Getting away from urban life during a camping trip is the main reason to do it. You get to enjoy things most people have forgotten, unique and special things like admiring nature, ignoring your emails and notifications, cooking your meal over an open fire and actually interacting with your family and friends, face to face. One of the most fun ways to do that is to play an old-fashioned game together, or one especially designed for such occasions.

There are lots of fun camping games out there, and the greatest thing about them is that most will work in a non-camping setting as well. Still, what should you choose? They all look fun, but which of them are actually a good match for your group of campers? To help you out, we’ve put together this top of the best outdoor camping games to consider, and how to choose one that fits you.

How To Choose A Camping Game – Buying Guide


What other considerations should you have when shopping for the best outdoor camping games? Besides the initial pull you feel towards a game which seems fun, how do you know it’s the right one for your upcoming trip? Here are just a few other things to keep in mind.

How Manu People Will Be Playing

All of the top-rated family camping games come with a clear indication of the number of players they can accommodate. Most of them are flexible enough to state a minimum and a maximum number of players, right on the label or on their box. Make sure you check this out before purchasing, and that you plan the games to play at camp according to the number of people in your group.


All of the best camp games on our list (and virtually all others, we’re sure) do indicate the recommended age on the box. While some of them count as family camping games, appropriate for all age levels, some should be kept off-limits for kids and considered adult and youth camping games. Cards Against Humanity, for example, is only recommended for players 17 years and up.

Game Requirements

Some campsite games have a few requirements to consider before you can play them. You can be expected to provide a small board (or a box turned upside-down), or a small glass, or a pair of dice, depending on the game. But all of the best camp games contain everything required in the box which comes with the original purchase, so you won’t have to go out f your way to collect everything. Just make sure you keep your outdoor camping games for kids out of the rain.



Q: What Is A Camping Game?


A camping game can be either a game you play during a kid’s camp somewhere, or an actual physical game (like a game of cards, or a board game), which you play while camping out somewhere. Since we at Globo Surf aim to be your number one resource on all things outdoors, this guide on the best camping games for kids refers to the latter. However, just because this guide is about the games for adults who go camping someplace, this doesn’t mean that some of them are not also playable by kids.

Q: How To Make The Most Of A Camp Game?


Make sure everyone understands the rules of each game before you start playing. If some people aren’t sure they remember them correctly, despite playing before, simply read them out loud again. If you’re the owner of the outdoor camping games you’re about to play, or the person who brought them along, you should be the one leading the session.

Just make sure everyone is on the same level before starting, and that they all get equal treatment during play time. If you feel things are coming to a stall after a while, simply switch to the next pick from our list of the best camp games. That will surely liven up the vibes!

Globo Surf Overview

No matter whether you go camping in your favorite spot close to home during summer, or somewhere further and wilder, as long as you have some of the best games with you, no one will ever get bored. If it’s too freezing outside for playing near the campfire, you can just take the fun inside one of the bigger tents. All of the items on our list above can function perfectly well as tent games, so just worry about packing your essentials and getting to the campsite. Have fun!

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Which of these games have you played before, whether while camping or just during a regular get-together with friends? Which of these are you really looking forward to try during your next outing? Feel free to share your fun thoughts with the other readers in the comment section below!

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