Nothing beats a night under the stars spent with your favorite people. Playing camp games is one of the fun things to do while camping. The best camping games provide good clean fun laughing and bonding with friends and family. Below, we have put together a list of the best outdoor camping games to bring camping, and a guide on how to choose games the campers in your group will enjoy. 

How To Choose A Camping Game – Buying Guide


How Many People Will Be Playing

You should plan the games to play at camp according to the number of people in your group. Kids, adults and family camping games indicate the minimum and maximum number of players required. Make sure you check this out before purchasing the best outdoor camping games to bring camping. This will help you pick games that will have everyone engaged and having fun. 


Everyone in your group will want to participate in the camping games you bring along. It’s, therefore, important to take note of the recommended age range. While some of the games when camping are family camping games, appropriate for all age levels, some fun camp games are adult and youth camping games and should be kept off-limits for kids. Cards Against Humanity, for example, is recommended for players 17 years and up. All of the best camp games indicate the recommended age on the description or box.

Game Requirements

Campsite games have specific requirements to meet before you can play them. You can be expected to provide a small board, a small glass, or a pair of dice, depending on the campsite game. It’s important to take note of the requirements so you can bring along everything you will need to play. The best camp games and outdoor camping games for kids contain everything required in the box so you don’t have to purchase anything extra.



Q: What Games Can You Play While Camping?


Card games such as Uno, Old Maid, Cards Against Humanity, and Apples to Apples are perfect for camping. They provide a lot of entertainment while camping and they’re compact and easy to bring along. If you have a camp table, you can also play board games such as chess and checkers. Active games such as Horseshoes, Cornhole, and Bocce Balls are also fun camping games. Bananagrams, scavenger hunt, and hide-and-seek are some of the best camping games for kids.

Q: What Are Fun Things To Bring Camping?


The best camp games top the list of the fun things to bring along while camping. Some other cool items you can pack to make your camping trip even more interesting include a hammock, binoculars, camera, musical instrument, fishing rod, pocket shower, fire crystals, sky lanterns, and glow sticks.

Q: How Do You Play The Campfire Game?


The campfire game is played around the campfire. It starts with the first player choosing a letter. The players then take turns saying a new word that begins with the chosen sound. The round ends when a player fails to come up with a new word or when a player says the word the person who chose the letter had in mind. The last person to name a word chooses a new letter for the next round and the game continues.

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Whether you go camping close to home or somewhere further and wilder, gaming camping activities will ensure not even the kids will get bored. If it’s too cold outside for playing around the campfire, you can just take the fun inside the tent. All of the best camping games on our camping games reviews above can function as campsite and tent games. Have fun!

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Which of these games have you played before, whether while camping or just during a regular get-together with friends? Which of these are you really looking forward to try during your next outing? Feel free to share your fun thoughts with the other readers in the comment section below!

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