Weight and storage space are perhaps the number one concern for you when you think of packing for your next backpacking trip. You want to haul with you gear that is of most use for you. However, you also want the weight and size to be at a minimum without compromising quality and performance.

When it comes to cooking, alcohol stoves are great at this. For you as a 21st-century backpacker, they also come with several benefits including eco-friendly fuel source, cost-effectiveness, and smaller sizes. So for the nest backpacking expedition, they are worth considering.

Listed below are the 10 best alcohol backpacking stoves in 2022 – outlining why they made the cut and the benefits they come with.

How To Choose An Alcohol Stove For Backpacking – Buying Guide



Design for alcohol stoves vary. And as long as they incorporate functionality and practicality, they are absolutely fine. A wide base for example on a one-piece stove provides stability whilst the ruggedness of the material balances weight. Thinner stoves with bases that stretch all the way up like a wall also work great. Because the wall which is attached to the base acts as both stability support and as a windshield.

Type Of Fuel

The best alcohol stoves work as multi-fuel stoves. This brings out their well-thought design as outdoor stoves because they allow you to use whatever fuel is available to your disposal. The majority of stoves are environmentally friendly and thus, they tend to avoid harsh fuels such as petrol. Many alcohol stoves will use rubbing alcohol, woods, and even twigs.

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You don’t want your stove to be too heavy to carry around or weigh you down. The best alcohol backpacking stoves will weigh less than 9 oz alone without any crockery. This allows you to easily fit them in your backpack and haul them around without hassle.


A stand comes in handy when you are using different kinds of fuel sources such as wood that require extra space underneath. Additionally, they also help to enhance stability for pots and pans as well as maintain a reasonable distance between crockery and the flame. Like Dutch ovens, the distance helps to enhance effective cooking.

Surface Area

A large surface area on your stove enhances fuel consumption. This is because the combustion is accelerated and effective without the consumption of a lot of fuel. When looking for the best alcohol stove go for that can typically utilize at least 2.3 fl.oz in 40 -50 minutes.

Ease Of Use

With much thought into design and weight considered – you want a stove that is easy to use. The best alcohol backpacking stoves will feature minimal pieces (if it is an assembly type) or a one-piece construction 9so there is no assembly needed).

Furthermore, to enhance their function, alcohol stoves come fitted with vent holes to enhance air ventilation for effective combustion, wide bases for stability as well as windshields to block out excessive winds.


An Ultralight alcohol stove goes a long way to ensure portability. With the nature of the outdoor activities such as camping, trekking or backpacking, you don’t want weight or storage space to be an issue. Thus, the best alcohol stoves will maintain excellent performance however; they are compact and extremely lightweight.


The best alcohol backpacking stoves are constructed with a wide stable base. This allows you to set them on several different surfaces with the risk of tipping over. Furthermore, the more stable your base is, the more it can support different sizes of pots and saucepans.  A non-stable stove will require you to always look for a flat surface and use smaller pots which may not be sufficient.



Q: Are Alcohol Stoves Safe?


Alcohol stoves are relatively safe compared to other outdoor cooking solutions. The best alcohol stoves feature a very safe and protective construction. Additionally, alcohol fire can easily be put out by plain water and the fumes are not explosive. Special care should be taken when operating an alcohol stove and remember to never add more alcohol when the stove is already lit.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using An Alcohol Stove?

  • Very light and portable
  • Extremely affordable to purchase and operate
  • Safer than many other camping or backpacking cooking solution
  • They require minimal o no maintenance
  • They use environmentally friendly fuel

Q: How To Use Alcohol Stove?

  • Assemble the stove (if needed) according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Pour alcohol into the burner cup according to the cup’s capacity
  • Light the fuel using a matchbox
  • Adjust to the desired flame and start cooking

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The alcohol stove reviews provide a helpful solution to your next adventure. These bad boys come with all the new age benefits that you are always out searching for. And with the how-to buying guide above to shine an even brighter light on choosing the best option, what more can you ask for? Plus, the list of the 10 best alcohol backpacking stove delivers a nearby and undisputed avenue, to begin with.

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