Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 Kayak Review


When it comes to features, the Hobie Mirage gives you everything you could ever wish for in a kayak. This pedal-powered kayak is loaded with additions, but it’s not just about having them – the Pro Angler 12 has set everything up so that you can get the most out of every fishing trip. The pedal system, amazing seat, or the easy-to-use rudder system are just some of the things that set it apart from the competition. Take a look at what makes it one of the best fishing kayaks on the market:

  • MirageDrive 180 system for efficient pedaling in both directions
  • Vantage ST seat excels in both comfort and adjustability
  • Hand-controlled rudder system for easy steering
  • Skeg for better tracking
  • Thru-hull wire plugs for easy fish finder installation
  • Shield for a fish finder transducer
  • Horizontal rod storage for four fishing rods
  • Vertical rod holders
  • Three dry storage hatches with containers inside
  • Installation points for a kayak anchor trolley system
  • Strong handles at both ends to carry the kayak


Length: 12 feet

Width: 36 inches

Height: 20 inches

Hull weight: 105 pounds

Fully rigged weight: 128.5 pounds

Kayak capacity: 500 pounds

Seat capacity: 350 pounds

Material: Rotomolded polyethylene

Warranty: 3-year warranty

Included accessories: MirageDrive 180, Vantage ST seat, rudder system, skeg, rod holders, rod storage, dry hatches, tackle boxes, thru-hull wire plugs, H-rails, carry handles, two-piece paddle

User Experience

Performance and use: You can expect some great things from this kayak. Thanks to the push pedal system, you can reach your fishing spot much faster than if you were paddling the kayak. The system also goes in reverse, and there is a steering handle on the side that controls the rudder. Users say that it’s surprisingly fast for this type of kayak, which is a huge bonus.

Even though it’s best used in flat and calm water, this kayak is tough enough to handle a wave or two. Additionally, it doesn’t matter if you use it for fresh or saltwater fishing, it works great either way. It’s very popular among anglers and a solid choice regardless of whether you’re just getting into kayak fishing, or if you’re an experienced kayaker looking for an upgrade.

Stability: Kayakers say that it’s next to impossible to tip this kayak, even on purpose. The reason for this is the extra-wide 36in hull combined with multi-chine design. All this increases the surface area of the hull and gives you a stable platform to stand on. And indeed, this kayak is very reliable when standing.

Additionally, the sanding pad in the cockpit gives you an excellent grip and keeps you from slipping. This is a huge plus when casting your bait but also helps to get in and out of the kayak. Users agree that it remains stable even in strong winds, so you have nothing to worry about.

Fishing: As you had the chance to see, fishing from this kayak is incredibly easy. Anglers particularly appreciate the abundance of rod holders – the Hobie fishing kayak has a total of six. Four of them are horizontal and convenient for storing your extra rods, while two molded-in holders are behind the seat so you can put your rod in while waiting for fish to bite.

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This kayak also comes with pre-installed cable plugs and openings for a quick fishfinder installation. There is even an amount for it, so you don’t have to do any hull modification. The sides are equipped with H-rails allowing you to quickly mount any gear you want, be it an additional rod holder or anything else. Finally, the rectangular compartment in front of the seat comes with two Plano tackle boxes inside.

Storage: There are so many options when it comes to storage, that you won’t have any problems organizing it however you want. As you can see, the bow area comes with a large bungee-corded hatch featuring a dual gasket system to prevent leaking. It also has a container inside, which many kayakers use for keeping ice.

As we mentioned earlier, the hatch in the middle is designed for tackle boxes, and these are included in the purchase. This is also a convenient place to keep your fishing lines, pliers, or anything you need close at hand. The containers in all of the hatches can be removed, giving you direct access to the hull.

Further in the back, you get a spacious storage tank well, with an 8-inch dry hatch in it. This compartment also comes with a container and makes a great place for keeping valuables. As for the tankwell itself, it easily fits a milk crate with your gear, of which you can throw a dry bag or a lunch cooler in there too.

Comfort: Anglers praise the Vantage ST kayak seat, and many of them claim it’s the best they had ever used. The reason for this is that it’s fully adjustable. Both the backrest angle and the bottom angle are adjusted by simply turning the handles on your armrests.

Additionally, the seat can be set in a high or a low sitting position. The high position is better for fishing and when using the pedal system, while the lower position makes it more comfortable and efficient when using a paddle. Furthermore, the bottom of the seat can be folded upwards to give you a larger area when standing.

Another great thing about this kayak is that it easily fits larger adults. In fact, many users say that the kayak works even better for taller individuals, which certainly adds to its versatility.

Portability: You should be aware that this is a very heavy kayak, especially when fully equipped. This is why you probably won’t be able to carry it on your own. Luckily, there is a solution – a kayak cart. The Hobie Mirage is compatible with scupper carts and has reinforced scupper holes in the tankwell just for this. Finally, many people choose to transport it with a trailer instead of on the car roof, making things a lot easier.


  • The pedal system allows you to move fast
  • Rudder and skeg really improve performance
  • The seat is incredibly comfortable and easy to set up
  • Fantastic weight capacity and well-organized storage
  • Comes with many high-quality accessories
  • Easy to install gear without drilling the kayak


  • Not exactly budget-friendly

Overall Rating

  • Price: 90% – This is going to be a problem for many users, and we certainly understand. It’s a steep price, but you can rest assured you’re getting a top-level product. We have given the Hobie fishing kayak a very high grade here because it’s really much more than your ordinary kayak.
  • Material: 95% – The body is exceptionally strong, thanks to the rotomolded polyethylene construction. You don’t have to worry about dents and scratches, and can enjoy your fishing trip with peace of mind.
  • Design: 100% – We’re really impressed with the design – it hardly gets much better than this. Not just that you have everything you need for fishing, but it also provides you with a fantastic level of comfort and plenty of space.
  • Overall: 95% – This is one of the most exceptional kayaks you’ll stumble upon. We love it, and consider it to be an excellent choice for any fishing enthusiast. Of course, the price is a drawback, but believe us that it’s worth it.

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It seems that the Hobie Pro Angler 12 comes very close to being the perfect fishing kayak. We’re aware that perfection is hard to reach, but this kayak somehow manages to cater to everyone’s needs. Of course, it also allows you to have an amazing time along the way. It’s easy to handle, highly functional and a joy to spend time in. If you’ve decided that you want to invest in a high-quality kayak, don’t be afraid – this one will bring a smile to your face over and over again.

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