Emotion Stealth Angler Kayak Review


The Emotion Stealth 10 Angler is a sit on top fishing Kayak, designed to make the fishing experience comfortable with all the features necessary. This kayak comes equipped with 2 flush mounts located behind the molded-in seat in a rear-facing configuration. As well as a Scotty rod holder located at the height of where your knees will be. These fishing configurations complement the ledge lock paddle keepers, so it is possible to use the rod without worrying about the paddle floating away.

This Emotion Stealth Angler Kayak has a 10’ length, giving it the advantage in both speed and tracking when comparing it to its smaller competitors. This length allows for your kayaking to be much more enjoyable and less paddling when planning for a day-long adventure or planning for a long fishing trip beyond the surf. These features are complemented by the stability the Stealth offers, allowing you to sit with your feet dangling from one side without feeling that the Kayak is about to flip over.

In the storage front, the Kayak offers a frontal solace hatch located beneath the deck for storing gear. As well as a large rear tank well with a cargo net to keep your gear in place, or it could serve as a storing space for a bait bucket, or other equipment you may need.

The Stealth 10 Angler offers great comfort as you have a backrest in the molded-in seat, which gives great lower back support to stand extended periods of sitting. The molded-in foot wells allow for a more comfortable, secure, and balanced foot bracing during paddling.


Length: 10′ 3”

Width: 30”

Weight: 51 lbs.

Maximum weight capacity: 275lbs.

Best performance in Slow moving rivers, lakes, ponds, and oceans.

Storage: Front sealed hatch and rear tank well with net lancing.

Fishing: Includes 3 flush mounts, 1 deck, two in the back

User Experience


The Emotion Stealth 10 Angler Kayak is an easy to use, beginner-friendly, fishing kayak, with high speed and great maneuverability. This makes it provide great performance in different scenarios, such as slow-moving rivers, lakes, ponds, and oceans.  It is designed as a Kayak for beginners and intermediates, perfect for people who are thinking of using it for various purposes. Since it has many features it is highly unlikely you would need to upgrade for a few years. Setting it up is as easy as moving the backrest to an upward position to get started using it. Due to its length, it has the ability to carry luggage and other accessories you might need.


Stealth 10 Angler offers good stability since its main purpose and design is to be a fishing kayak. This can be seen in its aerodynamical design which makes you paddle less to navigate long distances, with great speed and tracking. It can be used in a “lazy” set up, dangling your feet to one side of the kayak while fishing, or just taking a while to enjoy nature.

On the downside, it does not offer adequate stability when you try to stand up on it, since it loses its center of gravity with ease. This will not be a problem for most users, but intermediates or experienced fishermen who enjoy using a net will probably have a hard time.


The Emotion Stealth 10 Angler exceeds in its storage, it has two built possible storage places, but this could be expanded, by using the space in the Kayak efficiently without exceeding its weight capacity. In the front, it offers a sealed hatch, in which you can carry some fishing rods without having to worry about losing one of them. In the back, it offers a rear tank well with net lancing, which is multipurpose since it can be fitted to carry things like a bait bucket, luggage, or even some equipment for hunting or camping.

In the long-term storage of the kayak itself, it will occupy a lot of vertical space, especially since it’s 10’ 3” long. By contrast with only 30” of width, it can easily be put on top of other boxes or elements that can keep the kayak balanced.

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Since the Emotion Stealth Angler Kayak is designed as a fishing Kayak it offers a lot of possibilities without removing what makes a Kayak great. The Stealth Angler is a well-suited kayak for fishing since it can move quite quietly on the water, avoiding fish from getting scared, and can handle the different movement fishing involves with its stability. Due to its storage capacity, this Kayak offers the chance to fish in waters that need maneuverability while keeping the rods in place.  The Angler can probably be fitted with an anchor, but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend any brands or sizes. So you should find one, that way you have everything you need to get started fishing.

As stated earlier one of the fishing possibilities you cannot practice in the Emotion Stealth Angler 10 is fishing standing up.


Comfort is another of the outstanding qualities of the Emotion Stealth Angler Kayak, due to its many features designed to make the user’s experience as comfortable and safe as possible. Not only does it offer a backrest, but it also offers molded-in footwells for extra comfort and safety. Its storage capabilities combined with the absence of uncomfortable extended periods of time sitting, give Stealth 10 Angler the advantage over some of its competitors in this price range.


The Emotion Stealth 10 Angler is quite portable for a kayak its size, due to the 4 handles it offers for transport. Located at bow, stern, and sides, the 4 handles offer the user to carry the kayak without much effort due to its 51 lbs. low weight design. These handles can also make it easier to attach the kayak to the car, by using them with a bungee cord, to maintain it stable without extra equipment. The seat can be removed or taken down to make the transport experience easier for the user.

Performance in the water

The Stealth Angler has great performance in the water, thanks to its aerodynamical design. This is due to its long length but narrow width, which allows the vessel to achieve higher speeds, better tracking, and navigate longer distances with less paddling effort. In calm waters, the Emotion Stealth Angler Kayak can achieve high speeds making the user feel as do the boat is gliding over the water.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • High speed and maneuverability
  • Great tracking
  • Features are designed for fishing


  • Lightweight for a fishing kayak
  • Front Hatch Storage may have some leaks
  • Flipping is a possibility in high winds

Overall Rating

Design 98%- This Kayak offers a great design with features especially for fishing, which makes it a great choice for beginner and intermediate users, looking for a multifunction kayak.

Material 95% The Emotion Stealth Angler Kayak is made out of Roto-molded Linear Polyethylene, which makes it light but sturdy for the water conditions it’s made to withstand. As an added positive the molded-in seat is comfortable and the Kayak offers pre-molded commodities most kayaks don’t offer.

Price 99% The Emotion Stealth 10 Angler has a really competitive price for its range of kayaks. Its price tag is not so cheap, but this is probably due to its materials and added comforts. Highly recommended for a beginner who wants to start kayaking who wants a long term vessel.

Globo Surf Overview

As a fishing and general-purpose Kayak, the Emotion Stealth 10 Angler, offers great comfort and features for a Kayak in its price range. It ultimately allows you to practice almost every kayaking activity an easy to use and set up a boat, which allows you to fish or go for a paddle with your dog. Has more than enough space for the average user to carry rods, luggage, and equipment without having to worry about sinking. An outstanding feature of the Emotion Stealth Angler is its versatility when it comes to the water conditions it can sail on, from lakes, ponds to even the ocean. In conclusion, the Emotion Stealth Angler is a great Kayak for fishing and paddling fans alike, making it a complete all-around general-purpose kayak with special features designed to fish.


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