Emotion Spitfire 9 Kayak Review


If you’re after a kayak for relaxing and having fun, the Spitfire 9 has everything you need. Also, this recreational kayak is easy to modify and adapt to your needs since its basic functionality is excellent. Take a look at some of its outstanding features.

  • Padded CRS seat (foldable)
  • Front and rear tank wells with bungee lacing
  • Hatch for hull access
  • Molded-in footrests
  • Paddle holders
  • Self-bailing scupper holes
  • Soft carry handles
  • UV-protected hull


Length: 9 feet

Width: 31 inches

Height: 14 inches

Weight: 45 pounds

Capacity: 350 pounds

Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV protection

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

Included accessories: CRS seat, bungee cords on tank wells, front and rear carry handles, paddle holders

User Experience

Usability: Kayakers agree on one thing – this boat is excellent for recreation on lakes or ponds. While it can withstand some choppy water, you will enjoy it more if you use it on calm or slow-moving water. Thanks to the smart hull design, this kayak tracks really well. This fact is important because it makes things much easier when an inexperienced user doesn’t have a proper paddling technique.

To further improve tracking, the manufacturer has equipped this kayak with a molded-in skeg. Users agree that the kayak rides really nice and that it’s surprisingly easy to maneuver. This has to do with both its length (9ft) and the design itself, and it allows you to easily avoid any obstacle.

On the other hand, this kayak is not exactly lightning-fast. It isn’t slow, but you can have a problem if you need to cover large distances. If this is the case, you should consider getting a touring kayak.

Stability: The hull design we mentioned gives you excellent stability on the water. This kayak is wide and has chines on the hull to increase the stability. Kayakers say that it’s really difficult to flip it over because it has such a good balance. So, if you’re concerned about kayaking safety, you have nothing to worry about.

The manufacturer has incorporated many self-draining scupper holes when designing this vessel. These are used to get water out of the kayak and keep it afloat. This helps retain the stability of the vessel as well as the safety of the user. Finally, the kayak is equipped with a drain hole at the stern, so you can eliminate any water that had found its way inside the hull.

Storage: If you consider that this is a fairly compact kayak, it’s really amazing how many things you can put on it. There are two tank wells on this boat – a small one at the bow and a large one at the stern, behind your seat. Both of these are laced with bungee cords which are used to keep your equipment from moving around or falling out.

The front tank well isn’t really spacious but can be used for smaller accessories such as a small lunch cooler for example. The rear one is much larger and has enough space for a deck bag. In the middle, you’ll find a convenient hatch that gives you access to the hull. However, this compartment is quite large and not waterproof, so we recommend you get a dry bag for your valuables and tie it down when you put it inside.

The weight capacity of this kayak is pretty high, which allows you to load it up with anything you want. Some people have even used it for overnight kayaking trips, and it has worked well. However, if you want a truly camper-friendly vessel, you should look at our selection of camping kayaks.

Comfort: The spacious cockpit is going to give you all the comfort you need for enjoying yourself throughout the day. This boat is equipped with a CRS UltraLite kayak seat which has been specially designed to give you proper support without feeling too stiff. The backrest position can be slightly adjusted, and it can also be folded or completely removed.

On the cockpit floor, you will find molded-in footwells. This allows both short and tall people to find the optimal position for their feet. Additionally, the adjustable foot position ensures better kayaker stability, which makes paddling a lot easier.

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Since it’s made for recreation and leisure, it makes sense that you want to stop and enjoy the environment around you at some point. Because of this, kayak paddle holders are placed on both sides. You can easily secure the paddle when you need both hands to do something, for example, hold your fishing rod, or grab your waterproof camera to snap a photo.

Transportation: Perhaps the biggest upside of this boat is the ease of transportation. It’s very light, so you can carry the kayak on your own. It has molded handles on the sides, as well as soft handles at the bow and stern, so it’s easy to pick up. Besides, these kayaks can be stacked on top of each other because the seat is foldable. This allows you to tie several of them together before strapping them to your roof rack.

Durability: Kayakers say that the Emotion Spitfire 9 kayak isn’t easily damaged. You really don’t have to worry if you hit a rock or some other obstacle in the water. It won’t bend or get punctured, meaning you won’t have any leaks. The hull will get scratched in time, but that is to be expected with any kayak and isn’t really a problem.

As you had the chance to see, this kayak comes with a 5-year warranty. This gives you peace of mind in a way because the manufacturer will take care of any potential problem. The customer service is friendly and acts fast, and it’s always nice when the manufacturer stands behind their own product.


  • Easy to control
  • Excellent stability
  • Large storage space
  • Good weight capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Length limits the speed
  • Could have more features

Overall Rating

This is a great kayak that provides everything a beginner needs. You will feel safe on the water, and you won’t have any trouble controlling it. Additionally, we really liked the storage options and capacity, because it increases the versatility and comfort level.

  • Price: 100% – The Spitfire 9 kayak is very affordable, especially if you consider the build quality of the vessel. It will reduce the overall kayaking cost, and it feels good to be able to save some money along the way.
  • Material: 90% – High-density polyethylene is very popular for kayaks because it offers exceptional strength and durability. This kayak also has added UV protection to minimize the fading when exposed to the sun, and maintain the color for a longer time. It will get some scratches here and there, but you can rest assured that larger damage is highly unlikely. Also, the product comes with a 5-year warranty so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Design: 85% – When it comes to design, it’s basic but highly functional. You won’t have any problems entering or exiting the kayak, and you can rely on its performance. We also liked the fact that the kayak is easily upgradeable. Finally, both colors (orange and blue) give it a really energetic look.
  • Overall: 92% – In terms of value for money, this one is a champion. You will get many neat features and an exceptional amount of quality, making it a good investment. This sit-on-top kayak is very user-friendly, and a very good pick for all your kayaking adventures.

Globo Surf Overview

The Spitfire 9 Kayak has left a really good impression. It’s a neat little kayak with excellent maneuverability and stability. Because of this, many beginners choose this one when they want to learn how to kayak. It’s versatile and allows you to modify it and add all the equipment you need.

Like we said earlier, ease of transportation is one of it’s biggest upsides. Additionally, at this price point, there aren’t that many kayaks that can compete with it. If you’re after this type of kayak, we wholeheartedly recommend it!


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Emotion Spitfire 9 Kayak Review