Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 Kayak Review



The Wilderness System Tsunami is oriented towards performance, but it puts a big accent on comfort too. The features of this kayak guarantee you’ll have the most comfortable experience while exploring the water. This touring kayak comes with an adjustable seat, foot braces, large storage hatches, and a protective cockpit among other things. Take a look at the list of features that make it so popular among kayakers:

  • Phase 3 AirPro seat gives you incredible comfort and allows full adjustability
  • The foot brace system gives every kayaker a stable and comfortable foot position
  • Two sealed hatches (bow and stern) keep your gear safe and dry
  • Bottle holder under the deck for easy access
  • Two included mesh deck bags are easy to install and convenient for small items
  • Bungee deck rigging at the bow and stern is customizable
  • Raised edges around the cockpit repel water and make it easy to install a spray skirt
  • Sealed stern bulkhead makes sure the contents inside the hatch remain dry
  • Soft handles at the bow and stern make carrying easy
  • A skid plate protects the hull from damage when dragging
  • Rudder-ready stern design for easy rudder installation



Length: 12 feet 9 inches

Width: 26 inches

Height: 15 inches

Weight: 51 pounds

Cockpit Length: 35.75 inches

Cockpit width: 20 inches

Capacity: 300 pounds

Material: High-density polyethylene

Warranty: Lifetime on materials and workmanship, 1 year on accessories

Color schemes: Borealis, Mango, Solar

Included accessories: Phase 3 AirPro seat, sliding foot brace system, deck bags, adjustable thigh braces, bow and stern storage hatches, stern bulkhead, water bottle holder, reflective safety line

User Experience

Performance: Kayakers agree that the Tsunami delivers fantastic performance and that it really shines on longer trips. Since this is a touring kayak, after all, you can expect it to be really fast on the water. This type of kayak usually features a streamlined hull that not only makes it fast but also improves tracking. All this allows you to cover large distances without too much effort.

On the other hand, this is the shortest model in the Tsunami family. While the 125 performs great, it’s still not excessively long to prevent you from efficiently controlling it. This makes paddling the kayak easy, even for inexperienced kayakers.

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Stability: The hull of this kayak is V-shaped but features multiple chines and an increased volume above the waterline to improve stability. Even though it’s mainly directed towards performance and speed, the stability of this kayak is at an admirable level.

Users say that secondary stability is particularly good, making it almost impossible to flip the kayak even when using your body to turn. Of course, since it’s a sit-inside kayak, you should be familiar with kayak self-rescue, in case you find yourself in a problematic situation.

Cockpit: Paddlers really like the cockpit design inside the Tsunami kayak. The centerpiece is certainly the Phase 3 AirPro seat, which is probably one of the best on the market right now. It’s padded, breathable, and comes with a system of straps to adjust the support. Besides, you’ll find two bolts on each side of the cockpit that allow you to move the whole kayak seat forward or backward, to improve weight balance or get additional leg space.

The cockpit is also equipped with adjustable foot braces, which are in an excellent position and give you added stability and comfort. You also get thigh pads on both sides, to rest your legs without feeling discomfort. However, kayakers say that the cockpit is made for smaller and medium-sized adults. So, if you’re larger in size, you should perhaps consider the longer versions of the Tsunami.

Finally, the edges around the cockpit are raised. This is really convenient for grabbing and repelling water splash. It also allows you to easily install a spray skirt, so you can use the kayak even in colder weather.

Storage: You won’t have any problems packing all your gear in this kayak. What’s even better, all of it is fully protected inside a dry storage compartment. The Tsunami has two of these (at the bow and stern) and you have plenty of space for a sleeping bag, some camping gear, or even a fishing rod.

The one at the bow is round and smaller, while the one in the back is very large and ovally shaped. There is a bulkhead behind the seat, meaning that the space inside the rear hatch is guaranteed to remain completely dry. In addition to these, you also get bungee deck rigging in the front and back. What’s even better is that the rigging is adjustable, thanks to the several screws for attaching the cords.

Wilderness systems also include two mesh deck bags with every kayak. These are easily installed in the front and are very easy to open and close. They are really convenient for a water bottle when you have a spray skirt on and can’t reach inside the cockpit. Furthermore, these can also be used for other smaller gear, such as a kayak knife of your sunglasses. It’s a fantastic addition since everything you put in the bags is within hand’s reach.

Portability: Considering its length, the Tsunami kayak is relatively light. It comes with soft carry handles at the bow and stern, and the edges around the cockpit are convenient for grabbing the kayak. However, at 51lbs, it’s still going to be heavy for some people to carry the kayak on their own. This is why it’s equipped with a skid plate, allowing you to drag the kayak over short distances without worrying you’ll damage the hull.

You should keep in mind that this kayak isn’t going to fit in the back of your truck, so you need a different way to transport it. You can get a roof rack for your car, or, if you have several kayaks, you can invest in a kayak trailer. It’s also useful to get a cockpit cover for a sit-inside kayak because it will help keep the cockpit clean and dry while transporting it.


  • Phase 3 seat feels great even after many hours in it
  • The cockpit is highly adjustable
  • Mesh deck pockets are really handy
  • Storage hatches are spacious and well-designed
  • Bungee-rigging is versatile and strong
  • Kayak is light for its size


  • The cockpit is tight for large users

Overall Rating


  • Price: 90% – Even though this kayak offers great value, it’s not exactly a budget kayak. It may be too expensive for those looking to limit the cost of kayaking. However, you should be aware that you’re getting a top-level vessel in terms of performance and build quality, so investing is really smart in the long run.
  • Material: 90% – The polyethylene body of this kayak is strong and resistant to most impacts. We like that it’s very hard, so you don’t need to worry about any dents. Also, the colors remain stable over time.
  • Design: 95% – We love the design of the Wilderness System Tsunami. It amazingly comfortable and convenient, while the sleek hull makes sure you’re very fast on the water. We also like the vibrant color schemes, which will certainly get noticed on the water.
  • Overall: 92% – This is a higher-class kayak and it really shows. If you want a vessel to fully enjoy your time and all the health benefits of kayaking, we honestly recommend it.

Globo Surf Overview

We were really impressed with this kayak. The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 is an amazing kayak throughout. It’s incredibly fast, but also very stable for this type of kayak. The design is really good and makes paddling very efficient. On top of it, you can count on excellent comfort the whole time. Thanks to the abundance of storage, you can use it for overnight kayaking trips when touring with your friends. So, if you want a relaxing and reliable kayak with top-level performance, this one is a great choice.


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Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125 Kayak Review