Emotion Spitfire Tandem Kayak Review


Lifetime Products, the makers of the Emotion Spitfire Tandem Kayak faced several options when creating the spitfire 12t kayak. This made the kayak come out with plenty of excellent features. Most of these features are designed to guarantee your safety since this is paramount when it comes to inflated kayaks. Other features are incorporated to ensure you are comfortable while cruising, and that the Emotion tandem kayak performs according to specifications. Check out some of the things the Spitfire Tandem kayak comes with:

  • Strength and performance of a smaller kayak
  • Four carry handles to help while transporting
  • Freedom footwells for secure feet bracing and comfort
  • Ultra-violet protected high-density polyethylene construction
  • Superb tracking and speed
  • Quick-release CRS seat back and pad for comfort
  • Enough space to fit any size paddler
  • Centre hatch for storing gear beneath the deck
  • Capacity to seat two people
  • Two paddle oars with paddle keepers to secure pads to kayak
  • Two quick-release seatbacks
  • Self-bailing scupper
  • Skeg wheel for easy transportation and enhanced tracking
  • Cargo net lacing at rear attached to the rear tank
  • 5-year limited warranty



 Length: 12 ft

Height: 15.5 in

Width: 35 in

Weight: 83.72 lb

Design: Tri-Hull

Capacity: 500 lbs

Packed size: 18 x 10 x 24 inches

Material: High-Density Polyethylene

Warranty: 5-year limited

Carry bag, pressure gauge, tracking fin, repair kit, user manual

User Experience



The  Emotion Spitfire Tandem Kayak is a favorite of many touring kayakers, both newbie’s and pros, and the investment is worth every dollar. It is 12 feet long and tracks exceptionally well. Being a sit-on Emotion tandem kayak is remarkably comfortable. If you’re a tall kayaker, then you’ll find plenty of legroom in the kayak. It weighs 85 pounds and can carry 500 pounds. Hey, that’s quite a load. You’ll discover how easy it cruises on the water; however abundant the distance you cover.

Not only does it haul a substantial load, but it has the strength and performance of a small kayak. It comes with four carry handles to assist while transporting, and what’s more, it has a center hatch where you can store extra luggage. Being a sit-on kayak, it has a self-bailing scupper to help you drain off the water fast.

While on water, this spitfire 12t kayak is stable and easy for the entire family. We highly recommend it for novices and newbies. If you’re fond of fishing, then this Emotion tandem kayak is for you. Besides impressive speed, the kayak also tracks exceptionally well.


Only one industrial “polyethylene” features prominently when it comes to most kayak construction. But it comes in several grades, ranked in either high density (HDPE) medium density (MDPE), or low density (LDPE). This refers to the molecular bonds that make up the plastic and not the weight of the plastic. The polyethylene in the Emotion tandem kayak has been specially modified to give a stiffer, stronger, abrasion-resistant, and puncture-free kayak. Also, this offers better plastic memory. Plastic memory is the ability of the plastic to remember the shape it was initially molded and extends the life of the kayak. The plastic that was used to make this spitfire 12t kayak HDPE, which was Ultraviolet protected, has the best quality control and chemistry with higher standards of plasticizers and stabilizers.


The spitfire 12t offers excellent stability since it was designed as a fishing kayak. You can dangle your feet while sitting fishing on the side and the balance still holds. But when you try to stand up, it can get a little awkward since the center of gravity is lost. This should not be a problem, but fishers who enjoy using nets can get the kayak entangled in the net quickly.

The spitfire 12t kayak also performs exceptionally well on water, thanks to the aerodynamic design. Its narrow width, combined with better gliding and Skeg wheel for easy transportation and enhanced tracking enables navigation to long distances with less paddling effort. In good calm waters, the Emotion tandem kayak can achieve impressively high speeds making the kayaker feel as if the kayak is soaring over the water.


Since the Emotion tandem kayak can be used for fishing, it offers numerous possibilities without leaving out what makes a kayak great. The spitfire 12t kayak is a well-suited kayak for fishing as it glides smoothly and quietly on the water, avoiding disturbing and scattering the fish, and can handle sizeable schools of fish in one trip.

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Comfort is another excellent quality of the spitfire 12t kayak. This is because its many features are designed to make the kayaker experience as much comfort and safety as possible. Not only does it come with the capacity to seat two people, but the seats are quick-release, which means that both kayakers can shift as quickly as they want. It also offers a back-rest, for extra comfort and convenience. Its care and repair, combined with the center hatch for storing gear beneath the deck give this Emotion tandem kayak a considerable advantage over some of its competitors.


When it comes to portability, this Emotion tandem kayak is extremely portable for a kayak its size. This is made possible by the four carry handles that were explicitly attached to make transporting the kayak less cumbersome. This enables the kayakers to carry the spitfire 12t kayak without much effort. The handles also offer convenience when attaching the kayak to the car, or hoisting it to the roof of a truck.


  • High speed and maneuverability
  • Great tracking
  • Features are designed for fishing
  • Easy paddling techniques
  • Great tracking


  • Flipping is possible in high winds
  • Leaking holes behind the seat make paddling uncomfortable

Overall Rating


  • Price: 95% – Great price for a kayak able to haul 500 lb with two kayakers on board. It matches well when it comes to performance and reliability.
  • Material: 100% – This is where the spitfire 12t kayak stands out. The
  • HDPE polyethylene, which is Ultra-violet protected, makes a massive difference because it gives the Emotion tandem kayak strength and rigidity.
  • Design: 95% – This Emotion tandem kayak features an exceptional design that competes well with many expensive kayaks. Its generosity when it comes to features is convenient, with quick-release seats and Freedom footwells for secure feet bracing and comfort. It demonstrates fantastic dexterity and stability when it ventures into the river, lake, or sea.
  • Overall: 95%. There are many kind words we can use to describe the
  • Emotion tandem Kayak. It is stable, easy to carry, inflate, deflate, and offers a great kayaking experience. And it comes with all the necessary gear as the skeg wheel in the back is an absolute necessity as it allows one kayaker to move it around with the help. The one sure thing is the kayaks’ stability in water. No rocking from side to side even when carrying toddlers, it’s a much desirable kayak for the entire family. So because of the above, we highly recommend the spitfire 12t kayak.

Globo Surf Overview

We took the Spitfire 12t kayak for a ride and can state without any fear of contradiction that it is very comfortable and relaxed for a family cruise as well as fishing. For fishers, the two fishing rod holders come in especially handy. There is also enough space to store tools and other utilities. It’s also great for the smallest child as well as the tallest dad. Also very stable and fast. If you’re looking for a kayak for recreational use as well as fishing, then go for this spitfire 12t kayak.


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