Many people are excited to have a private swimming pool. The idea of having a swimming pool in your backyard can be very enticing. However, inground swimming pools require extensive and expensive construction. Above ground pools are quickly becoming popular options because they are easy to install and affordable.

Two leading brands that manufacture above ground pools are Coleman and Intex. Both Coleman and Intex offer quality above ground pools but Coleman are known for their attractive styles and Intex offer the most affordable models. It may be hard to determine which brand you should choose, or you may be wondering if one is better than the other.

Our guide will discuss both the Coleman and Intex brands to highlight what makes each company stand out. We have the top two choices from each brand that are the best above ground pools on the market.



Intex Rectangular Pool vs Coleman Rectangular Pool

Both the Intex and Coleman design are easy to assemble. The Intex above ground pool has a reinforced band that goes all the way around the pool to ensure the walls are sturdy and it has a more convenient drain plug. It is also very affordable and can fit most budgets.

The Coleman above ground pool is more expensive, but it is also larger. It is more expensive because of the larger size and the Power Steel Frame. It is durable but lacks in the pool pump department. The pool pump is not as durable and will need to be replaced, which means another investment.

Intex Ultra Frame vs Coleman Power Steel Frame

Both of these designs offer the best framing the two companies have to offer. Intex’s Ultra Frame is a strong steel that is powder coated and protected. It has a T-joint design that ensures it will stay standing, even as you fill your pool with water and people. Intex offers an excellent design for an affordable price with their model being almost half the cost of Coleman’s.

The Coleman Power Steel Frame is equally strong and durable. It is rust resistant and requires minimal tool assembly. It is rather expensive compared to the Intex model. For the price, it offers a sleeker design and a flow control drain valve. It also comes with a pool cover to keep your water clean.

How To Choose Between Intex vs Coleman Above Ground Pool – Buying Guide


Above ground pools are quickly becoming the popular choice in backyard additions because they are affordable, easy to install, easy to maintain, as well as child and pet safe. In general, an above ground pool will save people lots of money versus an inground pool. Above ground pools are affordable and have less expensive maintenance.

They are also easy to install and easy to maintain. You won’t need all the cleaning equipment of an inground swimming pool. You can also invest in above ground pool ladders with locks, pool alarms, pool fences, and pool covers to make them child and pet safe.

The two popular companies that many choose to invest in for their above ground swimming pool are Coleman and Intex. These two companies have the best above ground pool designs on the market.

Coleman is a US company that produces a variety of outdoor recreation products. Coleman is a reliable brand that has invested a lot of time in research, design, and production of all their products. They strive to deliver the best options on the market and want to become a staple in backyards everywhere.

Intex is a brand that has been around for a while. It is known for producing products like air beds, furniture, spas, toys, boats, and above ground swimming pools. They make top performance products that have become a staple in many homes. They have a great customer service team and provide accurate information for their company and all of their products.

When it comes to choosing between the two brands, you will want to consider a few different features of above ground pools. These features may differ between Coleman swimming pools and Intex swimming pools, which can help you determine which brand and design will best suit your needs. However, no matter which brand you choose, you will have invested in one of the top rated above ground pools on the market.

Ease of Maintenance

The ease of maintenance will be dependent on the factors like the size of the pool, depth of the pool, and brand of the pool. Coleman continuously known for having easy to maintain pools. Most don’t need regular maintenance and when they do, you can simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, basic pool chemistry is important, even with above ground swimming pools. You will want to ensure they have a good pH balance, that they aren’t cloudy or green, and free from algae. Even with above ground swimming pools you will want to learn how to check your water quality and invest in pool test kits.

However, there are different types of pool cleaners too. There are manual options like pool skimmers which are easy to learn how to use and what it is used for. For easier maintenance that eliminates the hard work, you may want to invest in robotic pool cleaners or suction pool cleaners. You can even find these designs in well-known brands like Polaris pool cleaners.

Pressure pool cleaners are a machine that will automatically vacuum and clean your pool. They can easily rid your pool of sand and rid it of water bugs. They are expensive, but really do make pool maintenance easier because you simply turn them on and leave them to do their job.

