How To Setup Intex Pool In Less Than 1h


While Intex pools are more hassle-free and intuitive compared to other swimming pools, their installation can be complicated. If you have never installed an Intex pool before, everything, from selecting the ideal location to filling the pool can be daunting. 

Armed with the right instructions, however, Intex pool installation should be much easier for you. In this article, we will show you the steps you need to follow to set up the Intex pool

A Step by Step Guide on How to Setup Intex Pool

1. Find a Location for the Swimming Pool 

The ideal location for any above ground pool should have a 1” to 2” levelness. You should look for a level ground that is as wide as the Intex pool’s diameter plus 2 feet.

An Intex pool installed in an area featuring uneven ground will have uneven water. This may cause overflow, sagging to one side, and discomfort when you are in the pool. Over time, uneven ground can have negative effects on the pool’s structural integrity. 

While trees might seem appealing because of the shade they would offer the pool-goers, it is a good idea to avoid putting the pool under them. If you put the pool under trees, you will have to clean the above ground pool now and then to remove debris and leaves. 

Level concrete may be an ideal place to set up the Intex pool. However, you should ensure that there are no sharp edges or cracks in the areas – these can easily tear the pool liner. 

2. Remove Any Hazards from Your Chosen Intex Pool Installation Spot 

Before setting anything on the ground, clear the area of rocks, twigs, sticks, and other sharp objects that could puncture the swimming pool. St. Augustine, Bermuda, and other types of hardy grass can grow up through your pool’s ground cloth and liner over time. Hence, you should remove the hardy glasses if they are present in the selected location. 

3. Lay Out the Intex Pool and Tarp

Before you set up the Intex pool, it is crucial that you lay a tarp on the ground, below where your pool will sit. This will protect the pool against punctures and tears. 

Unfold the Intex Pool atop the tarp, centering it as much as you can and smoothing it out. Ensure that the pool’s blue inflatable ring is facing up in a circular shape. 

4. Inflate the Ring

To inflate the ring, you will need an air compressor or an air pump. When inflated properly, the ring is supposed to be firm, but not hard. You should take care to avoid over-inflating. 

When it is hot during the day, the air inside the Intex pool will expand. In and of itself, this is not a problem. However, over-inflation means that this routine expansion could easily lead to the swimming pool bursting. 

5. Fill the Pool About 1 Inch 

After ensuring that the plug for draining the pool is closed, fill the pool with your garden hose. During the Intex pool installation, family and friends can help by standing in the pool while you fill it and spreading out the wrinkles present at the bottom of the swimming pool. 

At this point in the installation of the above ground pool, ensure that the water is distributing evenly while you are filling the pool. If the water is not spreading evenly, you may need to move the pool to a more even ground or take steps to level the ground. 

6. Continue Filling the Swimming Pool 

As the pool fills up, the walls will rise and be supported. The Intex pool will be filled when the water reaches the line near the bottom of its inflatable ring. 

7. Assemble the Filter Pump 

Most pool filter pumps have 2 hoses, one that leads from the pool to the pump (intake) and one that heads back from the pump to the swimming pool (outbound). Connect these hoses into the right outlets on the swimming pool and tighten them securely. For additional clarification when setting up the filter, be sure to consult your owner’s manual.

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8. Initiate the Filter 

You should remove the 2 plugs in the Intex pool that are blocking the water from your filter pump’s hoses. Once the tubes start filling with water, insert the strainer piece into the unplugged intake hole to keep the solid debris from entering your filter. 

Insert the open hole piece into the pool’s unplugged outbound hole. Unscrew the knob available at the top of the pump until water begins flowing out visibly, then screw it back into position. 

It is worth noting that the filter is not supposed to run constantly. You can establish a schedule where it runs during the night and stays off during the day. You must avoid turning the filter on when there are swimmers inside the swimming pool. 

9. Install the Ladder 

The purchase of an Intex pool usually includes a pool ladder for safety when you are entering and exiting the pool. Installing the ladder is as simple as laying down the 2 sets of ladder legs on the ground and then carefully building up the ladder to the same height as the pool’s entrance.   

10. Maintain the Pool 

At this point, you should be through with the Intex pool installation. To ensure that you can enjoy swimming health benefits by making use of the pool, you must maintain it. 

Be sure to establish a chemical balance in the swimming pool. Understanding basic pool chemistry should make the chemical balance much easier for you. 

Purchasing a pool cover will also be extremely helpful. The cover will keep debris out, maintain the water’s heat overnight, and even reduce water loss through evaporation. 



Q: Can You Put an Intex Pool on Sand?


Sand can be placed under an Intex pool to help with cushioning. In addition to making the pool’s bottom more comfortable for your feet, the sand will protect the pool’s liner from rocks and other objects that could tear the liner. 

Q: How Do I Prepare the Ground for My Pool?


Before installing any above ground pool, it is essential that you prepare the ground by removing debris, rocks, roots, and sod. Next, level out the ground to ensure that the pool does not sag. After the leveling, add cushioning sand before installing your pool liner.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Set Up an Intex Pool?


If the ground does not require much preparation, you can set up the Intex pool in 1 or 2 hours. However, if a lot of preparation is necessary, you may need up to 20 hours to finish prepping the land and to install the swimming pool.

Q: How Do I Level My Yard for An Intex Pool?


The most ideal way to level the ground for an Intex pool is to dig out the high areas and then make use of hard-packed dirt, crushed granite, or crusher run to achieve a 1” to 2” levelness. While sand is an ideal cushioning material, you should not use it for leveling – this is because above ground pools require a firm, level ground and sand is not firm.

Globo Surf Overview 

Intex pools are a perfect alternative to in-ground pools. In addition to requiring minimal cash investment, the Intex pool installation is much easier and often takes minimal time. In this article, we have outlined all the steps you need to follow to set up the Intex pool. The procedure described above will work for any Intex pool.

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