A Guide To Kayak Hatches


When out on the water in your kayak, you will need a space to store some of your gear. Some fishermen use their kayak hatches to put their catch once they reel them in or to carry their kayak fishing accessories.

In touring kayaks which are a favorite of many campers, the hatches are used to store camping gear. In this guide, we explore the different types of kayak hatches as well as how to install a kayak hatch.

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The different types of kayak hatches

When in the market for a kayak hatch, there are plenty of different models to choose from. These come in varying shapes and sizes. The best kayak hatch should be watertight, sturdy, simple to use, and should also be pleasing to look at.

The most common hatches for kayaks come in an A shape. Some are rectangular while others are circular. You can install a kayak hatch in most types of kayaks but how simple or hard it is will depend largely on the type of kayak.

It is therefore important to choose hatches for kayaks that are compatible with your type of kayak. Whether it’s with kayaks for dogs, or sit on top of kayaks it’s only natural that some kayaks will work better with some types of hatches than others.

If you are not sure about the sturdiness of the material construction of the hatch, you can still inspect a model and see whether it is strong enough. If you are doubtful as to whether the material is strong or durable enough, keep searching for the best quality kayak hatch.

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How to install a kayak hatch

Before going into the process of installing a kayak hatch, it’s a good idea for first-timers to enlist the services of a qualified professional. You can find these at many of the stores that sell kayak hatches.

One of the reasons why a kayak hatch needs to be installed with care is because there is a chance of destroying the bulkheads. Also, it’s important to ensure that the kayak hatch remains watertight once installed in your kayak.

Also, there is certain equipment that is needed to install the kayak hatch. Ensure that your chosen kayak hatch comes with all the installation equipment. You don’t want to start the installation process only to find that some parts are missing.

Some people may not be entirely comfortable with installing a kayak hatch in their kayaks. The great thing is that there is always the option of getting a dry bag. Another major advantage of these is that they can be utilized for other outdoor activities other than kayaking.

You will also want to ensure that your kayak hatch features the right hatch cover. There are different models to choose from including rubber hatch covers, screw hath covers, twist lock hatch covers, and non-hatch covers.

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Hatches for offering extra space to store your gear as well as put your fish. The best type of hatch is watertight and secure. Even while you may find the idea invasive, the chances of losing the gear are far less. However, remember that you have the option of a dry bag if you don’t like kayak hatches.

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