Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Review


Seeing the number of great features on this kayak really puts a smile on your face. The Ocean Trident 13 is really versatile in this sense. While some other kayaks only focus on comfort or angler additions, this fishing kayak delivers the whole package. As we said, you’ll get everything you need in terms of comfort, performance, and functionality so you can fully enjoy yourself. Take a look at the most prominent features this kayak has to offer:

  • ACS II seat is adjustable and comfortable throughout the day
  • Mod Pod II center console for organizing and storing gear
  • Flush mount rod holders behind the seat
  • Large Click Seal bow hatch keeps your valuables dry
  • Gunnel track system for mounting various accessories
  • Oversized tank well with bungee cords for securing larger items
  • Adjustable foot brace system allows comfortable leg position
  • Paddle holder with rod rest at the bow
  • Screws for easy rudder installation
  • Skid plate to protect the hull from damage


Length: 13 feet 6 inches

Width: 29 inches

Weight: 79 pounds

Hatch size: 20 x 11.375 inches

Capacity: 355 pounds

Material: Single layer polyethylene

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty on hull and deck

Included accessories: ACS II seat, Mod Pod II center console, multiple gear tracks, flush mount rod holders, rest for paddle and fishing rods, sliding foot braces, Click Seal hatch

User Experience

Usability: Anglers claim that this kayak is really easy to paddle and handles very well. Thanks to the streamlined hull, it’s very fast too. This is a big plus since it allows you to go farther out and reach your favorite fishing spot faster. Even though the kayak works well in any situation, it really shines in the ocean when tackling waves and rough water.

You won’t have any problems maneuvering the Trident 13. It easily cuts through the water and has great tracking. If you decide you need help turning or controlling the kayak, the stern comes with screws to easily install a rudder. Furthermore, consider equipping the kayak with an anchor too, so you can remain in place once you reach your destination.

Stability: This kayak is pretty stable, so you will feel secure while sitting and fishing. This being said, some of the stability was sacrificed when designing the kayak, to make it faster and perform better. This means it’s not recommended to stand up when casting the reeling in your catch. Also, never forget to wear a life jacket no matter where you’re going.

Storage: Users say that packing and organizing your gear is a breeze with the Ocean Trident 13. At the bow, you get a large 20in Click Seal hatch that is very secure and easy to use. It has a gasket around the edges so it’s completely dry, making it a great place for your keys or a phone. Besides, it comes with a bag insert that can be used for the fish finder battery, or other small items.

In the back, you get an oversized tank well with bungee cords to keep the content in place. It’s more than large enough for a fishing crate with all your gear packed inside. You can also put a kayak cooler and a tackle box in there, or use the bungees to strap down a deck bag. Some kayakers leave the tankwell empty since it’s a great position for your dog to sit in when kayaking with your dog.

Comfort: The comfort level you get with this one is really high. You get an ergonomic ACS II (active comfort system) kayak seat which users really like. The backrest is adjustable by height, so you get proper lumbar support. The front part of the seat can be raised or lowered for better thigh support. It’s heavily padded, while still allowing air circulation so you don’t sweat while sitting.

As we mentioned earlier, the foot braces are easily adjustable. They slide on rails, so you can easily find the most comfortable position. Thanks to the large cockpit, there is more than enough space, even for very tall kayakers. The spacious cockpit has one more additional benefit – getting in and out of the kayak is really easy.

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In the bow area, you will find a paddle holder that doubles as a fishing rod rest. It’s convenient to lay your rod on top of it or slide the blade of your kayak paddle underneath when you need both hands free to do something.

Fishing: Kayakers agree that this is one of the best-equipped fishing kayaks on the market. Behind your seat, you get two flush-mount rod holders which are very convenient. They can also be used for holding a fishing net if you have a different rod holder mounted on one of the seven gear tracks on this kayak. These tracks are universal and compatible with different accessories from well-known manufacturers.

Perhaps the best bit of this kayak is the Mod Pod II center console. This smartly designed hatch consists of two parts that open separately or can be lifted together. The front part has gear tracks on the sides and a cup holder in the middle, while the part closest to you has a smaller hatch with bungee cords on top, as well as a magnetic surface to secure the hooks when changing the bait.

Underneath each part, you’ll find a plastic container that is great storage space for lines, pliers, or a kayak knife. Both containers can be removed, giving you full access to the insides of the kayak. Some people use this space to store additional fishing rods, which is handy.

Last but not least, installing a fish finder on this kayak is a piece of cake. There is a dedicated area (behind the hatch) with screws in place, and a scupper hole next to it so you can connect the transducer without having to drill into the hull.

Portability: This kayak is pretty heavy, but this is to be expected considering the size and the amount of equipment. It comes with four ergonomic carry handles, but you won’t be able to carry it yourself. For this reason, many users suggest getting a kayak cart so you can easily roll it down to the water. You should know that it won’t be able to fit in the back of your pickup truck, so think about getting a roof rack or a kayak trailer to transport it.


  • Plenty of space and comfort for large kayakers
  • The seat feels great even after a longer period
  • The Mod Pod II is well-designed and really useful
  • Moves very fast so it’s easy to cover larger distances
  • Incredibly easy to mount your gear
  • Great storage options


  • Size and weight can be a problem when transporting

Overall Rating

  • Price: 90% – While the Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Angler isn’t exactly made for those who are on a budget, we feel that it offers more than enough to justify the cost. Since it comes well-equipped you’ll save some money on fishing gear, and the tough build guarantees it will last for a long time.
  • Material: 85% – Polyethylene is the standard in the kayak industry and for a good reason. It’s sturdy and very resistant to dents and scratches, so you don’t have to worry about hitting obstacles while you’re in the water.
  • Design: 100% – We have already said many nice things about the design of this kayak. It either comes with them or makes it easy for you to install various fishing accessories. On top of this great functionality, it looks good too.
  • Overall: 92% – This kayak leaves a really strong impression. We like everything it has to offer since it’s fully oriented towards anglers. This being said, it has some limitations when using it for kayaking activities other than fishing.

Globo Surf Overview

The Ocean Kayak Trident 13 is well-designed and has plenty to offer. It’s a real pleasure to fish in, thanks to the great weight capacity and overall gear compatibility. Also, it’s pretty fast and offers great performance. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a true fishing kayak to take out on the open water, don’t miss out on this one.


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Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Review