What Is A Spool Pool?


Swimming pool owners sometimes wish their pools were much nearer to their houses because they can bring more thrills in the evenings. Tub owners, on the other hand, with their tubs were out there since they would give them the freedom of relaxing in the afternoon sun, away from the bustles of the public swimming pool. Then here comes a spool pool and turns the game around!

A Swimming Pool Or Parlor?

A spool pool is a blend of two words, a spa, and a pool. A spool, therefore, is a pool that can fit indoor as well as outdoor. More like a pool that was seeking the warmth of the indoor, it provides features that enhance a swimming pool and the benefits of a hot tub. The following features of a spool pool make it one of the coolest ways of enjoying the adventures of a water bath.

Treasure And Pleasure In Good Measure

Looking for a place to hide one of your powerful high-intensity underwater LED lights? Look no further than a spool.

From ornamental decking to decorated fiberglass shells, the beauty that a pool brings does not end in spray jets and the hearty water heating system. But you will really need to dig your pockets deeper for the heating costs than a hot tub because of its sheer size.

Your spool is also a fantastic place to go nuts on the aerobics. If it is indoor, you can set up your treadmill by the spool’s side and jog a mile or even a stationary bike and ride for hours, and then immerse yourself in the water to relax and cool off.

What’s more, you can bring in some noodles and bath bombs for your young ones. They too need some fun.

Beauty In Choice

A spool pool can be located out in the blazing sun, or inside in a more cozy environment. And while you cannot move it from one location to another, it can be heated to give the same benefit as a spa.

If you are looking for an added part of your compound that you can use all year round, a spool pool is the best option. You can use it to cool yourself off during summer and warm yourself up during winter!

Ever had an idea about a swimming pool by the balcony, or rooftop, but were scared by the cost attached? A spool might be a better choice because first, it can be easily drained in case of leaks, and second, it is constructed of lightweight material thus easy to set up.  You really don’t need to hire those “Transformers” cranes to hoist it.

Allows Easy And Cheap Sanitation Schedule

A spool pool is smaller than a normal pool, hence it doesn’t drain your pocket when it comes to buying cleaning chemicals. Additionally, the fact that only a few people use the spool makes it easier for you to clean and maintain it.

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The Spool Pump Got Styles


You are dreaming of a time when you will hit the ocean on one of your best surfboards because you know there is no holiday without the gale whisking you into its wonderland! You can start closer home – on the spool.

Why?  Because the functions on the pump can be tweaked to generate different styles for your enjoyment. Moreover, the pump generates enough current against which you can swim. A good selection of pump set at different speeds can enable you to swim in the current of your choice.

For a beginner, a spool is the safest place to start especially if you are looking forward to generating more powerful strokes in your swimming.

A Home Away From Your House

A softer name for a spool is a cocktail pool. When you are thinking of a party by a pool, the swimming is just too far away from the house to generate enough sparks and fireworks. Yet the hot tub is too much on the interior – you might feel a little enclosed in your privacy.

There you got it!  A spool is a place to bring in those fire bowls, the outdoor kitchen, and the pool deck. You can make the spool an epicenter of happiness and a great way to welcome your guests into your living quarter.

Spools wonder does not end in its ambiance. Being shallow, it is more reachable than a swimming pool, thus, you don’t need to try your lunging skills on the diving board.

The magic of walk-in self-sealing doors, air jets for a lighter massage, and mineral bath can still work in a spool, just like a spa, but this time in a larger setting.

If You Wish To Have It All

But you really want your living quarter to be where you actually live. You can look forward to that by including what you aspire for, a spool pool.

To make the pool more appealing, you can throw in water features like waterfalls, whirlpools, retaining walls, or even a pergola above, new suction systems for a bubbling massage, or even a pump to make your swimming more enhanced.

Save On Space

Space is diminishing around us these days. There is nothing left but to seek new ways of using our space more economically. A spool will give you all the benefits you find in a pool, without you having to flood all that area with water. Therefore, you save on water, money, and space.

Space For Two To Tangle

If you feel like a bubbly massage and sparkling wine are a little too outdated, there’s more than enough seating room in a spool. You and your partner could take advantage of this space to indulge in more adventure.

Globo Surf Overview

A spool pool provides you with most of the fun you intend to get from a spa or a swimming pool. It can be located closer to the house, takes less space than a swimming pool, and is more versatile in its uses than a hot tub. If you are looking for the perfect place for leisure, workout, personal healing, or just to imbue your atmosphere with a party fun experience, a spool could be the best destination.

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