A Review Of The Dagger Katana 10.4 Kayak


The Dagger Katana 10.4 kayak features a sit-inside vessel that promises both stability and speed in all types of water. Interestingly, you can enjoy speed regardless of the type of water.

The crossover design is what makes this kayak unique. It offers you the desired comfort during your ride.

In case you are paddling on whitewater, you don’t need to worry as this kayak has a hull built for such waters.

Other fascinating features available in this craft are:

  • A stylish cockpit that is spacious and provides extra comfort
  • A detachable storage pouch for storing small items
  • A rear sealed spacious hatch ideal for storing sleeping bags, and a tent
  • Presence of bungee cords at the stern and bow for attaching extra equipment for longer trips
  • Antitheft locking bar
  • Rounded stern deck shape. It sheds water with ease rendering it forgiving in moving waters.
  • A removable bulkhead which creates more storage space
  • Adjustable thigh braces
  • A hull for primary stability and flared and beveled sidewalls for secondary stability
  • Adjustable contour hip braces
  • Comfort carry handles
  • Roto-molded seating with leg filter


​Length: 10 foot 4 inches

​Width: 27.25 inches

​Depth: 15 inches

Weight: 56 pounds

Weight capacity: 155-285 pounds

Volume: 393 liters

Cockpit Length: 94cm

Cockpit width: 52cm

Deck height: 38cm

Material- rotomolded polyethylene

Number of paddlers-1

User Experience

Water performance:  The performance of this craft in water is just amazing. You can attest to this after having a few rides. It can be used in all water types and for different activities. It is also designed to perform well in flatwater and whitewater with both secondary and primary stability.

Whether you are paddling in a slow-moving river or flat water, you’ll notice how easy to stay in a straight line. This is made possible by the Tru Tak system. In case you are paddling in rocky areas or facing big waters, your vessel is kept safe by a retractable skeg. You only pull out the skeg and your kayak moves above the rocks and doesn’t get damaged.

The presence of a hull in the Dagger Katana 10.4 kayak further makes it suitable for handling whitewater.

The only set back though is that you can’t use this craft for fishing.

Usability: As previously mentioned, this kayak is ideal for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Also, both heavy and light paddlers are guaranteed of enjoying their paddling experience. This is facilitated by the vessel’s maximum weight capacity of 285 pounds.

If you are planning for taking a long holiday, the Dagger Katana 10.4 is your craft of choice. Its longer length means more space and more holding gear capacity.

For comfort when paddling on flat and whitewater, look no further also. This amazing kayak offers the best comfort. It has an Ergo outfitting which enhances comfort through adjustable thigh braces, roto-molded seating with a leg lifter, and adjustable hip braces.

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For extra comfort, the Dagger designers ensure that the cockpit is large and stylish too. You are less restricted than in other Katana models. There is a storage pouch within the cockpit for storing small and essential items. What’s more, this pouch is detachable for use when not in the vessel.

Since this vessel is designed for use over long periods in water, storage is well enhanced. It has enough space for storing food and camping gear. You also minimize additional camping costs like tent hire. The rear sealed hatch of this vessel is spacious enough to accommodate your sleeping bag and tent. The presence of a removable bulkhead further makes it even more unique. This adds extra space that is accessible via the vessels’ cockpit. Longer tours are equally taken care of by having bungee cords at the vessel’s stern and bow. This helps in attaching extra gear.

Ability to stay on track: Besides maintaining maneuverability and speed, the hulls rocker enables the yak to stay on track. This is a feature not available in vessels whose bottoms are flatter.

This yak also boasts of having a retractable skeg. You can drop it down during navigating larger water bodies and when paddling on flat water. This too ensures you are on the right track and direction. If you happen to get to the whitewater, you can easily retract the yak to the hull to prevent rocks from damaging it

For quick turning and navigation through whitewater stretches, the round rock hull enhances this.
Portability: Lifting a vessel of 56 pounds and 27 inches wide is a bit difficult for one person. Despite being a one-man yak, you have to seek help whenever you want to lift it from your car to the water. You can alternatively buy a kayak cart for such purposes. Once in the water, you can jump into your vessel thanks to its stable and heavy-built seat.


  • Has ample storage space
  • Suitable for both experienced and inexperienced paddlers
  • Suitable for use in all types of water
  • Highly comfortable
  • Suitable for use over long periods
  • Has a skeg for tracking
  • An easily accessible hatch
  • Warranty available on this Dagger vessel
  • The ability to create space through a removable bulkhead
  • Durable


  • Heavy for one person to lift
  • Not suitable for fishing activities
  • Can only be used by one person
  • Can be slow if packed down for long in the stern

Overall Rating

As per our assessment, we can confidently rate the Dagger Katana 10.4 Kayak as follows:

Material: 100%- The roto-molded material is tough for use in all types of water and further boosted by a retractable skeg. This ensures that your kayak does not get damaged when paddling in rocky areas.

Design: 100%- This vessel has unique features that offer maximum comfort throughout your adventure period.  It is also versatile and offers primary and secondary stability. This is made possible by the hull and the beveled/flared sidewalls.

Price: 95%- The wonderful features that are in this vessel definitely come at a cost. You are however assured of getting nothing but the best.

Overall: 98%- All in all, the Dagger Katana is the kayak of choice for any adventurer. This is due to its amazing features as we’ve previously confirmed. You can be sure to get value for your money once you buy it.

Globo Surf Overview

 Designed recently by Dagger, this is the most modern kayak to cater to all your needs and give you the best paddling experience. You can easily navigate all waters confidently and at high speed too!

Further, you don’t need to worry about storage as this vessel has more than enough room for all your gear. The ability to detach parts makes it more space convenient.

Regarding comfort, look no further. The Dagger Katana 10.4 offers the best. Its spacious cockpit, roto-molded seating with a leg-lifting capability makes sure you fully enjoy your paddling experience. Adjustable thigh braces and hip pads boost your comfort even more.

The retractable skeg eliminates all worry when navigating rocky areas. You simply pull the skeg and your vessel navigates freely without getting damaged by the rocks. The skeg also ensures that you maintain stability too as you maneuver in rough waters.


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