Old Town Twin Heron Kayak Review


Thanks to its smart features, paddling the Twin Heron tandem kayak is a real joy. It’s exciting, but at the same time very comfortable and safe. Both kayakers have more than enough space and adjustability in their seat, and you can be certain that neither of you will feel cramped. The possibility of using this one as a single kayak is just the cherry on top. Take a look at all the features that make it so outstanding:

  • Auto Trim hull improves the weight balance and allows solo paddling
  • Comfort Flex seats are padded, adjustable and the front one can be removed
  • Glide Track foot brace system allows comfortable and stable foot position
  • Molded carry handles allow easier transportation
  • Cup holders in both kayak seats
  • Paddle holders for both kayakers
  • Bungee-rigged deck for securing gear



Length:  13 feet 6 inches

Width: 31.5 inches

Height: 15.5 inches

Weight: 60 pounds

Capacity: 500 pounds

Cockpit: 93.5 x 23 inches

Material: Three-layer polyethylene

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on the hull

Included accessories: Two adjustable Comfort Flex seats, Glide Track foot brace system, carry handles, paddle holders, bungee rigging

User Experience

Usability and Stability: Paddlers claim that this kayak is very responsive and easy to paddle. Thanks to its length, it moves quickly on the water as long as you know how to paddle a tandem kayak efficiently. It also tracks really well, so you won’t any problems covering even larger distances on your trip.

As we mentioned earlier, the main feature of this kayak is its Auto Trim hull. This type of design allows the bow to remain in the water when you paddle the kayak on your own. When using it solo while sitting in the back seat, the kayak remains fully functional. Most kayaks lose balance in this situation and the bow sticks out of the water too much, but not the Twin Heron.

If you like fishing and want to enjoy this too, you should consider getting the Twin Heron Angler. This fishing kayak comes with six-rod mount receivers and two Cannon rod holders. It gives both kayakers a place to rest their fishing rods while waiting for the fish to bite, and the mount receivers can be used for installing various fishing gear.

Storage: When it comes to storage, there’s both good news and bad news. With 500lbs of weight capacity, this kayak can really support some weight. In addition to two paddlers, it can easily carry any extra gear you need, even for an overnight kayaking trip.

On the other hand, the lack of organized storage is apparent. It has a bungee cord system in the stern area, but not much else. These bungees are convenient for securing a smaller deck bag, but you won’t be able to fit a lot of other things. The bulk of the equipment needs to go inside the cockpit, which is inconvenient for some paddlers.

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If you decide to remove the front seat when on your own, you’ll have plenty of space for a sleeping bag or your camping gear. What’s even better, this free space can also be useful when kayaking with your dog, so you have plenty of options.

Comfort: Even though this is a sit-inside kayak, the cockpit in this one is huge. The Twin Heron tandem kayak easily fits two larger kayakers. Both paddlers get a Comfort Flex seat which is padded and allows air to circulate so you don’t sweat while sitting. The seat has straps on its sides to adjust the angle of the backrest. You’ll also find a molded-in cup holder in your seat, which is very convenient for keeping a water bottle.

The cockpit is also equipped with foot braces for both paddlers. The footrests are on rails, and you can easily slide them along to find the perfect position. The rest itself is rubberized, giving your feet a better grip when wet, and also a nice feel if you’re not wearing any kayak shoes.

Finally, both sides of the kayak come with a paddle holder. The holder is designed as a groove with a bungee cord that secures your kayak paddle and keeps it from slipping down into the water. This feature is very convenient when you need your hands free to grab the fishing rod or take out your camera to snap a photo.

Portability: Users say that this kayak is convenient to transport, despite its size. For a tandem vessel, it’s relatively light (compared to other models). Still, carrying the kayak on your own can be difficult, so your paddling partner needs to pitch in. You’ll find molded carry handles on both ends of the kayak which give you a comfortable grip. However, if you think you won’t have anybody to help you, we suggest you get a kayak cart.

As you had the chance to see, this isn’t a short vessel. This means that you probably need a roof rack for your car so you can transport it to your destination. An alternative is a kayak trailer, which can be very useful if you have several kayaks that need transport.


  • Spacious and comfortable cockpit for both paddlers
  • Can be used solo without making changes
  • The front seat is removable to increase storage
  • Very stable on the water
  • Comfortable for longer paddling sessions


  • Doesn’t have dry storage
  • Heavy to carry on your own

Overall Rating


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  • Material: 95% – Like all high-quality kayaks, the Twin Heron is made of polyethylene. What separates it from others is that it has three layers, greatly increasing the strength of this vessel. You don’t have to worry about rocks and branches because they won’t leave a mark on the hull. We also like that the hull comes with a skid plate for added protection.
  • Design: 90% – The design of this kayak is fantastic, especially the Auto Trim hull which is a really unique feature. Besides that, the cockpit is spacious with comfy seats, so both paddlers are going to have a nice time on the water. On the other hand, we feel that it could have better storage options since you need to keep almost all of your gear inside the cockpit.
  • Overall: 93% – We were impressed with the solution to a problem that many tandem kayaks face. It performs really well both as a single and as a tandem, and not many other vessels can say that. You will certainly find something to like about this kayak, no matter how you decide to use it.

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The bottom line, the Old Town Twin Heron is an excellent choice for all of you who want a bit more than a regular tandem kayak. It’s well-made, comfortable, and enjoyable throughout the day. As we said earlier, you can use it with your child, take your dog on a trip around the lake, or set out on your own to get some exercise or just to relax. It’s a great vessel throughout, and we would recommend it to anyone who likes some companion when kayaking.

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