approach is inherently better; it all comes down to personal preference.

Some features can significantly enhance your cooking experience. For instance, a windscreen will help you cook faster by shielding your stovetop from wind. And with a lantern hanger,  you can hang a light and cook both day and night.

Ease of Use

This may be the most important factor to consider because it is pointless to invest in a camp kitchen that you will struggle to use. You want a camp kitchen that is easy to set up and makes your cooking experience as comfortable as possible. You also need a camp kitchen that suits your height so that you aren’t bending or crouching over. Consider getting a camp kitchen with adjustable legs, which can be customized to make you comfortable.


The ease of transportation will always be a factor when it comes to carrying gear into the great outdoors. The weight, size, and ease of fold-up will affect your consideration. How far you need to take the kitchen, and you will get it there will also have an impact on your decision.

It is also essential to consider that you may want to use your camp kitchen beyond just camping. There are many other locations that you can use a camp kitchen setup and still be within the local regulations. You may want to use your camp kitchen at the beach or tailgating, which may dictate how much space you need in your car to transport it to those events. Many camp kitchens can be easily folded up and carried by a handle or packed away into a case. It is your decision which design you find the easiest to transport.



Q: Do I need additional waterproofing protection?


Not necessarily. Additional waterproofing may be a personal preference, depending on the design of your camp kitchen, but it may not be necessary. You will likely use your camp kitchen around water; whether you are washing food or it begins to rain, some moisture will be present. Most of the materials that make the camp kitchen are waterproof, but it is up to you if you want to try to provide additional waterproofing. It's best to check the manufacturer's instructions to see if you can add an extra waterproof coating.

Q: Is non-adjustable a deal-breaker?


Not necessarily. If you know your height, you will likely be able to find a camp kitchen setup that suits your needs. The vital part of the design is that the tables and stove area are at a comfortable height to allow you to work. Some models are adjustable, and others aren't.  But all designs can be more unstable on uneven surfaces, so it's best to bring along some sturdy supports to help level your camp setup.

Q: Do I need a full kitchen?


This will depend on what you cook, how you cook, and your personal preference. You may not need a sink, stove, and table for you to be able to prepare a meal. At the very least, we recommend a table platform and area for your stove. Whether you need a sink or extra storage space is up to you.

Q: Where should I set it up?


It's best to keep your camp kitchen in a well-ventilated area if you plan on cooking with a flame. You should not place your camp kitchen inside the tent or other small enclosed spaces. There may be times when you have to face the weather to cook, and it is best to try to use an umbrella or tree to protect the kitchen. If you can't use either of those, you should consider getting a temporary structure, such as a tarp set up.

Q: How do you wash dishes while camping?


The best option is to get a camp kitchen with a sink or a storage bag with a special lining, from where you can set up your cleaning station

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When it comes to your camp kitchen needs, finding the best camp kitchen design is essential. With these top-rated camp kitchens, you will have a stress-free cooking environment. These camp kitchens will support your gear and help you cook your food quickly and efficiently in the great outdoors. If you know what you need and what structure you want to build, you can save time and money by investing in the best camp kitchens.

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