Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10ft Kayak Review



For such a compact kayak, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of useful features. The Bali 10 kayak somehow manages to pack a lot in a limited space. Because of this, you get a bow and stern storage compartments (with the mentioned PAC at the stern), bottle and cup holders, footrests, paddle holders, and much more. Take a look at all of the features that make this recreational kayak so special.

  • Portable Accessory Carrier (P.A.C.) system has a large capacity for your gear
  • The cockpit is wide and roomy so exit and entry is easy
  • The backrest is padded and adjustable
  • Storage hatch is conveniently placed for quick access
  • Handy pockets on the sides for smaller items
  • Bungee-corded storage areas at the bow and stern
  • Thigh pads on both sides increase your comfort
  • Paddle holders for securing the paddle
  • Cup holder and a bungee-corded bottle holder for your beverages
  • Adjustable foot braces for finding the most comfortable position



Length: 10 feet

Width: 28.5 inches

Height: 11 inches

Weight: 44 pounds

Capacity: 250 pounds

Material: High-density Fortiflex polyethylene with UV stabilization

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

Colors: blue, lime, ocean, pink, red

Included accessories: Portable Accessory Carrier (PAC), paddle holder, shock-corded deck, thigh pads, padded backrest, side pockets

User Experience

Usability: Kayakers agree that using this kayak is very easy, even if your paddling technique isn’t on point. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re a beginner because you can relax and learn the basics step by step. Besides, children can easily use it too (since it’s not too large), so many people choose this one when kayaking with kids.

Because of the design, this kayak is fairly versatile. You won’t have any problems taking it out in different conditions, from perfectly calm water (such as lakes and ponds) to smaller rapids and waves in creeks, rivers, and coastal waters. This being said, strong winds will cause trouble, since the vessel is pretty light.

This is a basic kayak that doesn’t come with any special features (for anglers). However, if you want to, you can easily install rod holders and other gear, and set up your kayak for fishing. Still, this is not its main purpose, and if you’re an angler, you’d be better off with a proper fishing kayak.

The same goes for longer trips. It has space but lacks the capacity you need for all your camping gear. So, if you’re planning a multi-day trip, you should get yourself a camping kayak.

Stability: The hull of this kayak is wide and has a multi-chine design. Users claim it has good primary stability, which is very important to those who are not yet used to paddling a kayak. Also, this makes getting in and out of the kayak much easier. What’s even better is that it maintains stability even in stronger currents and choppy waters. This improves your kayaking safety, which is always a good thing.

This being said, we would advise against standing up in this kayak or leaning too far on one side, because you’ll end up in the water. Also, it’s not smart to go overweight capacity because the boat is going to sink too low, which can be a real problem.

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Storage: With this kayak, you get several storage options. We already mentioned the P.A.C. which sits tightly in the tankwell, held in place by bungee cords. It’s watertight, easily removable, and you can even tie it to the back and drag it behind the kayak. Also, there is a convenient top handle.

Both the bow and the stern area are rigged with bungee cords, which are handy for securing gear. The rear tank well is very spacious and has room for many things (as long as you remove the PAC). The front one is not big, but you’ll be able to fit a smaller dry bag.

The kayak is also equipped with a small hatch right in front of the seat. It’s large enough to hold your valuables – wallet, keys, phone, or a waterproof camera. However, keep in mind that the compartment won’t stay completely dry if it gets splashed often.

Finally, you get two vertical pockets on the sides. These are not very large, but they are great for keeping your sunglasses or something similar.

Comfort: Users say that the spacious cockpit makes entry and exit really easy. Overall, the kayak is good in terms of comfort. The backrest is padded, and you can adjust the angle by tightening the straps.

On the other hand, you don’t get any kind of cushion to sit on, which becomes uncomfortable after a while. To make things worse, the scupper holes are right under the seat, so you’ll get a bit wet too. Because of this, it’s not a bad idea to get a high-quality kayak seat.

As we mentioned, the foot braces are adjustable. They slide on a rail, so you can find the most comfortable and stable paddling position. Unfortunately, this is only true if you’re under 6ft tall because most kayakers say that taller individuals won’t be able to push the footrests far enough. If this is you, consider getting a longer kayak.

This kayak is also equipped with a cup holder in the middle, a bottle holder, and a holder for your kayak paddle. These increase the level of comfort by allowing you to have your beverage at hand, or rest your paddle when you need both hands to do something.

Portability: All kayakers agree that almost anyone can pick up this 40lbs kayak. It’s one of the lightest kayaks around, which makes transportation easy. It has bow and stern handles, but there are no handles on the sides. However, it has a rounded edge where you can grab it, or you can get a kayak cart and make things easier. Additionally, the Bali 10 SS kayak is relatively short, so it will probably fit in the back of most pickup trucks.


  • Great for learning
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Several storage options
  • Fantastic price
  • Adjustable cockpit


  • Limited weight capacity
  • The seat could be better

Overall Rating


  • Price: 100% – We appreciate that Sun Dolphin has put a low price tag on this one, and made it affordable to anyone who wants to get into kayaking. Luckily, they delivered when it comes to quality too, meaning you’re not getting a bad product. Unlike many other kayaks in this price range, you get a tough vessel while still reducing the cost of kayaking.
  • Material: 90% – The polyethylene body is somewhat of a standard in the industry, and this one is no different. It’s strong, durable, and won’t get damaged easily. We like the addition of UV stabilization, which helps the kayak maintain color and prevents material deterioration from sun exposure.
  • Design: 85% – Even though we are impressed with how many things they managed to fit in the kayak, there is room for improvement in some areas. First of all, the total weight capacity is fairly low, which can be a limiting factor for some people. Also, the kayak may feel too cramped for larger individuals, so be careful. As for the visual style, it’s great and will certainly make your kayak noticed on the water.
  • Overall: 92% – All things considered, we really like the Bali 10 kayak. For this amount of money, you can’t expect to get more than this package offers you. The kayak is made for a relaxed time on the water, while also allowing you to make adjustments and easily install upgrades.

Globo Surf Overview

The Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS is a well-rounded sit-on-top kayak that is great for inexperienced paddlers, as well as other kayakers that want a reliable kayak for relaxing on the water. As we discussed earlier, this is a budget-friendly kayak. This makes it available to a large number of people, which is a huge plus in our book. On top of this, if you consider how stable, versatile, and portable this kayak is, it really makes a great choice.

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Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10ft Kayak Review