Inflatable Kayak Safety Tips

Despite you being a good kayaker, accidents will always be there and they happen so fast before you even notice. Kayaking is safe and fun until a storm from nowhere ruins your trip while in the middle of an ocean.

The following inflatable kayak safety tips will ensure that you have maximum fun while out there and apart from that get back home safely. So let’s fire it away, ready?

1. Kayatsy, Not Tipsy

You are probably thinking of going out kayaking after having drinks with your boys? Well, the last thing we want you to do. Alcohol and kayaking can never appear in the same sentence. You want to maintain buoyancy and stay alert while in the waters and trust us, with alcohol, your adventure will be dead even before it starts!

2. Check Your Kayak

Of all inflatable kayak safety tips, this one is the most important. Inflatable kayaks are very fragile hence, you should be very careful with how you handle them. It only takes a pierce by a needle to create a disaster of a lifetime. To ensure that whenever you inflate your kayak there are no sharp objects around.

3. Have A Life Jacket On

It doesn’t matter how good you are at swimming but a life jacket is very important while out there. Sure, it could be a bit uncomfy but a little discomfort is way better than drowning in an ocean with no one to help you.

4. Dress accordingly!

Dress to the occasion. If you will be kayaking in cold waters, or if your adventure is going overnight, get something warm. A wetsuit or drysuit could serve you right! If you are not dressed for a real show, it would be better for you to do kayaking near the shores and probably not alone.

5. Choose A Suitable Spot As Per Your Skills


Going in waters that have high swells when you are a rookie is a good enough death trap. Even those extremely skilled kayakers avoid these areas like a plague.  Wind and a wave-free spot near the shores is the best place for this activity.

Such an environment is safe for you because you are noticeable by the people on the shores. Even when the worst happens, you can still be able to swim to the land.

6. Visit your Doctor Once In A While!

Kayaking is fun but very dangerous as well. This activity needs you to be stable both physically and mentally but above all be very much healthy. You are a regular kayaker and you may have developed a condition without your knowledge.

Trust us, it would be your worst nightmare running short of breathe in the middle of the ocean alone without an inhaler! You now know why regular doctor’s visits are on the list of inflatable kayak safety tips. Also, it would be wise for you to always bring along a loaded kayaking first aid kit, it’s a necessity anyway.

7. Never Leave Without A Full Package On Board!

Paddles, life jackets, GPS devices, a map, repair kits, kayaking gloves, etc. are inclusive of the full package we are talking about. These are all the items or things you need while out there for kayaking. The last tale we want to hear you tell us of how you lost your way out of some lake while kayaking courtesy of leaving behind your map or GPS device.

8. Do Not Overload

So you are planning of bringing the entire family, together with your girl’s pet and toys for a kayaking adventure on your small inflatable kayak! Sorry but that won’t work. In fact, this will be too dangerous for all of you. You may cause your kayak to flip over or even not able to paddle the kayak in the first place.

9. Sit Properly In The Kayak

While carrying out this water activity, ensure that your passengers are seated INSIDE the kayak. Placing their arms and legs all over or dipping them in the water may be dangerous because they may end up getting hurt or suffer bites from the marine species.

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Inflatable kayak safety tips are just as simple as laid out above. Just follow these and you will stay safe during your kayaking adventure. Water emergencies come unannounced.  Don’t let your skills and experience deceive you!

Be ready for anything; on your toes, your mind at ease and relaxed all at the same time.  Ensure that you have everything on board because no matter how calm the waters might seem, it only takes a second for everything to go haywire!

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