Overall, maintenance will be much easier than an inground swimming pool. There are certain cleaning accessories that you’ll want to invest in, and others can be optional. The best advice is to follow the provided cleaning and maintenance instructions. Both Intex and Coleman should provide guidance on the best way to maintain their pools, which will ensure that your investment lasts throughout the years of memories.


The size of the pool can vary from small splash pools to large party pool designs. Intex swimming pools are available in a large variety of sizes and shapes. You can get swimming pools that are made for 4 people and larger sizes that can fit 10 or more people. Intex swimming pools are also great because they aren’t bulky. They won’t take up more space than is needed. This means they can be perfect for even small spaces in small backyards.

Coleman swimming pools are unique because they are easy to move and have an adjustable size. Due to their easy set up, you can quickly shift Coleman swimming pools into new shapes and sizes. You can also change the depth of the pool. This adjustable size feature is very popular for people to choose Coleman swimming pools because they can have one design that can be used for toddlers, children, and adults.

In general, whether you choose Intex vs Coleman pool designs, the size of the pool can be very important. You will want to ensure that the space where you want to install your above ground pool is large enough and won’t be cramped. It is also important to think about how many people you would like to be able to use your pool at one time. This will help you find the right size to suit your needs.

Ease of Installation

The ease of installation will depend on the design of your pool and the size of your pool. Both Coleman and Intex have above grounds pools that state they can be quickly set up and others that require a little more time. Either way, you will be looking at setup times of around an hour or up to a couple of hours before it can be filled with water.

Most Coleman swimming pools do not need to be installed by a professional. You can do it yourself. Coleman includes clear setup instructions with all their pools, which should be easy to follow to get your pool installed and filled with water.

Intex swimming pools are great because they are also easy to setup, but also come with a DVD, which features instructions on how to install the pool. The video instructions make it very easy to learn how to setup your pool because they are precise and easy to follow.

In terms of Intex vs Coleman pool designs, both should be able to be setup without professional help. Both companies offer extensive information to get a swimming pool installed quickly. Both Intex and Coleman do have models that are described as having quick setup times.

It is important to note that all above ground pools do need to be installed on a stable surface. This means that the area is level and clean or free from debris. However, most above ground pools are safe to be installed in soft terrain like grass or on harder terrain like decks. You should just be certain you use a ground cloth to further protect your pool.


Both Intex and Coleman swimming pools are extremely affordable when compared to an inground swimming pool. However, Intex vs Coleman pool designs do differ in price. Intex is the brand that is the most affordable. For a couple hundred dollars, you can own an Intex swimming pool.

Intex is often the brand chosen for those on a budget. Intex allows families to have the fun of a swimming pool, without breaking the bank. However, just like any brand, Intex does have a variety of swimming pools and not all are as affordable as some models.

Coleman on the other hand is still an affordable brand. They may not have the least expensive models, like Intex, but they still have a variety of affordable options. Both brands deliver on quality. No matter the price or if you are curious about Intex vs Coleman pools, you should be able to find a model that fits your budget.

It is also important to note that price doesn’t always indicate quality. In the case of Coleman pools vs Intex pools, both offer high-quality above ground pools at varying prices. No matter how much you spend, if you are investing in the Intex or Coleman brand, you are guaranteed to have a great above ground swimming pool that will be durable and long lasting.

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Design and Setup

Most above ground pools have a similar design, no matter the brand. The pool will have an exterior structure that is used to hold up the above ground pool liners, which ultimately hold in all the water. The walls of an above ground pool will be sturdy but slightly flexible. The structure should give the strength needed to retain the water, even as it starts to get filled with people.

Everyone knows that above ground pools don’t look as elegant as inground swimming pools because everything is visible, but both Intex and Coleman offer the best-looking products because their designs still look sleek and less bulky.

The setup of Coleman and Intex pool make them great too because they require little maintenance. Coleman above ground pools require the least amount of maintenance, which means you won’t exhaust energy cleaning or spend lots of money expensive care products. Intex pools may require a little more maintenance, but they are still minimal. In terms of maintenance, Coleman pools vs Intex pools differ very little.

Besides the maintenance, Coleman and Intex are both companies that strive for a simple design that is easy to install. With the provided instructions, you shouldn’t have any trouble installing your Intex above ground pool or your Coleman above ground pool yourself.



