Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Kayak Review


For such a compact kayak, the space available is used optimally. The manufacturer thought everything through and included all the things you need for a pleasant day on the water. You won’t be able to find many of these features on any recreational kayak, making it a fantastic choice if fishing is your hobby. Of course, anyone can enjoy this neat vessel (not just anglers). Here are some of the great features we mentioned.

  • Removable dry storage compartment
  • Swivel rod holder in front
  • Two flush-mount rod holders behind you
  • Easy-to-adjust footrests
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Large cockpit
  • Padded thigh rests
  • Carry handles (front and back)
  • Plenty of additional storage space


Length: 10 feet

Width: 30 inches, wide for its length

Depth (Deck Height): 11 inches

Weight: 44 pounds, easier to carry than most

Capacity: 250 pounds

Material: High-density Polyethylene

User Experience

Usability: This is a sit-on-top kayak, meaning it has an open design and allows you great freedom of movement inside it. Users say it’s very stable and easy to navigate, making it a fantastic choice for every beginner who isn’t very experienced in the water.

However, because the cockpit isn’t isolated, some water is bound to get in. For this reason, it’s better suited for summer kayaking, instead of the cold winter months. We mentioned the great stability, and you can rely on it as long as you use the Sun Dolphin fishing kayak on lakes and calm rivers.

It moves around well, but not as fast as some other kayak types. The hull on this kayak is more flat instead of V-shaped, which deducts speed but increases stability. Some users have had problems with keeping a straight line while paddling, but others say this isn’t a real problem and has much to do with the paddling technique.

The additional features are a big advantage, and users are generally very happy with the fishing rod holders. Not only are they stable, but the placement is very convenient too. This gives you good access to them and keeps them out of your way when you need to reach other gear.

Besides, the build quality of this whole kayak is praised often. The polyethylene used is tough, and won’t get damaged even if you bump a thing or two along the way. Also, the body is UV-stabilized meaning the color shouldn’t fade after long hours on the water while exposed to the sun. Overall, you should really expect this kayak to last for a long time.

Storage: Despite the small size, the design is very smart. It gives you plenty of storage options to pack all the kayaking essentials you need to take for the day. This makes everything much quicker and easier because you can organize your gear in such a way that everything is easy to reach.

Behind your seat, you have a large dry storage compartment that is fully waterproof. It’s held down by bungee cords, and it’s easy to open and reach into. As a big plus, it can be taken out completely and you can tie it to the back of your kayak and drag it behind you. This opens up additional space that you can use to place your deck bag or tackle box.

In front of your cockpit is another storage area that is shock-corded, and it can be used for storing your life jacket or other things. Also, it’s a good place for your pet to be in when kayaking with your dog because it won’t compromise kayak stability in any way.

As for the cockpit itself, users of this kayak say they are very happy with the different options included. In front of your seat, you will find a neat storage compartment with a lid. However, keep in mind that it isn’t waterproof. Unless you seal it yourself, we don’t recommend that you keep electronic devices or anything else that may get damaged by the water.

Besides this compartment, the cockpit includes a cup holder, a water bottle holder (with bungee cords to keep it in place), as well as a pocket with rubber holders on each side. However, you should know that this isn’t a camping kayak. It has its limitations in terms of weight it can support, so be careful not to overload it when packing (if you wish to avoid stability problems).

Portability: One of the biggest advantages of this kayak is the ease of transportation. As you had the chance to see when we listed the specs, it’s very lightweight. Because it’s lighter than most other similar vessels, you can carry the kayak yourself without any help.

If you have a long way to go, you can always consider getting a kayak cart to transport it from your car to the water. Thanks to the numerous bungee cords as well as its shape, you won’t have any problems when you need to strap the kayak to the roof rack.

Comfort: To be honest, this one isn’t exactly one of those kayaks that keeps you comfortable the whole day. On the other hand, it’s not that bad either. The backrest is padded and comes with adjustable straps so you can position it how you want. However, the seating area doesn’t have any padding and it feels stiff and uncomfortable after some time. Of course, you can always buy a good kayak seat, which will improve things drastically.

You should also know that you can find yourself sitting in water because the scupper holes are at the same level as the seat. Unless it’s very warm inside, sitting in a puddle the whole day can be very uncomfortable. This problem can be easily solved by plugging the holes, and you can order the plugs from the manufacturer.

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Since it’s a sit-on-top, the leg space is very generous. You can place them any way you want, or comfortably rest them on the padded rests on both sides. The footrests are adjustable, with a rail that allows you to pull them closer or push them away, making it a good fit regardless of how tall you are.

Thanks to the larger cockpit area, you can even stand up in this one. Even though it’s very stable, you should consider getting some kayak stabilizers if you plan on doing this, to eliminate any chance of tipping over. Overall, it’s quite comfortable to take it out for a few hours, but you have to be aware of its limitations. If you plan on going on multi-day trips, you should consider getting a touring kayak for that purpose.


  • Very light
  • Good stability
  • Numerous useful features
  • Easy to transport
  • Tough materials
  • Great for beginners


  • Water gets inside
  • Smaller weight capacity

Overall Rating

This is a well-made fishing kayak that will keep most users happy. It’s very convenient and gives you everything you need to spend a great day out on the water. Also, it’s very tough and sturdy, so you can count on a reliable companion for many years to come.

  • Price: 95% – You’ll have difficulties finding a kayak that offers this much for such a low price. This was one of the manufacturer’s goals when making it – create a reliable kayak that anyone can afford.
  • Material: 95% – The polyethylene used is incredibly strong. It’s a great choice to give you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about dents or holes in the surface of your kayak, and can relax and enjoy your activity.
  • Design: 90% – The smart design has received many praises throughout this article. Even though there are a couple of things that could be improved, only a handful of kayaks can compete with this one in terms of convenience.
  • Overall: 93% – It’s one of the best compact kayaks you’ll be able to find. Sure, it’s not as sophisticated as some high-end products, but the positives on this one easily stomp the negatives.

Globo Surf Overview

The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an affordable vessel to get you started in the kayak fishing game. As you had the chance to see, it has more than enough space for an adult, and it’s easy to take with you no matter where you’re going.

You’ll get all the features you need for attaching and storing your fishing gear, and it’s going to perform really well on calm water. As long as you’re aware of some of its limitations we pointed out earlier, we wholeheartedly recommend this one – it’s well worth the money and it will give you lots of enjoyment.

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Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Kayak Review