Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Kayak Review


The Ocean Kayak Malibu Two kayak features a basic design, which gives it excellent versatility. It can be paddled by one person, by two people, or by two people with one or two kids or four-legged companions onboard. 

It has a triple-layer polyethylene hull, which gives it excellent durability and stability on calm waters as well as in moderate waves, ocean swells, and powerboat wakes. Its other features include:

  • Three seating positions and a spacious open cockpit that will fit two paddlers and one kid or pet.
  • Multiple footrests for the paddlers. Overlapping footwells for center seated paddlers to brace their legs.
  • Two adjustable Comfort Plus seats over molded-in seat wells.
  • Two padded and adjustable Comfort Plus seatbacks.
  • Side carry handles and toggle handles on the bow and stern for ease of carrying.
  • Molds for three dry storage hatch at the bow, center, and stern.
  • Gear straps for securing items.
  • A screw-in drain plug.
  • A skid plate that protects the keel from damage.


Length: 12 feet/3.7 m

Width: 34 inches/86.4 cm

Depth: 13 inches/33cm

Weight: 57 pounds/25.8kg

Weight Capacity: 425 lb/192.8 kg

Bow Seat Width: 18.5 in/47 cm

Stern Seat Width: 20.25 in/51.4 cm

Center Seat Width: 16.25 in/41.3 cm

Bow Leg Length: 44 in/111.8 cm

Stern Leg Length: 42 in/106.7 cm

Material: Polyethylene

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on the hull

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User Experience

Portability and Setup: 34 inches wide and almost 60 pounds heavy, this kayak is awkward for one person to lift and wrestle onto a cartop carrier or move to and from the vehicle to the water. Lifting and loading it easily is a two-person job. When using it as a one-person kayak, you can get a kayak cart to make moving it to and from the water easier. Once you get the kayak in the water, jumping on it is easy given that it is a stable sit on top kayak 

Usability: With a 425 maximum capacity, you can take your entire family on rides in the Malibu Two kayak. With two main seating positions and a mini seat in between, there is room on board for two adults and one or two kids or two adults and one or two dogs.

As a tandem kayak, there is adequate room for both paddlers to paddle in unison without paddles colliding. You can also paddle it solo and use the rest of the space on deck for fishing gear or gear for an overnight or multi-day kayak camping trip

No matter your paddling experience level, size, or height, rides on the Malibu Two sit on top kayak are comfortable experiences due to their stability and multiple footrest positions. With the spacious and open sit-on-top kayak cockpit, there is no feeling claustrophobic with this kayak. 

The seats that come with this kayak are designed for beach bums. They are padded, equipped with backrests, and are adjustable. You can sit straight up or lean them backward. They are pretty comfortable for short rides. For longer rides or if you have back issues, we recommend getting more comfortable and supportive kayak seats

The lack of ready to use storage compartments is where this kayak fails. It does include three molds for installing hatches so you can purchase kayak hatches separately and install them for dry storage. It does have straps for tying down stuff but these too are inadequate, as they are too short to hold items. 

The stability makes the Malibu Two a great platform for fishing and diving. It isn’t designed as a fishing or diving kayak but you can modify it for these purposes. 

Performance On the Water: What you can’t tell by just looking at the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two kayak is how amazing it is on the water. Its 34-inch width and triple-layer hull make it super stable even in ocean swells and powerboat wakes. Even beginners can ride it in the ocean without worrying about tipping. It is so much fun as a surf kayak

It has a keel that enables it to track very well in the water. The downside to its width is that speed is not one of its strong points but it can cruise pretty fast with proper paddling techniques. It is also sufficiently maneuverable but not the nimblest kayak. 


  • A versatile, multipurpose kayak you can take anywhere
  • Plenty of room and capacity for the whole family or camping gear when used as a one-person kayak
  • Can be paddled solo or tandem
  • An incredibly stable kayak
  • High-quality build with reliable durability
  • Plenty of legroom and multiple footrest positions
  • The large, roomy, and non-confining cockpit area
  • Comes in attractive hues
  • Impressive warranty


  • Its width and weight makes it difficult to lift, carry and cartop using only one pair of hands
  • You will have to get kayak paddles separately as they aren’t included 
  • There are no ready to use storage compartments. You will have to get kayak hatches separately and install them in the molds.
  • Has drain holes but doesn’t come with scupper plugs to keep the water out 
  • The cargo straps aren’t very useful as they are too short
  • The seat backrests aren’t supportive enough for long paddling sessions

Overall Rating

Based on our assessment, here are our ratings of the Malibu Two kayak:

  • Price: 100 % – This is a competitively priced hardshell tandem kayak. It is a fantastic value for the super versatile and durable kayak it is.
  • Material: 100% – The triple-layer polyethylene hull is tough and can handle being dragged over grass, sand, branches, and being smashed into rocks and remain intact for years.
  • Design: 95% – A simple but well thought out design that achieves versatility, stability, and comfort. Rides on this kayak feel safe and comfortable. This does come at the expense of speed though.
  • Overall: 98% – The Malibu Two kayak is a great all-around kayak that suits a variety of waters and purposes. Malibu Two kayaks have stood the test of time and can last decades with proper care. They are fantastic values for money. 

Globo Surf Overview

Super stable, versatile, and spacious, the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is one of the best multipurpose kayaks on the market. If you’re looking for one kayak you can take anywhere and that can fulfill multiple purposes, you can’t go wrong with a Malibu 2. 

You will be able to use it for recreational paddling on flat water, surfing, fishing, for ng, and family adventures on the water. It is a great first kayak and family kayak. For single kayaking, it also works well when you need to carry a lot of gear but you can find a much faster one-person kayak that is also easier to carry alone. Serious paddlers may prefer a longer and narrower touring kayak

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Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Kayak Review