Q: What are the pros and cons of Intex pools?

A: While Coleman vs Intex above ground pools may have many similarities, not one by any brand is perfect.

There are pros and cons to both Intex and Coleman. Intex pros includes features like their prism frame, 3-ply liner, and easy installation.

The prism frame is a metal powder coated structure that is resistant to rust. It will support the pool liner and is built to be long-lasting.

The 3-ply liner is made of an extremely durable PVC that has 3 layers, hence the 3-ply name. The material is sturdy and resistant to punctures.

Easy installation is offered because an installation kit is included with the purchase. The kit includes a pump and DVD instructions, which will show you step-by-step, how to setup your new Intex above ground pool. You will also receive a ground cloth, pool cover, and ladder.

The cons to an Intex above ground pool are in two accessory features; the pump and the ladder. In feedback and reviews, many have stated that they were forced to invest in a new pool pump that was higher quality. Often the pump provided did not do an adequate job or struggle to properly function.

The ladder that Intex provides is also at the end of poor reviews. Many users report that the ladder is very shaky and at times, feel unsecure. It is highly recommended that you invest in a new ladder or install a pool deck.

Ultimately, for the cost that you are saving overall by investing in an Intex above ground pool, the cons may not bother you. Or, you may have wanted to invest in a better-quality pump and ladder in the first place, than the ones provided. The cons of an Intex above ground pool do not often scare people away from making a purchase. Intex still offers some of the best above ground pools on the market. With Coleman, they are leaders in design.

Q: What are the pros and cons of Coleman pools?

A: Just like Intex above ground pools, Coleman above ground pools have their own set of pros and cons.

The pros to a Coleman above ground pool are their Power Steel technology, accessories, and options or choices.

The Power Steel technology is present in the frame of the Coleman above ground pool. The frame for Coleman is made of very strong steel, which structurally supports the pool liner. The frame ensures that Coleman swimming pools are safe for friends and family, as well as guarantees that it will remain strong throughout the years.

Another pro to Coleman above ground pools are the accessories provided with the purchase or available for separate purchase. Coleman offer accessory kits, which are widely available. These kits can include a ground cloth, a pump, and a ladder, which will be included in your purchase. Accessories that are additional purchases include maintenance kits to ensure your water is properly treated and remains crystal clear.

Lastly, Coleman offers a wide variety of shapes in which their Power Steel technology can be built. There are rectangular and round shapes of pools and each comes with the availability of different sizes and depths. This will allow you to own an above ground pool, even in the smallest backyard. You can also customize your pool thanks to this pro.

The cons to Coleman swimming pools are the customer service and the ladder. Many have reported that the customer service department is difficult to contact. Coleman may have you waiting on the line or checking your email or a while before an answer is provided. However, most of the time you won’t have any problems with your Coleman swimming pool. But should you need to contact them, it may lead to a frustrating time.

Finally, users have reported, like Intex swimming pools, that the provided ladder is not very durable or sturdy. Coleman’s ladders often leave swimmers with an unsteady feeling. To avoid this problem, you may want to invest in a higher quality ladder or build a pool deck.

While cons look negative, it is important to remember to consider whether the pros can outweigh them. With Intex vs Coleman pool designs, we believe that the pros of each company do outweigh the cons. Both Intex and Coleman are well-known brands. They are the two leading companies in above ground pools and their designs that offer durability and reliability.

You can spend the time to review the pros and cons of each company, but keep in mind that they are very similar. Whether you choose an Intex vs Coleman pool, you will still be making a quality purchase.

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Swimming pools are fun, but they can still be a pricey investment. With any investment, you want the best. With Coleman vs Intex above ground pools, you are guaranteed to have an excellent above ground pool. If you follow swimming pool tips, you can easily maintain your pool to ensure it is long-lasting and durable throughout the years.

Both Intex and Coleman deliver in design, performance, and durability. Both companies stand by their products and provided everything you need to get started. You can’t go wrong with either choice in Intex vs Coleman pools.

However, the choice is yours. By investing in above ground pools, you can save money and turn your backyard into a vacation. With Intex and Coleman’s easy installation process, you’ll be back to having fun, relaxing, and making memories in no time.

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